Top Skin Beauty Parlour @ Pandan Perdana

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During my maternity, I ask hubby to bought me this deal. The details are as following:-

93% Off - RM28 for 3Hr10Mins Full Body Aromatherapy Massage + Herbal Ball + Upper Body Mask + Foot Bath (Originally RM388) from I Love Discount.

 A 3 hour breakdown of the package details:

  • Full Body Aromatherapy Massage - 120 mins
  • Herbal Ball Therapy - 30 mins
  • Upper Body Mask - 30 mins
  • Foot Bath - 10 mins
What attractive about this deal? 120 minutes of full body massage and cover up total of 3 hours with just RM 28 is really a good deal. However, when i check with the merchant, the lady owner, Suky said that this is just a small massage center with two beds available. So the booking is always full. Luckily, i manage to make my booking in advance during weekend.

I have a very hard time finding this place. Located at Shamelin Perkasa the shop lot behind 1 Shamelin, it took me 40 minutes to reach there. I pass by the three shop lot but i still could not locate this center. The shop lot building looks old and really frightened me. It is actually attached to a gold smith shop and beside is a Mamak stall (Al-Amin Curry House). Parking is very limited.

The session starts with foot bath. Water is hot but not to my expectation of foot bath of 10 minutes. They just put a slice of ginger., and we put in both of our legs. This term should be called as washing your legs only. Not even 5 minutes, they ask us to lift up and while water is still dripping, i need to hang in there and they slip over the small towel to clean my leg. And yet my leg is still wet. The three mini lockers there is not functioning.

The massage room is not really impressive,Small room cover up with curtain and they should not claim this as couple's room. Not a single smell of massage oil or aromatherapy. Only two beds is available. I had a real shocked when they tell me there is NO Disposable Panties. The reason behind, Suky have not bought the new stock!!!!!!!!. I have been into so much massage and spa center. I never encountered this situation. A little blur on my face and i was thinking how this owner manage this center. They can't even provide a proper needs to the customer, really a bad management. I felt insecure and was thinking whether even the towel is clean enough. I ask them to get their assurance.

There are two masseuse available both from Indonesia. Kak Tun and Kak Yuni. They have been working here for the past 2 years and i yet to see Suky around. I managed to look at my clock to ensure they give me full treatment of 3 hours and 10 minutes and the treatment starts at 11am.
I ask for explanation how long will each treatment will be. The session starts with a light scrub made from Serai only on my back upper body. They said they will just wipe off the scrub, as the heater is not functioning, so there is no hot water. Arghhh! Normally after each scrub, we need to take shower. Very disappointing with this kind of service and such a terrible environment!

After they wipe it off, Kak Yuni put something like lotion on the same place. Now they wrap me twice after they apply the cream.They did not mention how long this will take.I was wondering what is the purpose of this treatment? Just put in some cream, and they claimed it as 'Upper Body Mask', and just wrap on top of it. 

I don't feel anything. After waited about 40 minutes, i called and scream few times, but no one answer me! I shouted again and both of them comes in. I complaint to them that this treatment takes me like 1 hour lying there without feeling anything!. They claimed the time actually just 20 minutes. I have my phone around me so i know the best answer.

So , now is our massage session begins at 11.50am. For two hours full body massage i really expect more.The techniques by this two masseur is pretty good. I have an enjoyable massage session, but hubby said the pressure on both side is different which means Kak Tun might have one side pressing harder on his body while the other side is just a light touch.
For me, i personally love the herbal ball. It's my first experience and i do enjoy it.

A herbal ball serves as a traditional remedy which has been inherited more than 400 years in Thailand, known as “treasury of herbs”. It is used to help recover women’s body after childbirth and strengthen the natural healing power in our body and immunity against deceases. In addition, it helps relieve severe pain and stiffness and improve the functions of internal organs

I have a longer massage on my leg and tummy. Herbal ball is good to remove wind. I spend more time massaging on my tummy , thus there is not much time left. There is no massage on my head and face. They will start with the herbal ball after the back massage is done. You will felt a little bit hot sensation apply on whole body.Next, when they finish massage on your front side, they will use the herbal ball again.

The walkway to the massage area. I think they need to refurnish the toilets and the lockers as well

They do provide facial treatment

The entrance where you can change your shoes at the front area, and we have our warm water and ginger tea here. The total hours spend is about 3 hours.

Overall , despite the complaints that i need to highlight to the merchant, and the bad environment, this deal is worth the value. Current promotion being offers is 5 treatmenta free 1 treatment at RM 58 each session which lasts about 2 hours.

Service :Average
Environment: Bad

Top Skin Beauty Parlour

22GM, Jalan Perdana 4/8, Pandan Perdana, Kuala Lumpur, 55330 Kuala Lumpur. 
Tel: 016-3332511 ( Suky)

Massage Service @ Multi Beauty Sdn Bhd

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Just want to share my friend's experience in Multi Beauty after she purchased the following deal :-

4Hrs Full Body Massage + Red Wine Gel Body Scrub + Guasa + Hot Stone Back Treatment + Ultrasonic Facial + Eye & Neck Treatment @ Multi Beauty from living social website. Price : RM 49.90 instead of RM 403.

