Otak Otak Place @ One Utama

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[50% OFF] Delicious Traditional Nasi Lemak Special set meal @ Otak-Otak Place RM12.15 net instead of RM24.3 (HALAL) from Jack Cow. The above picture shown is the nasi lemak special with otak otak on top of it. My first bite on it , it is really something special i have taste so far, The aroma of the rice smells good, the portion is really big enough for two persons and i love the 'acar'. A very good combination.

BBQ Chicken Vegetarian Pau

Vanilla Ice -Cream with Strawberry Topping.This was served first before the main menu.Very weird arrangement.

Memorable childhood decoration being display.They also have cards on each table for us to spend our time while enjoying the delicious meals such as 'Old Maid & Happy Family' card which is all laminated and well protected.

Otak-Otak Place

One Utama Shopping Centre
Lot LG311b,
One Utama Shopping Mall,
Bandar Utama 47800 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan.
TEL : 03-77274181

Rak Thai @ The Gardens, Mid Valley

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61% OFF Special Thai BBQ Chicken Set + 1 Iced Lime Mint + 1 Tub Tim Krob @ Rak Thai Gardens Midvalley for only RM10.90nett instead of RM27.80 from Mydeal. FYI, The service is really not pleasant. 

The food is really good and spicy.The above picture is the BBQ  Lemongrass Set: BBQ Lemongrass Chicken served with Som Tam. The chicken is juicy and not too spicy. The chicken is well marinated and the green stick is actually a 'Serai'.

La La Tom Yam Soup.This is the best dish i ever had.The portion is just nice for two person.The soup is really spicy and each La La tastes so good. It costs us only RM 10.80.

Ice Lime Mint Drink.Really cools down the spice.

Our dessert of the day. I have checked with the waitress but she said this is the right dessert served to us. But to my dissappointment, when i got back home and check again in the Mydeal website, i found out my dessert in the voucher should be as the following picture which is called Tub Tim Krob (Red Ruby).

So, i try to send letter to Mydeal to ask for clarification and whether i can get any refund. But they are very rude and blaming on customers instead of the merchant .In my opinion, merchant should ensure they serve the right food to customers and CUSTOMERS ARE ALWAYS RIGHT!. But since then i realise Mydeal no longer protecting customer rights. 

After all, i do love the food here. Reasonable price, thai cuisine and the environment is good.They really need to improve on their customer service and their spoken language to the customers. I had a hard time communicating with the staff there.

Rak Thai

LG-232A (Opposite Big Apple)
Lower Ground Floor
The Gardens Mall, Mid Valley City
59200 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03-22846918

Operating Hours:
Monday-Sunday (10am-10pm; last order for BBQ sets at 9.15 pm)

Pommes Frites Bistro @ Sunway Pyramid

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RM2.50 for Belgian Fries Regular with 1 dip/seasoning worth RM5.30 @ Pommes Frites Bistro, Sunway Pyramid PJ from Webuy.com.
Its a very good deal and i decided to take away for the fries. This place is located at Asian Avenue at the back row lane. 

They use fresh premium bintje potatos imported straight from Belgium and i saw the whole process whereby the fries are cut freshly from premium potatoes,They wash, peel, cut and freshly fried the fries.

  • 1 dip/ seasoning to choose from:.Since i cannot take beef, i choosen the first two choices.In my opinion, i really love the fries here compare to Ireland Potato.Even i reach home , the fries still tastes great!
  1. Remoulade - garlic, onion, mustard, mayonnaise, selery-recommended.Tasty!
  2. Chicken Bolognaise - Tomato paste just like in the spagethi sauce
  3. Poutine - Canadian Speciality. Beef gravy and mozarella cheese

Pommes Frites Bistro
F1, AV196, Asian Avenue,
Sunway Pyramid,
46156, Petaling Jaya

Contact Number:
012- 6061717

Business Hours:
10.00am - 10.00pm

Mantra Restaurant & Bar @ Sunway Pyramid

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Pad Thai for only RM 9.90 instead of RM 18.20 @ Mantra , Sunway Pyramid from Dealmates. I have passed by this restaurant few times but i was wondering what food they served here.

