Coolblog is introducing the latest Caramelicious combo

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Coolblog is introducing the latest Caramelicious combo which comes with tantalising caramel flavoured treats: 

   The Indulgence beverage series 
■ Cookies & Cream Indulgence 
■ Triple Coffee Indulgence 
■ Lattecino Indulgence 
■ Choctiramisu Indulgence 
○ Waffle with caramel spread  

Coolblog fans and customers can now choose from a variety of caramel flavoured beverages and dessert be it as a mid-day pick-me-up or a sweet treat to be indulged with their friends and family. 

The Indulgence is one of the most popular Coolblog beverage series thanks to the rich flavours and delicious toppings including caramel sauce, cheese mousse, and Lotus Biscoff crumbs. To excite their fans even more, Coolblog added Cookies & Cream Indulgence, a new member to the series.

Coolblog is Malaysia’s pioneering kiosk-based Halal dessert and beverage brand. Menu launching date: 13 April 2023

The Indulgence
○ Lattecino Indulgence
- 500ml - Priced from RM 9.90

○ Choctiramisu Indulgence
- 500ml - Priced from RM10.90
 - 700ml - Priced from RM 11.90

○ Cream & Cookies Indulgence
 - 500ml - Priced from RM 10.90
 -  700ml - Priced from RM 11.90

○ Triple Coffee Indulgence
 -  700ml - Priced from RM 10.90

Waffle with caramel spread - Priced from RM 7.90
Great drinks to have especially during the hot season now 😄

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World Asthma Day Brings Together Communities to Raise Awareness on Asthma Management

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In Malaysia, asthma is one of the most common respiratory diseases and it has been consistently on the rise. In recent years, the estimated asthma prevalence in Malaysia has increased from 6.4% to 9.4% in children aged 6-7 years old and from 9% to 13% in children aged 13-14 years old.¹ In view of the increasing number of asthma patients in Malaysia and the growing need to educate the public on asthma management, Asthma Malaysia and AstraZeneca has once again joined forces to organise the all-new ‘Breathe Better’ public campaign at the 1 Mont Kiara mall, in conjunction with World Asthma Day.

The event was designed to bring awareness to the public on the significance of managing asthma effectively. It was officiated by Dr. Helmy Haja Mydin, Consultant Respiratory Physician and co-founder of Asthma Malaysia, Dina Nadzir, Malaysian Singer, Radio Announcer, Actress, and Television Presenter; and Ashwini Saha, Country Medical Director and Asia Area Cardiovascular Metabolism Medical Therapeutic Area Lead, AstraZeneca.

Themed ‘Take Control of Your Asthma’’, the campaign was aimed at educating attendees on the importance of utilising controller medication for the management and treatment of asthma symptoms over the long term, rather than relying solely on reliever medication.

Speaking on the Breathe Better campaign, Dr. Helmy said, “It is crucial to increase the knowledge and awareness of the public on how to manage asthma. Getting diagnosed early is vital in order to prevent attacks that can be both disabling and draining. Early and proper control with appropriate medication will not only prevent severe illness, but improve one’s quality of life especially in the face of haze and ongoing risks of respiratory infections.”

“This campaign also serves as an opportunity for healthcare professionals and individuals with asthma to come together and share their experiences and insights with the aim of improving asthma care and management in Malaysia,” Dr. Helmy added.

Asthma can be classified as mild, moderate and severe. Based on the severity, patients would require different types and dosage of medication to control their condition. Each level requires different types of treatment in asthma management. Severe asthmatic patients need special attention as they are more prone to having frequent asthmatic attacks despite being skilful at administering the inhaler correctly.

According to Dr. Helmy, public awareness towards the three different levels of severity is still low.  “It is important to remember that most patients with asthma can have a normal life with the right inhaled therapy. For a smaller group of patients with severe asthma, there are more personalised options which will require modification based on individual needs”, Dr. Helmy further explained.

In Malaysia, the number of deaths due to asthma in 2014 was 1,700 cases. However, experts believe that the vast majority of deaths due to asthma can be avoided if early and proper treatment is given.²

The World Asthma Day 2023 celebration at 1 Mont Kiara featured educational games and an exhibition that showcases key educational messages about asthma, serving as a vital platform for the public to further understand and gain first-hand information of this respiratory disease. The event also included sessions on asthma sharing by local artist Dina, along with interactive gaming booths and a colouring competition to engage the younger participants. 

The World Asthma Day 2023 celebration is still ongoing and everyone is invited to attend the event. For further information, log on to