Opportunities comes along the way

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2013---Time really flies.. and one year older..Extremely happy and grateful for having three naughty babies with me and of course my hubby always being there to motivate me, my best friend, best companion who always give me tons of laughter and joy.We argue and teasing each other..that's how we communicate. "Hey why you always playing games,,why you always on that tv show..did you listen to me?..we need to go to another place to redeem deal tomorrow..then when asking him on that day itself after reminding so many times, even the nights before..my hubby will asking me ..where are we heading to darling?? "..showing stunt on my face and anger and wanted to bite him..all sort of drama and funny thing happen..and yes the most excited is my two girls..mei mei will as usual taking her shoes and bottles hanging onto her neck and said ' i am ready mummy' (showing her action)..tagging along my bag with her ..that's our usual weekends - going out to hunt food and new place with lots of voucher in hand..

My baby boy, my precious, by looking at him is just the reflection of my face when i was a baby and i am so happy for i never think i will have 3 kids..:)..Everything happen for a reason and i guess this is my best gift ever..

Challenging moment bringing them to dine in. they can just behave in 15 minutes and it's time to go shopping..and another boy is on the way to join us very soon and perhaps i need some time to figure out how i can finish my meal while handling three kids together. Its an enjoyment actually and yeah i really enjoy that. .bringing them out for good food, cozy environment and taking pictures together. (don't ever think of the mess for now).

My first girl begin to imitate me and getting smarter . She will ask me to take picture of the food.' Take picture first, then we can eat'. We both laughing at her and yeah now she is busy taking photo using my phone. She will also said ..take one more..(just in case not clear for the first photo).LOL!! She is the one who is quite choosy on the food..she only take those food that is delicious, suites her appetite ( in another words, choosing those expensive stuff..she will surely finish all the food)..her favorite,, dark chocolate, grilled salmon, chocolate desserts and etc...

I also gain some passion in putting myself to start to learn cooking ...learn cooking from my mum in law..i enjoy it very much and strong motivation from the FB page where they set up this mummy group sharing recipe..i always wanted to try it out..but i just giving myself many excuses..during the 3 months maternity..i tell myself this is the time to learn some secret recipe from my MIL and it will surely beneficial for me in the future and yeah of course for the kids!!!!!

I enjoy all the contest i join this year,,grin when winning and feeling so happy even with the small prizes..the satisfaction of being selected, and recognize. The biggest achievement i have this year is winning a third prize in My Parents, My Hero contest from HwaJing Travel and Tour  Agency with a simple slogan with true story of how my dad raise us up . Winning a trip to Guilin for 4 day 3 nights is the most memorable moment. Finally, my mum agreed to travel with my dad after her passport frozen for like more than 10-15 years,..OMG..she is very stubborn and never wanted to travel overseas.. Only Genting and some local trip attracts her and this round i want to make sure she is going honeymoon with dad which she just did...Overwhelming and actually dad is very happy and enjoy it..


The second best moment was i won the Mixfm Daddy's day out, where they only choose one lucky participant out of so many participants and Rod the Mixfm DJ will come over to the house to do the house core and in conjunction with the Father's day ..I really surprised my hubby for this and we are lucky enough to be choosen.. he is on air..sharing his slogan and yes,,Rod is coming to our house to play with my girls while hubby enjoy playing games, with free massage in the house and a platter of the sushi king for him to enjoy...it was really amazing and nice to have Rod with us taking photos,,and we are in the Mixfm website :)

Soon after that winning, in another week, my sis just won Father's day giveways from Redfm..she ask me to call to the radio station quickly the next day to win the prizes of the RedBox Low Yat..free karaoke session..i just try my luck and the phone get through.. Nervous..and i need to sing a song..i just sang the song' Greatest Love of All' and the DJ praise me for being a good singer..haha...that's really makes my day ..and yeah.we have 8 tickets together..and we can now all go together to Redbox for free karaoke session..with dad, mum, sis ,bro, hubby, kids..with free buffet and just two family came to redeem it..so we actually like having the whole karaoke place..Such a huge room..and taking photos with the DJ's..Ya..i still recall i was still with my big tummy,..eating lots of the food..and singing at the top of my lungs...It was really a meaningful day..and The greatest Father's day after all...