This restaurant have nice decoration and i am attracted. So i decided to buy one voucher of this deal to try it out during Deepavali holiday. 

A very disappointing deal as i just discover another cheating merchant in the town and also With bad management of Dealmates i have encounter.

Pad Thai which look so different from the menu shown in the picture below and also much different from the Dealmates website. As you can see clearly, the prawn and beansprout is missing . 

It was so obvious that the menu is written the full ingredient what they will have in this Pad Thai. I query the waitress, but she answered me no such thing. They don't have prawns. 

What i can see and taste, is it just few slice of chicken. Which means this merchant have switch the ingredients hoping the customer won't notice that! I am speechless as i am trying to tell the waitress or the manager there, there should be prawns!

So i decided to write to Dealmates. Because other online deals accept customer complains to get back our full refund which i did before such as Jackcow, Webuy, and Groupon.

So, to my disappointment, Dealmates never reply my email. I have chase them for two weeks to get my reply and i have called them. They said will call me back. But nothing happen. I try to call few times only can get through! 

A guy name Eddie ( a very blur staff ), keep on asking me what is the complain about! I was wondering did he really check the email to find out before he keep on asking me the same question again and again.

So he said i need to wait again to check with their management. The result and reply is they have nothing to do with this. They have paid the merchant the money within 14 days ( which i don't see any of this policy or terms written in the website), and customer need to deal with merchant directly to get out full refund.

What customer service are they providing here? If they cannot protect customers, why should we support them ? Merchant are cheating nowadays. Even we argue there, no solutions , then who is going to help us? 

The online deal website are getting their profit but yet neglect the customer satisfaction. They never want to lend a helping hand to solve our problems and yet sending us email for survey how good their customer service is.  I will just rank it bad customer service ever after.!
Image from Dealmates website

Can view Sunway Lagoon Park from the window here

Get a free Indian kueh. I really have no idea what is this called.I did not even want to taste it.


Food : Bad

Service : Bad

Environment : Good  

The Company

Mantra Restaurant & Bar
Lot G142, Ground Floor, Sunway Pyramid, No. 3 Jalan PJS 11/15, Petaling Jaya, Selangor 46150
03-7492 0488
Opening Hours
Monday to Sunday
10am to 10pm

Deal Link : http://www.dealmates.com.my/deals/September-Mantra-RM9.90/

Ajisen Ramen @ Sunway Pyramid

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75% OFF: RM2 for 5 pieces of delicious Japanese Gyoza at Ajisen Ramen Sunway Pyramid and Sunway Giza (worth RM7.80). Bought two vouchers for this amazing deals. Ajisen Ramen located nearby A & W (old wing). Can easily spot this restaurant. We get a free ocha when we flash our Digi mobile screen.

Surprisingly, we get 6 pieces each instead of 5 pieces as stated in the voucher.Maybe the chef is in his good mood. :). A great day to start with this Japanese Gyoza. Fresh, delicious, all well wrap with minced chicken and vege that goes well with their soy sauce.

Ajisen Ramen

F1.58, Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall, No 3 Jalan PJS 11/15, Bandar Sunway, 46150 Petaling Jaya. Tel: 03 5622 1961

Unit G.05, Ground Floor, Sunway Giza, No. 2 Jalan PJU 5/14, PJU 5, Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 03 6140 7975

Fish BeeHon Soup @ Chong Fatt Cafe , Setapak

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1 Fish Beehoon Soup out of 4 varieties) + Jasmine Tea at only RM5.50! @ Chong Fatt Cafe.Original price is RM 12. 

