Family Trip to Sunway Lagoon @ Sunway Pyramid

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Memorable trip to Sunway Lagoon and it was our very first visit here. Me and hubby never visited this place even though we are both born in Kuala Lumpur. Some friends do laugh at us..Saying that how come you two never step into Sunway Lagoon before?? Once I remember I pack all my stuff and went to the counter with my entrance tickets I purchase from the Matta Fair in year 2014 and I show it to the counter. She explain that I only have one ticket. But I argue that there are two tickets on my hand. But she replied me that can you see clearly that the ticket actually have the same running no. So where is my another ticket? Oh no..finally I recall that it was actually left inside the envelope at home! Oh gosh..that was the clueless moments looking at hubby with my blur face and yes we go back and tapau mix rice for that weekend. Boring huh..Such a forgetful person I am??

I have to pack early for this one day trip.Carefully putting in my girls clothings, mosquito repellent, powder, hand sanitize, bottles, snacks, raincoats (in case raining), umbrella, plastic paper, swimming float,extra clothing, towels, and yes most important the ENTRANCE TICKETS!!! It's been a while we have such outing and packing is always the headache.I just worried I miss out anything. Coz now we are going to both theme park and water park.

On Sunday morning, no long queue and the ticketing counter was fast enough. We took our wristband and ready to go in. The staff are friendly and just take a quick look at our bag for checking. Last time I remember they are very strict and not allow any food and drinks inside. I try to hide some snacks for the kids though.
The first we saw is this wheel. We climb up the staircase and try this as the first ride. Then we move to Amusement Park whereby more suitable for the kids and parents to play together.

Ok now..which way to go next? Shall we go to the Water Park??
Horse ride
Here we go!!! Now she is making me crazy asking me to ride more than 4 times continuously. My head start spinning

The playground area where my kids spend almost the time here

Let's go into the Wildlife Park! Say Cheese!

Expect to come eye to eye with a new pair of White Lions named Zola and Zuri, Meerkats, Miniature Horses, Sun Bears, Panthers, Tigers, Gibbons, Cottontop Tamarin, Otters, Prairie Dogs, Eagles, Hornbills, Peacocks, Pythons, Pygmy Marmosets and many other animals at the park

Colourful bird that we can see it closely
Big White lion
Cotton candy that every kids love it ; but not mummy coz i need to do the cleaning and the worst part is when the wind blows as they walking, the cotton candy sugar stick all over my shirts, pants and shoes..OMG!
Mummy! Can we go now??? She is ready with her float and keep on nagging me..Too  excited to go into the water playarea

All of us have fun here. Waves and more waves to come .. Jumping up and down into the water.

We managed to visit 4 parks, but not covered all of it inside. There are more water park activities that we did not manage to explore (for kids usually we just settle down one place as long as they enjoy it.). I saw there are another section of man made beach. The food is quite variety. They have Marrybrown, crepe, drinks stall, indian rice, vegetarian and etc. But the price will be of course slightly expensive. For the public changing room and toilets, it does looks good with all covered doors, and bathing room. But no hair dryer provided. So next round  I need to bring this myself.

We not able to walk on the Malaysia’s Longest Pedestrian Suspension Bridge ( nothing attracts the kids here). 

Enjoyable day with my kids and my family. All have fun and very tiring too. Glad that we choose the day with cloudy weather and not too sunny for the kids. And no rains. That's the most relieve part. Hope to visit again this place to explore Extreme park, Scream Park and Other slides in the water park. I wanted to go for Flying Fox (desperate). Need to come here again with my hubby to do those Extreme activities.

Lesson Learnt: No planning ahead which park to go first and to cover all the park activities, because the kids will telling you where they want to go and you have to compromise them. Just let it be, make sure they are happy and have fun.

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