Santapan Borneo at Tropicana

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😍Found this hidden place at Santapan Borneo, Tropicana Petaling Jaya serving fresh seafood noodle featuring the finest wild Leopard Grouper and Grouper fish sourced directly from the shores of Semporna, Sabah. 

We can experience the freshest catch and authentic taste from Semporna.

✨Here the signature noodles we tried:-

7 star Leopard Coral Grouper noodle

Fish head noodle

Lala noodle

Curry mix seafood noodle

Fried fish cake

Steamboat set menu for RM 88. 🤩

Comes with Clear soup and fish soup.Perfect portion for 2 to 3 pax. Fresh Steamboat ingredients of Prawns, squid, fishball, cheese tofu, fish meat, corn, vegetable, fried bean curd, Mee hon, and egg.

Delicious broth and fresh fish meat texture.

Nice ambiance to enjoy a wonderful meal with family and friends.

👍Santapan Borneo Seafood Nursery Cafe

Jalan Tropicana Utara, Tropicana, 47410 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Business hour : 11am to 9pm

Monday off day.

Google Map :

Santapan Borneo PJ


Santapan Borneo Seafood Nursery Cafe

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Wyndham Grand Bangsar Kuala Lumpur is proud to announce the return  of its highly anticipated Ramadan buffet, "Khazanah Sajian Desa," for the third consecutive year.  Continuing its tradition of celebrating Malaysian heritage and culture, this year's buffet promises an  immersive culinary experience that embodies the essence of "khazanah" or treasures in Malaysia. 

The theme for this year's Ramadan buffet remains "khazanah," reflecting our commitment to  showcasing the rich tapestry of Malaysian cuisine and traditions. As guests step into the hotel, they  will be enveloped in the vibrant ambiance and cultural vibes of the theme, creating the perfect  atmosphere for an unforgetable dining experience.  

Highlighting our Ramadan promotion are the extravagant buffet spreads featuring a diverse array of  culinary delights. From succulent roasted lamb and sate stations to aromatic soup stations and  tantalizing seafood grill stations, guests will be treated to an indulgent feast for the senses. Traditional  desserts such as kuih muih and bubur, alongside gulai kawah and live grill stations, will further delight  the palate. Our extensive offerings also include a bread counter, Italian favourites, noodle counter, and  a delectable selection of Malay, Chinese, Indian, and Western dishes. With more than 150 dishes  available, there's something to satisfy every craving and culinary preference. 

Priced at RM198, guests can avail themselves of a special discounted price by contacting the  designated person in charge. This exclusive offer adds to the allure of the Ramadan buffet, making it  an irresistible culinary journey for all. 

What sets this year's Ramadan buffet apart is the significance of it being the first presentation under  the new brand Wyndham Grand brand at Bangsar Kuala Lumpur. As we continue our legacy of  excellence in hospitality, we invite guests to join us in celebrating the spirit of Ramadan and Malaysian  heritage at Wyndham Grand Bangsar Kuala Lumpur. 

"We are thrilled to welcome guests back to our annual Ramadan buffet, 'Khazanah Sajian Desa,' for  another year of unforgetable culinary experiences," shared Mr. TK Lee, General Manager of Wyndham  Grand Bangsar Kuala Lumpur. "This year's theme celebrates the rich heritage and cultural diversity of  Malaysia, offering guests a unique opportunity to explore and indulge in our nation's culinary  treasures." 

Grand Opening Grazing Table Idea

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Grand Opening Grazing Table Ideas

Yay! It's the big day – your grand opening! Whether it's a new store, business, or just a cool backyard clubhouse, it's time to party in a cool way. And what's cooler than a fantastic table full of tasty stuff for everyone? That's where the grazing table comes in – a food lover's dream that looks great and is super easy to dive into.
But how do you start? Don't worry, friend! This guide is here to assist you in making an awesome grazing table that will make your guests talk about it. So, put on your apron, let's get creative!

1. Know Your Crowd

Before diving into the yummy details, consider your audience. Are you expecting little tykes and their grown-ups? Then a mix of sweet and savoury treats might be best. If your grand opening caters to adults, you can explore more sophisticated flavour profiles. No matter who's attending, variety is key. Keep everyone happy with a diverse selection!

2. Pretty Platters and Colourful Combinations

The presentation is half the fun! Use different serving platters, bowls, and even unexpected props like mini crates or cake stands. Arrange your food in eye-catching clusters, playing with colours and textures. For example, nestle vibrant grapes amidst creamy brie cheese, or let delicate crackers peek out from behind plump olives. Remember, a feast for the eyes whets the appetite!

3. Filling Your Grazing Table

Now, the main event – the food! You kind of want to remember to find a balance between the visual and gastronomic appeal. Here are some ideas to get the juices flowing:

The Savoury Stuff:

Cheeses: Cheddar, brie, goat cheese, mozzarella, and even fun flavoured ones like smoked gouda or cranberry stilton.