 The place is just nearby Genting Court Setapak and this round they have a very good deal. We have ordered Fish ball mee hon (above pic) and fish paste mee hon ( pic shown below). Fresh ingredients and yummy fish noodle soups.

We can choose from the following options :
  • Fish Head Beehoon Soup
  • Fish Balls Beehoon Soup
  • Fish Paste Beehoon Soup 
  • Fish Mau Bee Hoon Soup 
Chong Fatt Cafe18 & 20, Jalan 2/50C,
Taman Setapak Indah Jaya,
Off Jalan Genting Klang,
53300 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel : 012-3093608

Business Hours:Daily: 10am - 11pm

    Hainan Tea Garden @ Viva Home

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    Hainan-Style Chicken Rice Meal Set @ Hainan Tea Garden Viva Home for ONLY RM7.90!!Usual price is @ RM 18.10 from Everyday.

    Located opposite MBO Cinema on the 3rd floor , a very comfortable place to hang out and the food is delicious. Have chosen roasted chicken rice.I love the aroma of the rice and the chilies is great.For such a good price, it is really worth it.

    Best choice of the day - Hainan Cocoa

    • Hainan-Style Chicken Rice (3 Choices):-
      • Roasted Chicken Rice
      • BBQ Chicken Rice
      • Steam Chicken Rice
    • Hainan Series Drinks (8 Choices):-
      • Hainan Tea
      • Hainan Green Tea
      • Hainan Cocoa
      • Hainan Kopi
      • Teh (Hainan Teh)
      • Hainan Hazelnut Kopi
      • Hainan Premium Coffee
      • Hainan Spice Kopi

    Here you get good customer service, clean environment, another end with cushion sofa seating and at the back they have one row of seats that provides IPAD 2 for customer for leisure.

    Something special on their menu .The outlook looks like sushi roll.Will give it a try for my next visit.

    Another interesting menu that caught my sight for this ABC Special with so many ingredients and the floating ice cream in there. 

    Also given a voucher of RM 10 for my next visit.

    Hainan Tea Garden (Viva Home)
    Lot 3-K-08, 3rd Floor,
    Viva Home, No. 85,
    Jalan Lokeyew, 55200,
    Kuala Lumpur.

    Tel: 03-2788 0629
    Business Hours:
    Daily : 10.00am - 11.00pm

    Bread & Butter @ Viva Home

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    [68% OFF] RM4.90 for Signature Bread and Premium Drinks instead of RM15.40 @ BREAD AND BUTTER from Jackcow. Another great deal in Viva Home.The parking is free and this cafe is located on the third floor. 

    Surprisingly, the place is really small from what i have expected. Only 5 table of seats are available and most of the time is occupied.I have ordered honey milk tea and double chocolate for the drinks. Tastes good but i don't really fancy the place, the chairs and tables, not really clean and the service is not pleasant.

    We can choose from the following. But to my disappointment, blueberry and creamy corn is out of stock at 1pm.Actually this is my second visit. The first visit at 3pm, the chocolate and blueberry is finish. 

    I wonder how this cafe run their business with so many ingredients out of stock and yet sold so many vouchers but cannot provide customers with the following choices. A really big disaapointment!

    Signature Breads
    1. Coconut Custard – Green + Peanut Butter
    2. Coconut Custard – Green + Condensed Milk
    3. Creamy Corn + Chocolate
    4. Creamy Corn + Sugar
    5. Peanut Butter + Chocolate
    6. Peanut Butter + Cookies
    7. Peanut Butter + Condensed Milk
    8. Blueberry +Chocolate
    9. Blueberry + Condensed Milk
    10. Chocolate + Sugar

    Choc + Cookies

    Peanut + Choc. Little tiny drops of choc available only. Not a good choice for this.

    Overall, the bread is soft and the chocolate drink really good.

    Bread & Butter

    Lot 3-28, 3rd Floor,
    Viva Home Cheras,
    Kuala Lumpur 

    Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday 10.00a.m. to 10.00p.m