Don't Ever Become A Doctor Yourselves - The Biggest Mistake Ever Happen To Me

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Last month my second girl encounter fever shot up to 39 degrees and we (me and hubby) are kinda panic. It has been a while since she is down with fever. Maybe she got it from her sister who just recently recovered. The weather is bad ( with hot and cold conditions) plus they always eat snacks, chocolates, sweet and without drinking enough water. Hubby said let's put the medicine into her anus since we got the left over medicine in the fridge for my elder daughter the other day. Without checking on the name on the medicine, by just looking at the shape, I said to hubby ya that's the one. White colour pill to insert into her anus. Then, a mother instinct telling me something is wrong. I open up the fridge again after 15 minutes and start digging and saw another medicine same capsule shape, but different type and with my eldest girl name on it!!!!OMG!!! What have I done???????????

The feeling is like slapping myself or bang my head on the wall! How can i be so stupid to simply insert any adult medicine into my girl? Feel so bad and mentally stress and of course I want to cry on the spot. I try to be positive and told hubby shall we insert again this the right paracetamol fever capsule to her anus. Hubby said no choice we have to coz the fever is too high. My girl cry again and pity her seeing her like that. Aiii..sigh..what should we do? The first medicine is supposed to be my past hemorrhoids capsule and contains drugs. I hate myself why I put in the fridge for so long and never notice that when I hold it at the first place with no child name on it and without knowing that is for hemorrhoids medicine. Just a first glance looking at the shape and said that is fever medicine.

For safety purpose, hubby decided to just bring her straight to the clinic to seek for proper medicine. We do have liquid fever medicine, But as far as I remember, doctor do mentions that if fever reaching 38 degrees, we can just insert the medicine to her anus. So we rush to the specialist doctor where we usually bring her (nearby our house), and half way I told hubby that i just recall that Friday the clinic close early before 7pm. That time was already 7.30pm. We rushed to another normal clinic but they do check on child aged 1 and above. My girl is so sick that she could not stand herself, weak and wanted to vomit. She vomitted twice at home and now vomit again in front of the registration encounter. I was carrying her (13.4kg) and writing her name on the paper with one hand..shaking and quickly ask the nurse can you allowed to go in first because her fever is really high. 

Extremely worried and add on more worries of the mistake that we have done which should not be happening for experience parents. But we feel like a first time parents at this moment and I blame myself for it. I know people will start talking about it and will blame me. Ya her mum la..simply put medicine and all those craps..But things just come and we are like not being ourselves and when you are panic..then we are making silly mistake that will forever bugging you. 

Looking at the doctor and show the medicine, doctors said come like that..must be very careful. her fever is very high and if she complaint on stomach pain or bleeding in her stool you must quickly send her to hospital. And fever still high also need to admit her alr. Feel more worried now. Have to monitor closely when got back home. Doctor give cough, flu, fever, antibiotic and vomit medicine. The killing part is have to ask her to drink all the medicine!! That every parents have to learn patience..need to soothe her or else use the rough way. One people holding her nose or mouth to force the medicine go inside her mouth, one have to hold her hand carry her (position lying on the side) Stress. She is so tired and of course not in a good mood to tell her to drink more water but we have to force her more water because her lips are really dry.

The whole nite I was thinking why we have such rush and what is happening. For a 3 years plus girl, it seems like everything back to the past when she was 10 months old where we have to rush her to clinic 24 hours but then decide to bring her to Tawakal thinking they have specialist, but also none. All are just normal doctor. In the middle of the night at 2.30am, we both awake by her. She vomited twice and cry, fever is high and we rushing to the hospital. Hubby shirt was wet because she vomit again when reaching there. And he have to took off his shirt. The staff looking at him with the weird face and yes it was freaking cold at that time. The road was empty and I was scare too. That was another experience that we have gone through.

How can we both be so useless when come to that fever medicine can be mixed up? Doctor even advise that your home capsule of paracetamol have 250gram example. So if you want to insert into younger age toddler, you need to cut it a little bit. Now only I know. So the lesson is never try to become a doctor yourselves. Anything just go to the right doctor to seek treatment.