  • Cured Meats: Prosciutto, salami, pepperoni, and even some fancy truffle salami for a touch of luxury.

  • Fruits and Veggies: Colorful grape clusters, sliced cucumber and bell peppers, cherry tomatoes, and marinated artichoke hearts.

  • Dips and Spreads: Hummus, pesto, tapenade, salsa, and even a classic guacamole.

  • Crackers and Bread: Crusty baguettes, assorted crackers, pita bread, and pretzel sticks.

  • Sweet Accents: Dried fruits, nuts, honeycombs, and even mini quiches for a savory-sweet combo.

The sweets:

  • Fresh Fruits: Berries, sliced melon, kiwi stars, and grapes on skewers.

  • Pastries and Cookies: Mini cupcakes, macarons, biscotti, and chocolate chip cookies.

  • Desserts in Jars: Individual parfaits with yogurt, granola, and fruit compote.

  • Sweet Dips: Chocolate fondue, Nutella, and whipped cream for dipping fun.

As you prepare this feast for the senses, remember that the key is variety and a feast for the eyes. Arrange your goodies in eye-catching clusters, playing with colours and textures. This not only whets the appetite but also adds an artistic flair to your table. 

For a little bonus tip – don't forget the drinks! Offer water, juice, and maybe even a signature mocktail for a festive touch.

4. Personalized Touches for Your Grand Opening

Make your grazing table truly special by injecting some personality! Here are some ideas to help you get started:

  • Themed decorations: If your grand opening has a theme, incorporate it into the food! For example, use star-shaped cookies for a space-themed event.

  • Flowers: You can never go wrong with some grand opening flowers! Sprinkle pretty petals over the table or line the walls of the hall with flower stands.

  • Mini signage: Add cute labels to identify different food items, especially for those with unique ingredients or fun names.

  • DIY projects: Get creative! Make your own dips, bake simple cookies, or arrange fruit into a masterpiece.

5. Most Importantly, Have Fun!

Keep in mind that the secret to a great grazing table is to have a good time and savour the experience. Don't worry too much about making everything perfect, and, above all, revel in the excitement of your grand opening! 

With these tips in mind and a bit of your own imagination, you'll whip up a grazing table that'll steal the spotlight at your grand opening. So, set up the table, bring together your favourite people, and get ready to party!

Catitude at Wangsa Biz Avenue KL

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If you’re obsessed with cats, you can check out Catitude located at First Floor Wangsa Biz Avenue. This is my first visit to Cat cafe place and I am quite impressed of Catitude which have clean environment, pleasant and surrounded with so many adorable and friendly cats.

My kids have fun playing with the cats. The cats is playful and tame. We can enjoy the food at another section. It is separated from the play area. Wide space and comfortable ambiance. 

These are the menu we try:-
Kitty claw chicken nugget
Naughty cheeesy nacho
Creamy munchkin egg mayo
Chocolate waffle dream ice cream flavour
Calico chicken and cheese bagel sandwich
Chocolate brownie with ice cream

Twister orange
Coffee kick hot
Choco cuddle
Zesty lemonade

The admission fee is:-
Adult RM 20 first hour
Kids RM 15 first hour
Each entry includes one complimentary beverage. 

Another service Catitude provide is Cat Boarding service. Grooming service is coming up soon.So check their page to find out more.

Cat lovers!!Bring your own socks and get the best experience with these fluffy cats.

VIOBA Cafe at Jalan Hang Tuah

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We found a hidden gem cafe with stunning view of Merdeka Tower 118. Vioba Cafe is located at Jalan Hang Tuah, cozy and nice place to enjoy some local delicacies.

Here are some of the menu we try

1.Cheesy chicken chop
2.Golden fish and chip
3.Lemon butter salmon
4. Mee goreng basah
5. Signature chicken chop
6. Nasi goreng Kampung

Milo Dinasour
Orange juice
Coffee O
Apple juice
Chocolate crush

Freshly made upon order. Kids love the tender and juicy chicken chop and I love the taste of the Nasi Goreng Kampung.

Ideal place for gathering and definitely best spot to capture beautiful view.

Chizu at KL Gateway

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Let's indulge a little. Having some 'ME' time chill out at Chizu KL Gateway to enjoy my sweet treats💕.

😍😍Delightful ongoing CNY item :-

- Currypuff

- Crombolloni green tea

- Cromboloni hazelnut chocolate 

- Mon blanc


-Orange Airycano 

-Cheesenut Mon blanc Coffee

Love the taste of the freshly made Mon blanc, creamy flavour and crispy outer layer. Pair with the aromatic coffee simply boost up my mood.


LG1-15 & 16, KL Gateway Mall, 2, Jalan Kerinchi, Pantai Dalam, 59200 Kuala Lumpur.

Opens from 7.30am to 9pm

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