Birthday Celebration for my Son @ AEON Molly Fantasy Wangsa Maju

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I ordered this wonderful customized doggie sponge cake for my little boy from Pistachio Bakery. This was his 2nd birthday and I want to make it a special day for him since we did not make a big celebration for his 1st birthday. I gather some information from the website and have few plans on my mind where to choose for the birthday venues and the packages. I have never try Molly Fantasty before and from the website I check the price is quite reasonable and they required minimum 10 kids for 1.5 hours (RM 15 per child). Adult entrance is free and the playground area will be close for that 1.5 hours. More privacy and just open for our guest. 

After paid the deposit of RM 100 and confirmed on the date, we make our own food and wake up early to prepare. Mum in law make this awesome food and I help to do the packing up and dress up the kids. This birthday package is included invitation card, party pack and hat for all the kids, a special gift to the birthday boy or girl, mascot appearance and they will organize two games. 1.5 hours might sound too short but the kids playtime is more than enough. A nice gathering with my family and friends we have a good time catching up with each other and laughter seeing the kids are extremely happy and excited. I do prepared my own goodies bag to give surprise for the kids too.
My own version of goodies bag- Hubby helps to pack. My two girls are happily volunteering themselves to help me to put in the biscuits, snacks and gifts inside. Kids love parties anyway

We have book fro 12 noon to 1.30pm. We reminded our guest to come early and on time so that the kids can have fun. We reached at 11.30 am and the staff allowed us to put in our food. We took the trolley from the parking bay and go up to level 1. The playground area is covered and the staff will put a sticker on the kids shirt and each of them received a gift pack. We arrange nicely on the table given (quite presentable table cloth and clean). They prepare a big dustbin at the side. We bring our own paper plate, cups, cutlery and tissues. I love parties too. It's the time to meet each other, have fun and the kids can use up their energy level here. With minimum supervision, they can play themselves inside and parents can chit chat with each other comfortably at the seats prepared for them / or just sitting on the clean floor while enjoying my mum in law home cooked food.
Yummy Yummy - Cakes, chicken wing, hot dog, kuih, taufu, egg, mee hon, curry chicken, yellow sticky rice, desserts, nuggets and lots more
The set up are with balloon and they give this round small table to put the birthday cake and the present. This table cloth is mine and have been recycle using it many times.
My cheeky birthday boy. Jumping up side down
Whole playground is ours. The kids enjoy running here and there looking for which section to go in first

More presents received. Thanks to all for coming!

The next activities are the games session for the kids. The staff arrange two games. First is the balloon game and colouring contest. Colouring contest seems not suitable because it takes time. The kdis are not interested at all after sitting there for 5 minutes. All went off and start playing again! For the balloon game, they need to sit on the balloon to make it burst! Wah..what games is this? of course the kids run away and nobody want to play it. But my brave girl want to try it out.So hubby help her by pressing harder and she was so happy thinking she did it her selves. She is not afraid at all.. haha
my girl won the colouring contest because she is the only one who finish it.
Finally the mascot comes out to greet the children. All are excited and start taking pictures. We have fun together and cake cutting session with my sweet boy. He was  licking at his doggie cake full of chocolate cream and everyone said that the cakes is so delicious!
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