Pregnancy Moments

Thursday, December 03, 2015 0 Comments A+ a-

I have my very first pregnancy before I get married at the age 26 years old and this news really given me a shock because I have only been in the relationship for 6 months. We prepared and rush for our wedding and everything went smooth after all. My feelings towards this pregnancy from feeling excite, surprised, anxious to worried. I’m so worried I can’t fit into my wedding gown and when taking outdoor pictures I almost fainted. Felt dizzy, tiring, and sleepy most of the time. I have minimal morning sickness and I still have my diet as usual. I had my favorite nasi lemak and I don’t have any special craving for food at night. I maintain healthy diet and healthy lifestyle. Going to the park every weekend to have a morning walk with my baby and my husband. The moment I saw my first scanning picture I felt so amazing and touched. I can see my baby legs and hands and she Is jumping inside my womb.

When it comes to the late stage of pregnancy I am as worried as we need to keep track how many kicks my baby had, are they moving inside my womb and am I getting enough and healthy diet for my baby growth. The most unpleasant time is I need to get through my hormone changes each month. I notice big changes on my skin which becomes oilier and my body weight increase tremendously and the most worried part is my stretch mark. My leg cramp sometime at night and it is really painful. I felt my body like a hot oven. I will be sweating and felt heavier during the 8 months of pregnancy. I try to squad and do Kegel exercise to help me in my birth later on. Articles and pregnancy forums do benefit me a lot.