Egg-Tastic Easter Hunt @ Sunway Putra Mall

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Mummy is excited during the month of April. It's my birthday month and also a celebration of Easter Day. It's been a while since the last Egg Hunt activity at Parkamaya,Fahrenheit 88 with my kids.  

I Immediately signed up for Egg-Tastic Easter Hunt @ Sunway Putra Mall when I saw it published at FB page. This is exclusive invitation for Putra Junior Club and Autsome members. Can't wait to meet the Easter bunnies!
They are feeling excited and looking forward to finish the egg hunt activities the fastest that we can.  We reached early and the registration was fast. Each registered kids are given a goodie bag and a guide showing which shops they need to find the Easter Egg. The shops name and location are stated clearly for them. Bunnies appearance to make the children more happy and cheerful!

While waiting for the egg hunt activity to start, we walk around to explore other fun activity such as:-
1. Carousel ride
2. Animal rides - bunny
3. Trampoline
4. VR games
5. Arts and crafts related to Easter theme
6. Playground ticket promotions

Finally, all participants arrived, many are dressed in cute and pretty Bunnies costume and they are getting ready for the brief. The event is kick off with the little ones pulling the hand-held firework. Let's begin our Easter Egg Hunt!!!
Look for this sign at the participating outlets
We start from Ground Floor up to Level 4 to hunt for the Easter Egg. The mall staff is helpful and friendly. We have fun hunting for the hidden eggs and kids are happy getting different types of Easter egg design . They are curious what's inside there, keep shaking it. Chocolates and sweets for sure!

It was quite easy to complete the egg hunt, just look for the store and collect the Easter Egg. Some require the kids to look around the shops where the staff hide the eggs and do a simple task.

Cute little bunnies. Kids need to do some challenge here to collect their Easter Egg. Jump and hop like a Bunny!
Awesome!! We managed to collect all 16 Easter Egg within 25 minutes and they can't wait to open up all. Love the beautiful design of the eggs and it was really a memorable moment for us. Hunting Easter Egg with my 3 kiddos is really a great experience! They just pull my hand and GO, GO, GO!!
Congratulations to the winners for best dress participants!
OMG! So many sweet treats. They are going hyper!
A fun weekend and bonding time with my kids. We have a good Egg Hunt together and looking forward for more fun activities like this.

** Some Photos used here- courtesy to Sunway Putra Mall FB Page

Challenging Egg Hunt @ Paradigm Mall

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We have fun and gain new experience from the recent Egg Hunt activity at Paradigm Mall. It was totally different types of egg hunt activity compared to our previous visit to Sunway Putra Mall. This is much more challenging and physically tiring and need to squeeze my brain to think for the answers. The event organizer provides us little cute bunny hairband for each participant. The mood for Easter Egg day is there and we are feeling extremely excited! The event started around 11.30am ,slight delay from the actual time. Kids are waiting anxiously.  Finally, the Easter Egg hunt begins!

The paper sheet is full of questions and clues. Very tricky and we need to think hard what is the shop name with the clues given. Searching in the google website, looking for directory and searching for the shop names. We are not familiar with the shop name in Paradigm Mall. Challenging to bring along 4 kiddos walking up and down to look for the Easter egg. At first, we are abit lost. So we look at the clues slowly and figure it out one by one. 

I was happy to met my ex-colleague while we busy hunting. He was the regular shopper there! He help me out with some of the shop names and yeah we took the opportunity for photo session together first since we hardly meet each other.

We managed to collect all 15 eggs at all the stated locations. That’s the satisfaction and completion of mission for hunting the Easter Egg. And kids said they are tired, but happily opening up their sweet treats while we having our lunch at Sushi Zanmai.

Family Fun Time @ Party Room Atria Mall

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Party Room is Malaysia’s first interactive party space with innovative gaming experiences and interactive leisure facilities.

With an area of about 6,500 square feet including 3 VIP rooms (size ranged from 250 square feet to 800 square feet), Party Room provides a spacious venue from a small groups’ gathering, such as birthday party, private party, film shooting, surprising events, proposal, workshop, seminar, conference to a corporate team building event which could accommodate up to 120 guests.

Party Room is filled with creative and interactive games that are suitable for all. This is a great place to hold team building events because they have many games that can help develop team building benefits.A dedicated team of experienced game marshals to conduct various team building activities.
Party Room features four themes including Kids zone, Sport zone, Puzzle zone and Leisure zone which are all well equipped with various facilities, games and accessories.
We reached early at 10.30am to avoid crowd and we seems to be the first group. Kids are extremely happy to explore new place and can't wait to have fun!.
Remember to bring your own socks (for both adults and kids). Or you can purchase at the counter. Our duration of playtime is only for 2 hours. You can put your belongings inside safely because the whole area is covered and monitored by CCTV.
We are surprised by the Giant Jenga and 3D Twister game near the entrance.
Kids section - A space for kids to enhance their creativity through sensational experiences.

Kids love this section the most - BALL PIT. Just jump inside and have fun! There are also a huge projector screen showing some games for them to throw the ball to hit the screen

To accompany my little baby girl, I also have fun like a small kid..Woo hoo!!
Baby girl also can ride on the cute small car and playing Lego Duplo. Colourful setup and welcoming kids family friendly place. Kids feel happy, safe and comfortable inside.

While others can try on the slides and cooking play area section underneath the slides.
Daddy is overexcited too. He found his treasure of comic book and some childhood games

Stunning costume corner! Just love all the designs of the cartoon costume. Now which want shall we choose??
Awesome family time. Our first experience wearing Cartoon character costume together. Pokemon, Charmander, Little Pony and Daddy become the Giant Hello Kitty!.
Kids enjoy the Floor Curling section. The young and friendly crew guide them how to play and I am glad they are so helpful in taking care my kids too.

Sports Zone- Foot ball Arena and Blow Soccer
Fun Pong Table challenge.
Hover Pong game looks familiar?
Whack-A- Mole. My boy enjoying his playing time with the energetic and playful crew.
Darts section
Some leisure zone with Private K-Box (Karaoke) room, Air Hockey game, Console Game, Table Soccer, and  L-Shape Pool Game. We all love singing.
Are you daring enough to try the Balloon Over Head? PUMP TIL IT BURST!!  
Daddy vs boy
Daddy and girls are dressed up with raincoat covering whole body and getting ready for 'Rainy Bike'. Daddy vs two girls. Each side need to cycle fast to fill up opponent's water tank.

 Splash Splash!!! Daddy lose!

A great platform for family bonding moments. Parents and kids can play together and we have so much fun and laughter.
Private rooms available with console gaming and karaoke system. Party Room is equipped with 120-inch screen & projector, Lighting & Audio-Visual system to suit all type of event.

Party Room strives to be your first choice for gathering with colleagues, relatives and friends.
We had a wonderful day here at the Party Room and kids wanna have more fun time inside. Two hours playtime is not enough. Definitely will visit again soon!

Locations: -

T22, T23 & T23A, 3rd Floor, 
Atria Shopping Gallery Jalan SS 22/23, 
Damansara Jaya, 47400 Petaling Jaya 
Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia 

Tel : 03-77320736 / 019-2000861

Email :

Website :
Pricing :

**Kids Promo of RM38 All Day Access

  FB :