My Little Dragon Baby - Cheeky Girl that Brings laughter to our Family

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It was a sweet moment when I find out that I am pregnant again and this is my second pregnancy. There is two years gap from my first child, Run Yi. So I guess the right time for her to have siblings to play with. Although we are quite surprise for it, but we are looking forward to meet this little dragon baby.

There is only mild morning sickness but I yawn very frequent during the first trimester. I even falling asleep in the meeting room while I was working. Nobody notice that I am actually pregnant until the 5th month as my bump does not look obvious. I just did some light exercise taking public transport walking to my office and short walk for having lunch.

The favorite moment is craving for all types of food and gets full attention from my husband. The challenging part is I have to tell Run Yi that she is going to have a sister soon. Each day I am trying to tell her there is baby inside mummy’s tummy and asking her to kiss on my tummy. But it depends on her mood, sometime she just ignore me and even pinch my belly button and laughing looking at me when I scream. So I get my husband to involve and put his hand together and Run Yi will follow.

But for a two years old kid, I think she did not understand much, but I am trying hard to explain to her. I have to give in to carry her despite being heavily pregnant as she is crying loudly as if being tortured. Whenever we going out for outing, I always ensure her to mention baby to come as well, so after few times, she will remember that baby is part of the family members.

Doctor told me this baby weight is just 2.2kg at the end of the trimester. I felt a little bit weird. I have gained 20 kg but the baby weight is just so little. But doctor assured me that if natural birth, the average weight of this baby will be easier to deliver and nothing to worry about.
There is no sign of contraction and it is about 4 days before the due date. Doctor advises me to admit and go for induction and ask me to choose the date preferable for delivery. So on 10th May 2012, we reach the hospital about 9am and the nurse starting to put in the medicine to get the cervix to be dilated.

Doctor came in to check and break the water bag and this round I can felt the water is flowing heavily while I was lying on the bed. While waiting, my husband opens some soft music for me to distract my attention. I try to lie down on the right side and with the support of the pillow I able to hold on to the contraction pain that occurs every 10-15 minutes.

At 2pm, the nurse came in and gives a cup of Milo as she advice I should finish it to have full energy to push the baby later. But as far as I remembered after the morning session of passing out motion; we should not eat anything after that. The contraction is getting intense. At 3pm, the nurse pushes me to the labor room. Everything looks similar but they did not give me any gas inhalation. Instead they give me induction, inject on my hand and I have to wait for the dilation as I am only 2cm at the moment.

The waiting moment is really long and I can felt the contraction every 3-5 minutes and become more regular. I hold on the pillow and grab my husband finger. The nurse gives me an injection on my tights to ease my pain and I was confused and worried asking her is this epidural injection. She said this is only to relief the pain for a while. But I don’t think it helps!

The most stressful part is the opening is still at 3cm only! But I can felt that my baby head are coming out very soon. There is a big pressure inside whenever there are contractions. Luckily, my husband is there to remind me to breath in and out as I am a little confused while dealing with the pain.
At 4pm, the nurse came in to check again.The nurse asking me to pee because the dilation will be slower. I felt uncomfortable as I could not get the pee out but yet I pass stool. The nurse asks me to try the second time. She asks me to put in a sitting position upright trying to pee again.

I trying hard to get my full attention, but when the contractions come again, I felt there is an intense rectal pressure and suddenly there is a large sounds of  ‘Poop’ and I can felt my baby head come out. I tell the nurse something comes out. She asking me what is that.  I answer her with a little confusion on my face, ‘I think is the baby head’. She quickly asks me to lied down and start pushing. I just take a deep breath in and breathe out and there it goes. My baby safely born.

The funny part is there is only one nurse in the labor room. She told my husband to look after the baby first as she have to call other nurses to come in to help. My husband has taken full video of the whole process and it was pretty anxious as the doctor is not arrived yet. I can hear my baby crying so loud. Another nurse came in to cut the umbilical cord. She tells my husband to go outside to call another nurse to come in to help. The situation is a little messy and I still have to wait for 10 minutes for the doctor to come in to do my surgery. I was as worried as I am only 3cm dilated that time when baby comes out.

A big disappointment again as for my first child, the doctor only reach when the baby has come out. Luckily my husband is there inside the labor room with me. I cannot imagine what will happen if any complication happens in between as the doctor is not there on time for my delivery.

The moment I held my baby for the first time, I kissed her on her cheek and she begins to suck on my nipple. Seeing her so beautiful in my arms and look alike just like Run Yi put a great smile on my face.

The moment I saw Run Yi, I hug her telling her that she is going to be a big sister and I show her my tummy telling her baby has come out. She looks a little curious and at the same time seems to ignore all of us. I guess there starts the jealously journey. When I reach home, all of us can sense that Run Yi acting strange and have been crying for small little matters. She is trying to get our attention and making irritating voices. When we carrying her sister, she becomes very jealous and not even sharing her rattle and soft toys to her.

Patience really matters. I trying to tell her, baby needs a little bit more attention from us and get her to involve in changing baby diapers, and making her milk together and if baby is crying , I tell Run Yi to soothes baby telling her ‘Mei Mei Don’t cry’. Soon, she seems doing well, intimates our words and voices softly talking to her sister, and kisses her on her cheek.

Motherhood is really challenging. There should not be any comparison between the two girls as both stands on their own. Both my girls are born in May, Taurus child, the most stubborn child, independent and material possessions. I guess my husband and I will need more patience and adapt to the lifestyle as a parents of two now