Early this year was introduce to this Joinme Website..have been writing quite number of reviews..getting free taste voucher for new restaurant and getting anxious to quickly click on the voucher to redeem it online because it is very limited. Joining their contest to win some vouchers is really great..Thus, leads us to another application called the Table Apps,, and yes finally able to get the chance to get hotel food review..it was really like dreams come true..when i was just sharing my thoughts with my hubby the other days...

Another new exposure on the OpenRice website..have so many contests with attractive prizes..continue to write review in their website and left out my blog for quite some time..and yes..i need to deal with my pregnancy and my two girls..too...yeah motivation and always being positive and never give up always the main principle in my mind...that keeps me going on and on....

Manage to give my dad a samsung tab as a gift..as i know he is searching for one..vouchers for my family to shops..and dine in..i am happy to share around and appreciate all of them...........

Dreams finally comes true when i was invited further for food review from Foodirector,Jackson is the guy that i met which i can said he is really a humble guy, friendly and he can make everyone getting together,chilled out and felt very comfortable. I still recall our first hang out at the Chef Lim Organic food..the serving of the food is really a lot..and meeting up with the bloggers..and after few hang outs..manage to know some other bloggers and we become friends and keep in touch in FB..having great chat together..it was really fun and cool...

Openrice website also organize big makan ventures event, and adding some games to make it more fun and getting to know the people , bloggers and their staff is friendly and dedicated. All these really leads me to new opportunities for food review invitation and learning to blog..The most enjoying moment is to get the invitation from Tammy, for the wonder food adventure visiting 15 restaurants and complete the task in 5 hours..New experience for us exploring so many restaurant hop on and off.. and was very fun..people are looking at us..hey they all must be crazy..hehe...Really thanks to all the Merchants, Food and Blogger Community for their invitation and looking ahead for more interesting places in 2014.

Just to sum up my contest winning for this year..magazine appearance for my girls in MomBaby, Parenthood and etc..., winning the Guess ANTM event in Butter Factory (grand event with so many celebrities), Barbie ticket show worth RM 400 from Mixfm, movie preview for Battle of the Year from RedFM, Dining for free at Gobo Chit Chat from Lite FM, Featured at the Pavilion big board for Huggies  Malaysia Book of Records for all Mummy and Kids Picture, Womens Weekly Magazine winning shower gel for first time and Ikea Shopping card worth RM 100 from MixFM recently.

Finally i come up with my very own creation of my lovely scrap book

Another Funny thing that happen this year is i just had my very first team building at Gopeng,Sungai Itek after being in the workforce for more then 8 years ..Never too late to try...Walking in the dark with no torchlight for the night jungle trekking..first time experience also..i was freaking out...and  I challenge my self to do the wet abseiling..and i did it..with the cold waterfall and shaking  legs..i am telling myself all the way when i going down slowly..'Pooi Yee, you can do it'!!!!..i repeat it many many times until i reach the ground'..it was a lifetime experience. We enjoy the moments..laugh and laugh and i was still laughing when i blog about this..And yes..the best part is..our group (The Splash Ducklings) come out as first place.. We are the champion...OMG...!!!!!

Finally, really appreciate and specially thanks to my parents in law and my parents for having them to take care of my naughty kiddos..

Happiness to gather around with family ,relatives, close friends, long lost friend and many friends are getting married and give birth this year..even my friend baby have the same birth date with my little boy boy..

My Positive quote : Patience leads to achievement and enjoy whatever your are doing, appreciate what we have and dreams do come true..You just need to believe it, it will happen..Opportunities comes along the way..That's what i meant..

Looking ahead to 2014.. :)

Happy New Year to All.....