The best Ribs in Kuala Terengganu – KBB Burger & Steak #kbbsteak Kuala Terengganu

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 The recent viral steakhouse offering sumptuous Western food located in Kuala Terengganu town where you can find  the best ribs ever! KBB Burger & Steak was originally only opened in Kota Bharu then at the end of February 2022, the Terengganu outlet started operating.  The food served here is very suitable for the tastes of steak and western cuisine lovers and even the chef has extensive experience in western cuisine.

If you are familiar with the name of KBB Burger & Steak which is very popular with various steak dishes because KBB Burger & Steak is the first restaurant in Malaysia to serve Butter Aged Tomahawk. The dish is made into one of the special dishes at the restaurant because it is a favorite meal of Royals, VVIPs and even local celebrities.

Shaheizy Sam (Famous Actor)

My favourite will be the Backribs. Full bone back ribs rubbed with the signature hickory barbeque sauce served with special seosoned fries and absolute fresh coleslaw.  The delicious Backribs can be shared among 2-3 people with the kind and generous portions. There are delish choices of rib eye , sirloin , t-bone porterhouse. Drooling and addictive at every bite! Bursting with excitement and want to have more!

Moreover, There are 14 types of burger in the menu and you must try the Wild ribs burger of one of the best seller item here. Wild Ribs Burger with double patty oozing out when you bite on it! Amazingly delicious and flavourful The burger they serve has its own twist and will not be the same as the burger you have tasted before because the patty used is homemade and uses 100% fresh meat. Many customers who come to enjoy a burger meal say that the Wild Ribs Burger meal suits their taste the most because it uses a double patty with ribs cooked in a special way. Eating it with a special sauce from its own recipe is very satisfying.  Every bite of the burger, you will feel the freshness of the patty used as if there was an explosion of various flavors in your mouth.

If you want to try the best western food, stop by these outlets to taste delicious food for the whole family. An interesting and comfortable place to eat, great happening western place to be! For every steak lover, KBB Burger & Steak is definitely a place you must visit when in Kota Bharu or Kuala Terengganu.

Address :

KBB Burger & Steak Kuala Terengganu

Kuala Terengganu

Lot 4063 Jalan Sultan Zainal Abidin

2000 Kuala Terengganu


No : 010 254 1001 (KBB Burger & Steak Kuala Terengganu)

Operation hours : 12pm – 11pm / Jumaat : 3pm -11pm (Open Daily)

Whatsapp :

Address :

KBB Burger & Steak Kota Bharu

No 2713 Jalan Kuala Krai

15150 Kota Bharu


No : 010 258 1001 (KBB Burger & Steak Kota Bharu)

Operation hours : 12pm – 11pm / Jumaat : 3pm -11pm (Open Daily)

Whatsapp :










148% Boost in Affiliate Sales for Local Prepaid Sellers on Shopee

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The internet, social media, and affiliate market have changed dramatically over the past year. Enabled across the board and many product categories, the top three most popular products among Shopee Affiliates span across telco prepaid cards, followed by mobile phones and women’s watches.

Shopee witnessed a 148% year-on-year boost in local telco prepaid cards sold through the Shopee Affiliate Programme throughout Malaysia between January to August 2022 compared to last year. Between 1 July and now shows that local sellers selling prepaid cards have received a traffic boost of at least 6.1 million clicks from Shopee Affiliates.

According to Shopee, this trend aligns with market data towards an increase in millennial spending and telecommunication penetration rate. Users have become much more tech-savvy and are actively seeking services that suit their increasingly digital lifestyle, from how they reload mobile prepaid to how they pay their bills. This reflects the need for users to source more affordable and convenient alternatives in the market.

Huiyan Pan, Head of Brand Marketing at Shopee Malaysia, shared that telco prepaid cards are popular among Shopee Affiliates to promote and for industry players to keep ahead with more promotional activities. With many new channels evolving and affiliates thriving on their knowledge and influence over niche audiences, they have become an important channel to drive sales and awareness for sellers on Shopee.