In the end, the doctor medicine does not suite my girl that much and after 2 days still slight fever. The fever virus then spread to my little boy.He had the same symptom vomit, dehydrated and high fever. We quickly feed him medicine liquid form and sponge him often. The next day all two went to see our usual child clinic doctor and took the medicine again. 2 years old also have to take antibiotic. Pity them at this young age all have to take antibiotic. The current virus is all very strong and all is hard to recover. I heard many storied from my friend from their experience too. Kids age 1 also have to take antibiotic if the virus infection is too strong. Are these medicine going to affect on their immune system which they can actually produce themselves? Will that killing their good immune system inside their body?

Sigh..that's why when comes to sick child, you will never get a good rest. Worried with them. The kids are not eating well. Not active as usual and have to eat so many medicine.

I always ask me girl your tummy got pain or not? and notice her stool any bleeding? so worried. no symptom on that after few days, looks ok and hope this thing will never happen again! and a good lesson for both of us!!

My Family Trip to First World Hotel Genting Highlands (Indoor Theme Park)

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It was a memorable outing with my kids and my family at the recent gateway to Genting Highlands which is also my son’s first trip out from KL Area. I hardly bring him to travel and he was so excited- jumping to joy and from his faces I know he is extremely happy and curious where we are heading to. He did not sleep at all and just stood on my lap quietly admiring the scenery. Hubby drove slowly and it’s been a while since our last visit to Genting Highlands. My mum in law follow our car and thanks to her for helping out us to take care of the kids. Bro in law and dad in law will be coming up later on. 

There are so much thing to pack even though it is only one nite stay. With 3 kids, you can imagine how many things I need to plan to bring along and I might missed out any necessary item that could be important for them. Clothes, towels, shoes, pillows, milk powder,diapers, water bottles, snacks, food, stand by fever medicine and lots of empty plastic bags. My girl will always vomit during traveling even at the near distance. The road leading up the Genting are long and winding with sharp curves. I also will worried on the 30 minutes drive and ask my hubby to drive carefully. My girl complained that she want to vomit and stomach pain, while my little boy trying to close his eyes and sleep, but sooner both also vomit and they feel better..what a good experience for them huh..anyway my second girl seems enjoying the traveling moments and the ride up the hill with cooling air and lucky it was still early and less car.

We arrived safely and find a nice parking lot at First World Hotel Genting. On the way up, I saw many constructions are coming up and they are building the new 20th Century Fox World outdoor Theme Park which is expected to be ready by next year. Many places have change and new names for some of the buildings. No longer Highlands Hotel and changed name to Maxims Hotel Genting. We reached the lobby area and we saw many convenient express check in kiosk available with the staff assistance. But check in time is only at 3pm. How are we going to wait until 3 pm with the kids and luggage? We reached early at 11.30am and MIL said just pay for the surcharge of RM 30 for early check in to avoid the hussle to wait for the long queue to check in at 3pm later since the kids want to rest first in the hotel room. Since she have a free stay hotel room, we just pay the RM 30 and the staff will guide us to check in via kiosk. Just insert your IC or Resorts World Genting member card and follow the instructions to check in. The machine will produce two check in cards for each guest. 

The early crowd before 3 pm. Clear information given to public on the price rates and available rooms 

We are assigned to Tower 2 level 23. My kids are so happy pressing the lift and my little boy stood there at the corridor looking at the nice view from level 23. He says “ Wah So nice!!!!”.

Once we entered the room, All of us are so impressed and surprised by the spacious free room stay given to us. With two comfy single bed, big sofas near to the window, Flat screen TV, full amenities, bath tub, 2 Complimentary mineral bottles,kettle, mini fridge, and wide space to walk around. Moreover we found the special international USB socket at every corner of the room. 
Let's have a good rest first
Big space at the toilet area with bathtub at the right side.
Bonding time
Start to mess up the whole room
The most stunning moments are the room views!!! We can see the nice view from the window with Genting Highlands logos and can see Maxims Hotel from here. On the left side we can see the constructions going on for the theme park.

After all done with their milk time, we are ready to venture and explore the First World Hotel theme park. I suggested to hubby let’s buy the unlimited ride for the kids since every ride estimated to be around RM 8.50 for each round. The ticket counter is located at Ground Floor and Level 2. We make a short tour from Ground floor to Level 2 and decided to purchase 3 child tickets (RM 29.70 each) and 2 adults tickets (RM 31.80 each). 

