Great Shopping Experience @ Lulu HyperMarket CapSquare KL

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Chinese New Year (CNY) is just around the corner and I have been looking for some CNY goodies and cooking ingredients to get prepare for our family reunion. Besides, I am also looking for household furnishing and electrical items to usher the year of Tiger 2022. Shopping at Lulu CapSquare KL is my best choice as I was attracted by their current on going Chinese New Year Great Offer Promotion (until 2 Feb 2022). 

Many great bargains and offers for CNY necessity items at the VERY BEST PRICE IN TOWN on fresh products, grocery items, health/beauty products, households & home furnishing as well as IT/Mobile and electrical items. 

Many exciting discounts especially the electrical department.

Tefal pot for only RM 268, Premier Pressure Cooker for RM 149, Wireless Headphone for RM 28 only and many more!

It was my first visit and I am very impressed by the neat arrangements of the products in LULU Hypermarket that are divided into 2 floors.

There are IT/Mobile and electrical items with discounted price. 

On the other side, we can spot the toys section. Kids surely love this. Many items are on discounted price!

Besides that, do look out for Lulu Sale “Up To 70% .This promotion is until 16 Feb 2022.

With most of items from fashion, footwear, ladies’ bag, home furnishing, luggage, sarees & churidars on sale, you can really shop till you drop!

Ladies section with wonderful range of clothing at promotional price.

Lots of choices and styles that are suitable for both adult and children. Price is reasonable and moreover have further discounted price which really a good bargain! 

Sarees is another interesting section that I find it very unique!

Footwear section. Good price to get a new pair of shoes for CNY

Stepping into the Supermarket area, there are lots of CNY hampers offerings, beverages, CNY biscuits, snacks and many more! Time to stock up while getting them at a very good price and can really save alot! 

There are promotional items in conjunction of the coming CNY. Some items like peanuts, vegetables, fruits, snacks, beverages are really worth buying. 

Fresh seafood, fresh fruits and vegetables, are my favourite sections too.

There are imported products from UK, USA & Thailand.

I am truly impressed for the spacious wide area and I can find everything under one roof. Shopping is easier and convenient! I love the huge space, clean environment, helpful customer service and I had a pleasant shopping experience here. Great deals, extra savings!

All promotions apply at all 4 Lulu stores in Capsquare, 1 Shamelin Setia City Mall & Lulu Amerin Mall

Lulu’s 4th outlet in Amerin Mall (known as Lulu Grocer)

Opened last October at Amerin Mall, Seri Kembangan, Lulu Grocer is the latest store concept that provides a fast and easy shopping experience, especially for residents around Seri Kembangan, Balakong, Serdang & Cheras.

This is the first time Lulu has presented such a concept in Malaysia.

Located in a strategic area on the outskirts of the capital, the 31,000sqft Lulu Grocer offers a wide selection of fresh goods, hot food, bakery, groceries and more at the best prices.

Furthermore, Order your daily necessity online and will be deliver straight to yourdoorstep! Now until 6 February, LuLu offer FREE delivery with minimum purchase of RM150. What are you waiting for? Order now at!

Check out more below about Lulu Hypermarket.


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烟草减害 (THR) 的概念是指降低吸烟者因使用烟草而导致的伤害。烟草燃烧时,会产生超过 7,000 种危险的新化学物质,而仅吸一口就会释放 70 多种致癌化学物质!随着这些有害烟雾被释放到周围环境中,它们会带来一连串与吸烟有关的慢性疾病,例如癌症、慢性阻塞性肺病 (COPD)、心脏病、中风等等——不仅伤害吸烟者,而且还释放二手烟给身边的人!因此,THR 的主要目标是帮助吸烟者转向危害较小的替代品,从而减少烟草对吸烟者的危害和让身边的人远离二手烟。

有的人吸烟是因为他们享受吸烟的过程,但其中一个原因为何人们沉迷吸烟是因为他们对尼古丁上瘾,可大部分危害却不是因尼古丁造成的,而是因燃烧烟草时所释放的烟造成的,因为这些烟里存有多种化学物质。因此,对于想继续享受吸烟过程和尼古丁的人就必须了解如何从其他危害性较低的选择中获取尼古丁,从而减少对自己和挚爱的危害。尼古丁可以从一系列产品中获得,而这些产品的危害和成瘾程度各不相同。这种“危害范围”的范围从顶部的吸烟烟草(香烟)到底部的药用尼古丁(尼古丁替代疗法产品,或 NRT)。香烟焦油 (cigaratte tar)是一个术语,用于描述燃烧烟草后留下的有化学颗粒。这种物质会形成粘性的棕色或黄色残留物。