“We want to open up more opportunities for affiliates to earn a side income by optimizing their social media following while increasing sellers' online sales. As the market continues to grow, the programme’s benefits are more apparent to sellers of all sizes, and we can expect to see more involvement of Shopee Affiliates in the coming years,” added Pan.

Shopee strives to empower affiliates to showcase their creativity and build authentic connections while helping local sellers grow their social presence and drive tangible results.

The Shopee Affiliate Programme is a free initiative for affiliates to earn cash incentives for every completed order via their personalized link. The programme currently serves as a means for non-Shopee shop owners to earn additional income from their social media followings.

For more information on the Shopee Affiliate Programme, visit

Japanese Yakitori JUU NANA SAKABA @Seksyen 17 Petaling Jaya

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If you love to eat Yakitori, this is definitely a must visit place ! Hidden Japanese Restaurant  serving authentic Yakitori located in the calm street of Seksyen 17, Petaling Jaya. There are wide selection of Yakitori choices that surely satisfy your palate. 

We had a wonderful lunch last weekend trying out the Chef recommendations menu and of course the charcoal-grilled Yakitori in a relaxing environment at JUU NANA SAKABA.

Love the welcoming ambience and cozy interior of this restaurant. Spacious dining seats with Japanese lantern-lit and the brilliant thoughts to use bamboo blinds as partition for extra privacy.

 If you want to chill out, can opt for bar seating and With the open concept kitchen, one can enjoy your food prepared with sight here.

The Shabu-Shabu Salad (RM20) is the signature here as the starter. Serving of cooked pork slices,  topped with egg yolk , layered with the lettuce leaves. Pour the sauce on top , mix together and enjoy the flavour. Light, refreshing, and fulfilling.

Next, we ordered the Top Recommendations menu:-

Beef Tataki

Ikamaru (Grilled Whole Squid-Japan)-  This looks absolutely gorgeous. Perfect for squid lovers.. 

Pork Kimchi - Appetizing, tangy, slightly sweet and spicy. Even kids enjoy the taste of the kimchi.

Tori Chazuke (light comforting dish)

Pork Curry Rice - One of my favourite menu here. Thick curry texture,  Aromatic and flavourful. Comfort food with the right balanced taste of sweetness and hot!

Let's move on to the Yakitori choices that we are waiting for!

Kick start with freshly prepared Vegetables skewers upon ordered. Shiitake mushrooms, king oyster mushrooms, okura, brinjal, onions, bell peppers, leeks, and mixed vegetables.

Freshly-grilled meat skewers with Meat Selections: Chicken, Pork, Beef & Lamb.

There are different meat parts to choose from the menu as well. We pick some of the chicken / pork meat skewers selection . All grilled to perfection!  Juicy, flavourful, and savoury!

Chicken Skin,  Chicken Breast, Chicken Thigh, Chicken Gizzard, Chicken Tail, Chicken with Leek and Chicken Wings.

Choose from pork belly, pork tongue, pork shoulder, smoked duck and lean meat.  The chicken/ pork meat is cut into bite sizes and well marinated. 

It is grilled over a charcoal fire and the

 meat is  seasoned with salt

Delicious tender meat at every bite and simply addictive.

There are more special Yakitori in the menu. Remember to dip them into the sauces!

SMOKY flavour charcoal - Open concept kitchen where we can see the Yakitori food preparations.

Price from RM4.00 per stick, affordable price for tasty Yakitori
Yakibuta Don (Grilled Pork on Rice with sweet omelet)- Beautifully plated with complete side dish.

Besides that, we can also order the set menu with the servings of mains + side salad + Chawanmushi  and miso soup. 

There are many other choices of set menu too

Sapporo premium draught beer is the best pairing to have it with Yakitori skewers. Don't miss the Juu Nana Sakaba's Happy Hour promotions of 3 Glasses of beer for only RM50+ from 5pm to 7pm.

Great food, chill environment and friendly services. Best of all, their prices are reasonable. 

Satisfy your hunger for classic Japanese Yakitori and check out for more at :-

Juu Nana Sakaba

Address: 14, Jalan 17/54, Seksyen 17, 46400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Opening hours: 11.00am to 2.30pm & 5pm to 11pm (Daily); Closed on Mondays