We can have unlimited access to 9 types of indoor games ( 5 located in the First World Hotel, and the remaining two at the Resorts Indoor Theme park (heading towards Maxims Hotel and casino where another indoor games located). 

Our indoor theme park tickets is also inclusive of Ripley's Believe it or Not! Free entrance and promotion rate to enter Snow World House.

* Unlimited access at First World Indoor Theme Park Rides and Children Rides at Vision City Video Games Park

  • Reindeer Cruiser
  • Rio Float
  • Mini Train
  • Busy Bugs
  • Circus Ride
  • FunLand
  • Safari Jeep
  • Merry-Go-Round

All of us are given a wristband and my kids all cry not allowing the staff to tag on their hand.. Frustrating moments..and telling them again and again that you need the wristband to enter the indoor play games.

After giving them the assurance, they starts to look for the first ride. The mini train sounds good to them as warming up session. All 5 of us queue up and enjoying our ride. Hubby taking our photos at the side.

Then, we move to upper level to experience the slow-moving Reindeer Cruiser with an emphasis on families and children. Both my girls seated at the small front seats and they are not afraid. Nice view looking around the whole shopping mall and surrounds with many attractions . All this rides are family rides and we can have fun time bonding with the kids.

Admiring the view from the higher level

Next up to Level 3 to the Fun Land. We need to take off our shoes and kids get to jump and run freely here. Slides, trampoline and few obstables play are all avaialble here. Parents can sit there while waiting for the kids to have fun

All are well maintained and clean. If you can see the right side of the photos, It is actually lead to Tower 2 which means I can walk here straight to the front and take the lift up to my room level 23. It was a very convenient short cut way to avoid the crowd at lobby area especially when you are with your kids.The First World Cafe (breakfast buffet area) are just opposite this fun land area.

After that , we moved on to the children rides where my kids love it so much. They choose to sit on this Busy Bugs for continuously 4 times without changing any colours or seats. They just stood there waiting patiently for the next round to move. The staff is kind enough for letting them inside instead of queuing again.

The children rides is the area where last time rock climbing floor located.

Jump to the next Circus ride, they choose their preferred rides - clowns, cars, elephant, tiger, lion and etc...choosing from one to another and ride for 3 times..

We walk back to level 1 and where we have to go up the staircase and take this Rio Float. Ride a top exotic floats from the realms of fantasy and soak in the sights of First World Plaza from above. 
Mummy took the dolphin first while my second girl wanted to take the boats float with her grandpa. Nice view from here, turning the whole circle surrounds the mall.

The kids never seems to be tired and they are so energetic. After having their rest again in the hotel room, we went to the Resorts World heading towards Maxims Hotel to another indoor theme park (where I used to hang out here last time when I was a kid). Plenty of games counter here and crowded. This indoor theme park ride can be use for horse ride and Safari Jeep ride. Both girls love it so much. Queue continuously after each ride til they are bored. While I sitting there waiting for them with my sleepy son on my lap.

Spinning around with these kids. They make new friends and my girls are so happy with the Merry-Go-Round Ride. After the half day ride, they are still awake and still want to play in the hotel room until 11pm only they able to fall asleep..Amazing..Whereby I already flat and wanted to sleep. But three of them almost occupied the two beds attached together and we all have to stick and lean towards the wall..Nitez..

The hectic part is on the check out time. It is now set to 11am for all guest to check out and everybody is rushing packing up and wait for the lift to come. Every floor is pack and we have to wait few rounds to get us all inside the lift. There are 12 lifts on each floor but only one lift is working. Either it goes up or go down. One way only!!! OMG..Stress out! All the people are complaining. And my girls cannot be patience anymore. She start nagging me for ice cream and everyone in the lift smile looking at her. 

We go up first when the lift comes and the doors open every floor!!! When it reached the top floor at Level 28, the lift did not go down straight to the lobby floor even though the lift is all full and packed! Then, it begin to go down and open the lift door floor by floor. Sickening moments and I am short of breath standing there inside with my heavy luggage and holding on tight to my kids. 

