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Sukishi Japanese is located at IOI Mall Puchong level 3 (next to GSC Cinema). Sukishi is another authentic Japanese sukiyaki buffet served in a casual dining atmosphere. The buffet have unlimited servings of fresh meat - chicken, pork, beef and lamb. Yes! You can get the chance to order pork meat here and if you are meat lover, you will get to enjoy few stacks of varieties refillable meat. There are 4 fix choices of base soup which you can choose from the menu. Choose from sukiyaki, kimchi, shabu shabu, or miso soup flavours. 
Array of fresh green vegetables, small clams,mushroom, king oyster mushroom, shiitake mushroom, carrots, tomatoes, sausages, pork balls, yam, sweet corn, pumpkin, seafood tofu, udon noodles, fish balls, crab balls,  cuttle fish balls and etc. Healthy food bar that are nutritious and perfect choice to lead to a healthier lifestyle.

You can have the pork fishball version here!
Wonderfully plated sushi. Lots of of choices that do makes me wanna have more pieces. 
Suki-ya use only premium quality pasteurized eggs. The beaten raw egg is great as a dipping sauce for sukiyaki. You can dip the  freshly cooked meat into the raw egg and you will be surprised how good it taste like.
The ice creams counters. You can also get refillable ice lemon tea on your own.
Servings of hot green tea
Each table are served with their standard dipping sauces. From right to left (Spicy Miso Tare sauce, Sesame sauce and Shoyu with vinegar).

Spicy Miso Tare - A savoury sauce of simmered miso that  complements most ingredients. Chopped spring onions, garlic or chillies may be  added according to your preference.

Sesame Sauce - A special sesame sauce made  from white sesame that goes well  with most ingredients.

Shoyu with vinegar is a citrus base sauce that is  traditionally enjoyed with Shabu Shabu.  Grated radish & chopped spring onion  may be added according to your preference.

I prefer to dip spicy miso tare sauce for my meat especially.
We choose Sukiyaki and Shabu Shabu soupSukiyaki, a Japanese favourite, is a combination of soy sauce, sugar & mirin and Shabu Shabu soup is made from healthy kombu stock & simmered kelp. As we bring the kids, these two choices are the best for them. I prefer the natural sweetness taste from the sukiyaki soup. We have to bring this broth to boil first before we can put the vegetables in.
Sukishi have a comfortable air conditioning dining environment and suitable for family and also friend gathering to interacting with each other while waiting anxiously for the food.This also a great time being together choosing your favourite food to dump all into the hot pot and the fun to grab yours once it get boiled. The kids are excited helping me to take the vegetables and putting them in to the soup. But please be cautious as the handle of the hot pot are extremely hot!

Ample of spaces and each table settings are neat..I noticed even though is buffet style, the place is well maintained. The staff will wipe the place and ensure the food bar is always clean.
Kid cutlery is provided with complete set of a colourful bowl along with fork and spoon. The kids can enjoy the food on their own. But I would prefer if they can have the plastic version like those in Ikea cutlery for the kids 
This is the basic steps to enjoy the delicious sukiyaki soup and how to enhance the sweetness in your soup, You have to put onion and leeks into the sukiyaki broth.Dip the meat into the boiling soup and turn few times and end your meal with rice or noodle with the remaining soups. 

Tips : Do cook the hard vegetables first and you can put in the mushroom later on.
Pork Slice
Lamb Meat
Chicken Meat
Fresh Australian chilled beef, lamb, farmed chicken, and pork slice meat. The meat are fresh and finely slice into thin layer. Easy to cook and you can just dip it into the hot soup. You swish front and back. Once change colour, the meat are ready to consume. Using only top quality meats, here will surely satisfy you with plenty of choices. I prefer the pork and lamb meat. 

Beef Meat
The soup is pleasant and both broth are equally delicious. Aromatic and appetizing Japanese hot pot soup to savour with the dipping sauce and along with the cooked vegetables and meat. 
Watermelon fruis serving are also available here
Buffet all day long with other ala carte choices to add on
Add on with Tori Karaage. Crispy and juicy at every bite

Our favourite desserts is here with green tea ice cream. There are few condiments for the soft served ice cream. Crushed peanuts, chocolate chip, natta de coco and cornflakes. You can choose to have cup or cone along with chocolate and green tea ice cream. I will usually mix both and added on with chocolate chip. Cool and light desserts makes it a perfect end for my excellent meal.

Within a few minutes, I able to capture a full picture of the refillable fresh green vegetables. I am impressed on how they managed the whole restaurant. The services is superb fast, efficient, and they ensure the food are served and refill immediately. The staff is attentive to your request and at the same time maintain a good hygiene of the food served too. At 3pm now, they are still patrons coming in and the staff are still busy preparing the ingredients and refill the assorted sushi with fast paced environment. Thumbs up for that great job. You will always see the food counter full and never been empty with adding on some new items.

It's our first visit here
Trust the kids. See how satisfied they are after the delectable meal together. It also the fun of dining in with lots of food and spending a wonderful weekend with this special weekend treat. 

Please check out this place if you are looking for healthy buffet spread at reasonable price

Buffet Lunch (Adult)  RM29.80++
Buffet Lunch (Child)  50% of Buffet Price
Buffet Dinner (Adult)  RM39.80++
Buffet Dinner (Child)  50% of Buffet Price

 - Additional RM 2 for weekend and public holiday
 - Price exclude 16% service charges and government tax 
 - Max 2 hours per session for dine in.. Additional 15mins block at RM4

Did I mentioned that you can choose to sit at the side corner to have a nice view of the lake side? Enjoy :)


Lot ET5 (Beside GSC Cinema), 
New Wing, Level 3, IOI Mall Puchong, Jalan Puchong, Batu 9
Bandar Puchong Jaya, 47170 Puchong, Selangor .
Tel: 03-8071 8031
Operation Hours: 11am - 10pm

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