Yezi Steamboat @ The Roof First Avenue Bandar Utama

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Yezi Steamboat is located at The Roof at Bandar Utama, being the first restaurant that introduced coconut-based broth in Malaysia.  This Chinese-themed steamboat featuring a Shenzhen, China concept using Yezi (which means coconut) has a unique flavour that surely gives you an inaugural experience.

Yezi has a spectacular interior filled with classy Chinese Oriental theme. The restaurant is clean and pleasant looking with bright gold lighting. Welcoming atmosphere with the friendly and smiley staff explaining the menu and assist us.

Another section of sofa seats with Chinese Ink paintings at the corner

Comfortable air conditioning dining environment

We are served with century egg as the appetizer
Fried Mushroom
Fluffy and flavourful Seafood fried rice RM 26 

Yezi Steamboat have 5 different types of the coconut broth. The Original Yezi Broth, Imperial Canton Broth, Aromatic Taiwanese Beef Spice Broth, Fragrant Shao Xing Wine Seafood Broth and Wild Forest Truffle Mushroom Broth

Yezi has its own signature steamboat sauce that is so unique. Yezi have their own Homemade Dipping Sauce, chili, sand ginger and  lime. We love the chili dipping sauce which is spicy and tangy. There is a clear guideline to mix the sauce together but I will prefer to mix it on my own preference. The homemade sauce is not soya sauce. The taste is light, not salty and blends well with the chili and ginger

The Premium Yezi Signature Broth is price at RM38 for the whole big pot and can be refillable. The soup is clear with coconut aroma using fresh coconut water, added in bamboo fungus and water chestnuts. Yezi emphasize on clean and healthy soup based and using only the freshest ingredients here. Yezi coconut broth has the incredible taste that is so nutritious and refreshing that I never try before. Moreover, this special broth is good for detoxification and remedy for cough. 

After the coconut broth brings to boil, the staff add in the Organic Kampung Chicken to boost up the flavours. 

 The soup taste is just heavenly and the natural sweetness of the coconut makes every sip so enjoyable.

 We are served with varieties of homemade balls that are prepared fresh upon ordering. There are Premium Lamb Slices (RM 25), Pork Slices (RM 13) , Chicken Balls with Mushrooms (RM12), Prawn Paste (RM20) served in bamboo, tiger prawn, mushroom and vegetables. Meatballs are hand-made to perfection and the size is huge when its cooked.

First time trying coconut dumpling

Pork slices (RM 13.00). Tender and thin slices pork meat. Just need to dump the pork slices and within seconds quickly take it out

Organic fresh vegetables

Fried Lobster Salad Balls (RM13) being one of my favourite -The salad ball is Juicy and chewy. 

Black Truffle Balls (RM24)

Next, we squeeze in the Fish & Tobiko Paste Noodle (RM18) which was served in a syringe.

A different taste in each bite

Hot simmering soup while we dip those meat and vegetable inside. We have to follow the sequence in order to put in the ingredients to enhance the flavour.

Fresh tiger prawn

Homemade Fragrant Coconut Ice Cream (RM10) - Delightfully smooth texture and  tastes amazingly good.

Lovely night city view

Premium Speciality Concept Steamboat Restaurant that is best to shared with your loved ones. Absolutely must-try! 

Sky Level, The Roof,
1 First Avenue,
Bandar Utama,
47800 Petaling Jaya

Tel: 012-3235841

Opening Hours: Mon – Sun: 6pm – 2am

Facebook :

Limapulo @ Baba Can Cook at Jalan Doraisamy

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It was my birthday and I wanted to bring my parents to this new place called Limopulo. Limablas is the usual outlet I visited during lunch time and here is the second theme they have come out with. Limapulo is located at the road named Jalan Doraisamy, Dang Wangi. We took the monorail and stop at Medan Tuanku station. Heading to the left side we went down the staircase and walk for about 5 minutes to reach the destination. 

It was a hidden place along the whole stretch of bars and cafe but some are abandon. My parents love spicy food and that makes them excited to come here to try on the food. Limapulo is well known of The Baba-Nyonya cuisine especially their laksa. The place is simple and with minimal decoration as compared to Limablas. I just got to know recently after my visit, they have moved to another place but along the same road as well with nice vintage interior.

We reached early at 12noon before the lunch crowds. I saw the owner sitting there smiling to us. He is very friendly and I ask him do you have your special laksa today? He said YES..Just look at the table setting..It's the Nyonya Laksa is available. Because what i have heard in Limablas, the Laksa will sold out before 12.30 noon.

Set lunch available here without drinks ( RM 9.90). We ordered the laksa and ala carte for other menu.

Signature dessert - You must try this milky cendol with the purest coconut milk taste and aromatic gula Melaka. Simply irresistible.

Gerang asam ikan pari . We were delighted by the portion. Obviously this is enough for 4 person servings. The fish is fresh and savoury. The gravy was thick and appetizing. My mum loves this dish.

Ayam pongteh is a very popular peranakan dish. The huge chicken and mushroom portion really surprised us. I keep on asking the staff " Is this the small portion that I have ordered?". She answer me yes two times..Wow...I really satisfied with their food serving today. A delicious Nyonya favourite dish made with chicken, potatoes and mushrooms. Comfort food for the Asian tummy and the gravy is perfectly pair with the rice. Awesome!

We ordered additional Nyonya Laksa from the lunch set. The Nyonya Laksa is so delicious! A hearty bowl of laksa consisting of a meehon and mee with fishballs, fishcakes, sliced cucumbers, lime, chicken meat and half egg. Fragrant and creamy broth. It has the traditional Nyonya Laksa taste which is not too spicy.

Telur cencaluk

My mum tempting to try the barley when she saw other tables ordered it. It was indeed a good and healthy drinks during the hot weather.

We cross the road to Quill City Mall to redeem my Birthday cake from Starbucks..My girl enjoy the outing today. Ride in monorail and have a splendid time together with her grandma and grandpa.Happy birthday to me

Limapulo: Baba Can Cook

26, Jalan Doraisamy, 
Kuala Lumpur
(near Sheraton Imperial KL/Heritage House)

Lunch & dinner, Mon-Sat. Tel: 03-2689-3268

My First Birthday Card from My Lovely Princess

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I was touched when my girl hand over this lovely card. She draw all the alphabet and drawings herself with little help from mom in law. This was the first birthday card received from her and it was the most memorable gifts
All in the family with the cute drawings