This package comes with one hour full body massage, one hour breakdown into hot stone, guasa and scrub together with 2 hour facial treatment . 

This deal look interesting with just RM 50, to get 4 hours treatment. But unfortunately, my friend told me the center did not provide her the following treatment as advertised in the website, almost about one hour missing. So she only finish those treatments in 3 hours. 

  • 15-minute red wine gel body scrub provides royally exfoliation
  • Guasa ( 30 minutes) 
  • Hot stone back treatment (15 minutes) detoxifies and treats fatigued body and mind

Which means, another cheating merchant that cannot fulfill what they promise customer as what they advertise in the website. How we can trust them in the future for any upcoming deal or most regular terms so called as' Back by Popular Demand'. 

When question them, they just ignore and no such treatment as following. If i am in her position i will definitely give them two option. Either they compensate the missing one hour to my massage treatment or i will just ask for full refund. And reminder to always highlight to them and print out the breakdown of how many minutes spend on each treatment.

 Steps of Ultrasonic Facial:

  1. Double cleansing
  2. Scrub
  3. Steam
  4. Extraction
  5. Eye treatment
  6. Eye pillow treatment
  7. Neck treatment
  8. Ultrasound
  9. Face massage
  10. Double masks
  11. Skincare

Multi Beauty Sdn Bhd

2-15A1, Mezzanine Floor,

Jalan Desa 1/3,
Desa Aman Puri,
52100 Kepong.

Business Hours:
Daily: 10:30am - 9:30pm

Facial is only available from:      Mon - Fri: 10:30am - 6:30pm;      Sat - Sun: 10:30am - 5:30pm

Tel: 03 - 6272 2125
Tel: 012 - 3066 378
(for enquiries)

(for appointment)

Deal Link :


Taiwan Pork Mian Xian @ Ice Box, Pandan Indah

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Taiwan Pork Mian Xian + Sausage + Traditional Black Tea (suitable for 1 person) @ Ice Box. This is my first time to redeem the free taste voucher from JoinMe
Ice Box is located at Pandan Indah, along the shop lot area where you will pass by The Store. This restaurant is just opposite.There is no customer yet when i walk in.The staff welcome me with a great smile and overall the service is excellent.
Cozy reading section

Clean and comfortable seating arrangement

Taiwan Pork Mian Xian  (RM5.80)
Taiwan Sausage (RM 2.00)
Taiwan Traditional Black Tea (RM 2.80)

Taiwan Mian Xian or it also called as mee sua. I find that the taste is just average. But when i put in the 'Ma Lat' the taste turns to be better and a little spicy. There is another option to put the blended garlic.

The Taiwan sausage taste very good. Also not to forget the red tea they serve is really a a big portion.

Well decorated dining area

Ice Box is also having current promotion of Taiwan braised meat rice with fruit juice with only RM 9.90. Really a good promotion.

There are also lots of other menu and desserts available. I find that the mango sago with ice cream looks yummy with only RM 14.80. Just realized they also did many online deals before with different set menu. Looking forward for their next deal!

Food : Good
Service : Excellent
Environment : Excellent

Ice Box 冰橱 @ Pandan Indah

Address: 18 G, Jalan Pandan Indah 4/8,Pandan Indah,56100 Kuala Lumpur.


Opening Hours: Monday - Sunday (12pm - 12am)

Terms & Refund Policy Updates

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Here are some search i have done lately:-

2) WeBuy.Com -

Overall, i think in summary from my research and experience, Groupon,MyImart.Com, WeBuy.Com are more reliable and higher chances to get my full refund.

Tips Buying Online Deals

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I would love to share with you guys the steps that i done before buying any online deals.

  1. Check out online deals daily from this Website I find that this link is very useful and i can check all daily updated deals.
  2. Determine where is the location and the landmark.
  3. Read through all the terms and condition carefully (The expiry date, whether the tax are included, the package that comes in the deal ( normally i will print out all the main course or spa package that include in the deal), The time can be use whether it is weekday, weekend and public holiday or some even school holiday and others terms stated. Pay extra attention to travel deals.
  4. Search Google about the food/service online review feedback.
  5. Search Google if able to find those price comparison from blog or from this website
  6. For those deals that need booking in advance, make sure to make booking earlier. Normally i will call to check with the restaurant, massage center or facial center first as they always full reservation.
  7. REMEMBER to take pictures of your food purchase as a proof to make a complaint to the company where you buy the online voucher/ deals for any unsatisfactory or bad experience with the merchant. Write an email to the voucher company saying how bad the experience we have encounter and they will try to solve it depend on what cases. Or even we can email to Malay Mail, Submit form to Tribunal - and now we can share our experience here are always right!