香烟焦油除了会在吸烟者的牙齿和手指上留下黄褐色污渍来之外,同时也会造成癌症相关疾病。苏格兰的 NHS 还发现它是导致我们细支气管(应该帮助你吸收氧气)缩小并损害当中的纤毛(保护我们的肺部免受污垢和感染)的罪魁祸首。

加热烟草产品(heated tobacco product, HTP)作为其中一种无烟气产品和普通香烟(卷烟)的替代品。加热烟草产品会把烟草加热而不是燃烧,从而把尼古丁释放出来,但过程中 并不会产生任何烟雾,只会释放出含有尼古丁的蒸汽供使用者享用。它与传统卷烟的机制不同,前者只会将烟草加热至350℃左右,而传统香烟燃烧时的温度可高达 900℃。因此传统香烟在使用时会产生很多含有化学物质的烟雾。


这些是一些帮助吸烟者降低风险的无烟气替代品(smoke-free alternative):-

电子烟,如电子烟、电子烟斗、电子雪茄等,是不含烟草的电池供电设备。加热烟草制品 (HTP)、尼古丁替代疗法 (NRT) 和无烟烟草。


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Healthy Feet Talk Show & Free Foot Alignment Check @ JennOrtho, Sunway Velocity Mall

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Ever since working from home during this pandemic time, I have lesser walking time and lack of exercises too. I felt my feet and knee pain is back. I decided to go for my foot alignment check this round at JennOrtho Sunway Velocity Mall and at the same time they are having this Healthy Feet Talk Show.

The Healthy Feet Talk Show by Dr. Edmund is very impressive and I gain lots of knowledge about the common foot problems, different feet alignment and getting a perfect insoles for good arch support.

There are 5 common types of feet - Neutral (Normal), Flat ,Pronated, Severe Flat, Severe High and High Arch Feet. A 3D custom medical orthotics is recommended to realign the foot with the body. Dr. Edmund also advised to bring children below 12 years old to get their feet checked earlier to detect any feet problem and to correct them when still young.

Besides that, we can practice some light exercises to improve our feet conditions And of course choosing the right footwear is important to prevent and reduce foot pain, knee pain and lower back pain.

JennOrtho is located at 3rd floor, Sunway Velocity Mall offers free foot alignment check. JennOrtho is the Asia's leading provider of individually designed 3D Custom Medical Orthotics. Various designs of shoes selection with good arch support insoles in the store.

JennOtho blend the right shoe technology with the individual needs to provide extra comfortable and functional performance footwear and orthopedic shoes.  The orthotic experts are there to advise and help on the foot concern.

I tried The Foot Alignment Check to know more about my foot condition. Easy steps to follow. Step on the scanner barefooted, scan on each foot and the complete foot analysis report printed out. It is very detailed and the orthotic experts will consult on the result, ways to improve my current foot issue and choosing the right shoe wear and arch support for a better comfort.

Children Orthopaedic Footwear that provides extra support and to correct severe flat feet. 

Thanks to Dr. Edmund Lee, a renowned Orthotist & Prosthetist and founder of JennOrtho on his advise how to take care of our feet, maintining a good posture and get the right shoe types to reduce knee pain.

Check out more at :


LocationLot 3-49, 3rd Floor Sunway Velocity Mall

Operating hour: 10am to 10pm daily.

Let’s Go ROARing into A New Year of Blessings and Healing @ PurpleCane

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A full circle comes to close and we welcome 2022 with ROARing Blessing and Healing. Gone is 2021 and in with joyous days ahead in 2022. New year gifts convey the warm thoughts of blessings.Nothing is more suitable than warm tea gifts as we allow the warmth of each tea cup to transcend distance and time to share an abundance of renewed fortune and good health. 

Purple Cane is back with warm tea gifting for this Chinese New Year. From handmade gift boxes to hampers, elegant teawares and heart-warming tea selections, enjoy up to 64% on these ROARing Tea Gifts! 