Can you imagine if you were to carry a baby or toddler aged 2 with 9- 11kg weight, and how it feels like?? Waiting the lift from Level 23 up to Level 28 and need to touch the lobby floor took us more than 8 minutes!!! Damn. The lift service never improved since from my last visit few years back and now even worst. Early check out and no other lift available. Everyone are stuck and need to wait. The lobby area is crowded and all rushing to check out at the kiosk.  Not only that. We have to wait for another lift to go down to our carpark. Again..similar situation. Only two lifts are functioning and all pushing each other to go inside the lift. From lobby to B7.  TIRING!

My advise? Perhaps we need to consider early check out at 10am next time..No choice! 

It was a memorable family trip with happy kids. My son are excited playing too much and lack of sleep, the next morning I saw he got eye bag. When reached home, All sleep soundly back to their comfy bed and I can have a good rest too.

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SnowWorld House with Halloween Theme @ Resorts World Genting (First World Plaza, Level 2)

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 I was frightening and told hubby that I am scared of cold. Hubby said just hold on to the full attire given and you will be fine. The last visit to snow house was at I-City together with my eldest girl when she was just 8 months old if I can recall. This was my second visit to SnowWorld Genting and it has changed alot!. We reached there by 8.45 pm and the staff ask us to wait for the next schedule to go in at 9pm. Each session are approximately 40 minutes.
The ticketing rates. When you purchase any theme park tickets, you are entitle for further promotion rates.
The following items are NOT allowed into this attraction:
  • Loose items
  • Cameras and video cameras
  • Food and drinks
  • Mobile phones
Dress Code:
  • Winter jacket, boots, gloves, socks and long pants
  • No slippers or heels
  • No short pants
Looking some of the information while waiting
The temperature is -5 Celcius..cold.....
We are all quite excited for this is the special Snow World House with Halloween theme. Snow Monster Bash

When we are inside, we need to choose the jacket and trying on the sizes. It was comfortable and the jackets does not stick and smelly. They do their cleaning very consistently and maintains a very good hygienic attire. Glad to know that. 
Next, we tried on the boots according to your sizes and when you feel comfortable wearing it, then you can choose for the hand gloves.
Different sizes of the hand gloves. Hubby requested the staff for red colour hand gloves to match with his jackets and boots which are all in RED
The staff will assist us by putting in the coin to unlock the locker and we just need to keep the key.You can put all your shoes and other belongings inside this secure lockers
The staff are friendly and helpful
I am ready to go in!!!
When I steps inside, I quickly walk to the front and start asking hubby to snap photos..And said better be quick. I am scared of Cold...remind him again and again.
Nice view
This is so beautiful. The Snow World is decorated with Halloween theme.

World Heritage concept. Now let's check out the upper level

Freaking cold

This was the fun moments
Pull! Pull! ..Hold on tight 

Sweet moments with sis. Glad we can travel together for this trip

View from the first floor. Awesome!
Wide space to move around and breathtaking place to snap some nice photos. When you are at certain area, the lights will be more brighter and good chance for you to take pictures
There are options to have the Cresta Run Slide, but visitors have to meet the height and weight requirements as below:
  • Minimum height: 4 ft
  • Maximum weight: 65kg

On the first floor, It was slippery and we both nearly fell down. Holding tight to each other we walk to the middle center to snap this castle pictures. There are signage showing that the floor is slippery and always walk carefully.

Heading into Mystery Halloween House
Boo!! Here not so cold. I can hide here for a moment

Now which door to choose for exit?

We are about 25 minutes inside and It was really really cold!!!! Hugsss
Now what? Ok we are pretending to be steady 
Another pose is hugging each other 
And holding on the cold ice. I was expecting the snow..hmm...

After the cold session, we can warm up ourselves here. 
*You can choose to come out if you feel too cold and rest on the chairs first. I come out and open up my boots, My toes are numb and very cold. I took off my jacket and start to massage my toes and warm up my hand and body. 

The photos was the best memory and I wish to visit again with my kids next round.

Level T2A, First World Plaza

Monday - Friday
10:30am - 10:30pm (Normal Days)
09:30am - 11:30pm
 (Malaysia School Holidays & Public Holidays) 

Saturday / Eve of Public Holidays
09:30am - 11:30pm (Normal Days) 
09:30am - 12:30am
 (Malaysia School Holidays & Public Holidays)

09:30am - 10:30pm (Normal Days)
09:30am - 11:30pm
 (Malaysia School Holidays & Public Holidays)

(You can refer here for the different time slot)

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