Exquisite CNY Tea Gift

May the warmth of tea overflows in abundance with the wishes from our hearts

If you are on a  budget or not sure what gift set is suitable, choose from the selection of tea gift sets starting from RM49.90 onwards. Each tea gift set comes with exquisite teaware and tea to suit any generation or even those who just started enjoying tea.

Unique CNY Tea Hamper

Great tea, great gift. Wrap your gift in warmth and send great wishes

Express your gratitude and warm wishes with three CNY Tea Hampers starting from RM399 onwards. These gift sets are specially curated with both tea and teaware in the exclusive Purple Cane hamper design. All FREE DELIVERY in West Malaysia!

Elegant CNY Teaware Set 

A wholesome gift with all you need for the perfect new year brew

For the teaware collectors, browse through this year’s teaware selections which carry auspicious blessings and wishes.

CNY Exclusive Offers

Limited offer, unlimited happiness

Asides from the tea gift sets, they also have a selection of other products such as flower tea, Cane’s Tea, healthy snacks and more to make this Tiger year even more festive.

Receive exclusive limited edition Purple Cane Red Packets with any purchase (while stocks last) at Purple Cane retail outlets, App or restaurant. Designs vary while stocks last. One packet per single transaction.

All Purple Cane Chinese New Year Gift Sets are available online ( and in Purple Cane retail stores nationwide. Download Purple Cane App to receive RM20* Coupon for first time users and new members.

Free delivery West Malaysia for purchases above RM100.

West Malaysia

Orders received before 17/01/2022 (Mon) will be delivered before 01/02/2022.
Orders received from 18/01/2022 (Tue) onwards will be delivered before 16/02/2022. 

East Malaysia 

Orders received before 10/01/2022 (Mon) will be delivered before 01/02/2022.
Orders received from 11/01/2022 (Tue) onwards will be delivered before 16/02/2022.

Check out :

NEW! Purple Cane Mobile APP Launches with Upgraded Purple Cane Communitea Rewards

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Purple Cane expands digital presence and launches NEW Purple Cane APP enabling smart and seamless tea shopping experience from tea, teaware to tea gifts and more. 

“In Tea, We Sense, We Share, We Serve” is the motto for the new Purple Cane Mobile APP which officially launches in Malaysia today. The new APP aims to offer a personalized tea lifestyle experience and meet customers’ needs in the digital space, while continuing to provide an exceptional experience in stores. It offers easy access to Purple Cane’s online store product offering and provides consumers with customized product recommendations, inspiration through personalized articles, blog posts, videos and real-time updates about tea, teaware and tea gifts they care about. Via the APP consumers are also able to locate the nearest Purple Cane store and receive the latest information and updates on Purple Cane products.

At the same time, Purple Cane also rolled out their new Purple Cane Communitea Rewards Program, which enables consumers to earn points for every purchase while enjoying exclusive member rewards. Starting from 15th December onwards, members nationwide will earn points by making their purchase through the Purple Cane Official Mobile APP, Online Store or Retail Stores. These enhancements were done to provide a seamless offline to online shopping experience for all their customers. 

With the new Purple Cane Communitea Rewards, members can now earn one (1) point for every RM1 spent on purchases made in Purple Cane Official Mobile APP, Online Store or Retail Stores with their registered Purple Cane account. (Gold Member can earn two (2) points; Platinum Member can earn 3 points for every RM1 spent.) Points can then be used to redeem cash coupons via the mobile app, which can be redeemed at both online and participating stores. For every 100 points accumulated, members can redeem RM1 Cash Coupon for future purchases.

In addition, customers will have access to exclusive benefits:
Birthday Rewards 
Exclusive Members Only Promotions
Delivery and Store pickup Service 
Invitations to exclusive activations or events such as tea tastings and brand news
Early access to new products and launches

As part of the launch, with every new APP download (available for Android and iOS systems), users will receive a RM10 Cash Coupon plus an additional RM10 Cash Coupon upon completing member registration via the app. 
Customers can join Purple Cane Communitea Rewards program through the free Purple Cane mobile APP. Discover your healthy journey with tea now. 

For more information on the new Purple Cane Communitea Rewards program, please visit: