Herbaline Facial Spa @ Sojourn Guest House Pandan Indah

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I have a wonderful pampering session at HerbaLine Facial Spa inside Sojourn Guest House at Pandan Indah during our staycation here that comes together with our room package. The facial spa is worth RM 88 that includes sea salt foot bath, fish spa therapy, and detox lemongrass drinks. I love this value added services provided to customer that I think worth every cent.

Herbaline provides transparency to customers via its services menu, outlining the processes and total cost of each treatment. They are offering single treatments that do not require customers to commit to treatment packages. “Stress-free beauty” that you can enjoy here.Combining the power of nature and technology Herbaline’s special formula of natural organic plant extracts uses Nanotechnology extraction. All products are produced by Taiwan GMP, with clinical professional research deployment and specially formulated and designed to suit Asian women.

Aroma SPA that can leave you feeling pampered, refreshed and relaxed. - See more at: http://beautyguide.com.my/list/venue/embrace-beauty-in-kelana-jaya-petaling-jaya#sthash.RMOeLfPp.dpuf
Herbaline’s “Four steps to beautiful skin”- cleansing, balancing, nourishing and repair - provides simple yet effective 24-hour beauty steps that customers can practice at home. This allows customers to stay beautiful any time, at all times, zero-pressure.

Lockers available to keep your belongings
When I reach there, the friendly beauty therapist will ask me to sit down and they will do a quick brief consultation about this whole session. They will serve a warm hot towel for you to wipe your hand and enjoy a cup of lemongrass tea first before going to the facial treatment.
Committed to caring for your skin, Herbaline Beauty Spa provides each valued customer a further pampering range of value-added services. With every facial treatment, customers will get to enjoy a series of complimentary treatments. In addition to beautiful facial skin, helps  you stay beautiful inside out.

Herbaline Beauty Spa will make you leave the hustle and bustle of modern day living outside its door. Its Asian tropical theme with natural elements of wood, stone, natural lighting, soothing colours and comfortable air conditioning temperature, will relax your mind and body, enhancing your rejuvenation at a cellular level.

Foot Bath Zone-  Enjoy a quick 5-minutes sea salt soak to soothe the feet.
Natural sea salt foot spa with warm water fully relaxes peripheral nerves. Sea salt not only helps to remove dead skin, it also has deep clarifying and antiseptic properties. Although only 5 minutes session, I do appreciate the extra benefit they include with this facial package

Next, is the Fish Reflexology
This is the relaxing fish foot spa. Just sitting there surrounded by these tiny fishes. Allow the little fish "doctors" to remove the dead skin on your feet, ensuring a head-to-toe rejuvenation. It may feel weird at first, thinking of the benefit from this treatment will makes you want for more. Fish spa for 10 minutes and my feet feels good.

After the fish spa, the beauty therapist show me the way to the facial room. Before that, they will ask you to breath in the Aromatherapy via facial steaming where natural plant aromas (Lavender seed) puts you at ease with every breath while helping the rejuvenation and regeneration of cells. I felt so refresh and relaxed. 
The facial room. I can place my belongings inside. They provide free comb to bring home as well. Cozy, quiet and very relaxing environment. My family room package comes with foot paraffin that is worth RM 29. They will wrap my foot and remove it after 60 minutes (as when my facial finish).

The facial starts with a deep cleansing, steaming, light extraction, face massage, shoulder massage and finally face mask. Smooth and good skill from the beauty therapist that gives me a real good pampering session and I fall asleep! I am not sure if I snore, but the feeling is so damn good. After the paraffin, i also feel my leg skin more smooth and the whole experience is so refreshing. Soon after the facial session, again we need to breath in the ginger aromatherapy to energized our selves.
A cup of warm Lemongrass with distinct fragrance . High in vitamin C which nourishes the body, giving skin a healthy beautiful glow. That's the perfect end of my facial session .

You can also choose 60-minutes Jade Stone Acupressure Body Massage that uses proprietary meridian jade forks instead of just bare hands for massage. It penetrates deep into the body to smoothen energy flow, relieve pain, relax tired muscles and improve blood circulation. Hence, the "force" is stronger and highly recommended for those with tired body. This is another option besides facial.

I enjoy my facial session as well as my hubby. Perhaps another visit next round to try on the massage treatment

HerbaLine Facial Spa
HerbaLine Appointment Schedule:
Monday - Friday: 11am - 7pm
Saturday: 10.30am - 5.30pm
Sunday and Public Holidays: 10.30am - 4.30pm
Reservation +603-4292 6622, 014-641 8245

Website :  www.herbaline.com.my

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Mama Kim Sauna Mee Restaurant @ Sojourn Guest House Pandan Indah

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HerbaLine in-house cafe offers a comprehensive menu with a philosophy of “Where Healthy Is Yummy”. The healthy recipes with the concept of 80% vegetable and 20% meat in a single dish  makes Mama Kim a stand-out for the neighbourhood / community who desires healthy, authentic yummy dishes. 

This is my first visit to Mama Kim Pandan Indah outlet during my staycation here at Sojourn Guest House whereby I can enjoy Free Meal (Dinner) and breakfast that comes together with the room package. I have tried Mama Kim Sauna Mee at Jalan Pahang and felt in loved with their hot stone Sauna Mee since then. The homemade noodle is so delicious along with the healthy ingredients inside that completes my meal. Mama Kim serves hearty meal using more vegetables in their menu rather than meat. A good choice for those vegetarian as they have cater special menu for them.

Mama Kim menu are affordable and generous portion of the food. Spacious, calm and relaxing dining environment makes you feel so comfortable dining inside the bright place.

The principles of Mama Kim’s dishes include:
  • 5 major colours
  • Fresh ingredients
  • No MSG
  • No white flour
  • No sugar,  less salt, less deep fried.
  • Balanced nutrients
  • 80% vegetables / 20% meat average 
We have early dinner at 7pm but the whole place is already crowded. Full house during Saturday night but the staff is efficient to serve you with a smile. They move quickly and I saw the people keep coming waiting for seats. The food are prepared fresh upon ordering and our room package comes with two sets of sauna mee & lemongrass that is worth RM 17.65 each. 
The natural fruit and flower tea. Combination of fresh mix fruits that is keep warm all the time. I love the refreshing taste, sweet and appetizing that my kids finished it all! The good thing about it - we can refill few rounds and the taste is still remain tasty.
Hot Lemongrass tea
The signature Sauna Mee is served in a hot stone bowl that keeps the broth hot and keeps simmering. It is heated up to 250 degree Celsius and you will notice the soups remain hot even up to 20 minutes. Definitely a great meal to warm up your tummy during rainy days. Personally I love the homemade noodle that are silky smooth and my girls keep telling me they want more! I am so happy they finished all the noodles and mummy & daddy are glad to help to finish up all the healthy vegetables ingredients inside. You can request to add more soups too! Or even add on pumpkin noodles or a bowl of brown rice.

* Must add the spicy chili sauce that is so addictive!

Besides the Sauna Mee, Mama Kim also have other healthy menu such as salad, brown rice set, porridge, Noodles, kids menu and lots more. One of my favourite will be this Chilli Teo Chew Chicken with Steamed Rice, Vegetables and double boiled Herbal Soup set. Completes meals that have full nutrient which my body needed. Perfect meal especially the soup that is flavourful and the savoury chicken. Ideal set to order for dinner or lunch.
Fresh Vegetable juice
Fragrant Pumpkin Fried Rice that are simply irresistible. The fried rice is pack with full nutrition and aromatic. Highly recommended!

Cantonese Seafood Noodles - Beautifully plated noodles with lots of seafood! Mussels, prawns, squid, and fish together with fresh vegetables.  A classic Cantonese fried noodles that is so tasty and light crisped. You must try this!
Blended ginger to go with the noodles. I love ginger anyway

Take a nice snap shot here at the lounge area after meal.

On Sunday Morning, we went down to Mama Kim for our breakfast time. We have 3 vouchers to redeem. From the following menu, we can choose three item that comes with hot drinks together. They also serve walk in customer and the breakfast menu are fairly priced.  

We choose set BF 20, BF 1 & BF 3. Simple breakfast menu that can keeps us full and to kick start our beautiful Sunday

Neat and relaxing place

Ample of seats both inside and outdoor seats. Comfortable place to bring your family for a brunch during weekend.

 Our family favourite - Mini Sauna Mee set. During morning hours, the hot stone bowl is boiling and we can hear the simmering sound clearly. Healthy ingredients inside that keeps our tummy full. So satisfying!
American Breakfast set that comes with few slices of bread, ham, sunny-side up egg, sausages and beans, Lucky they have this menu for the breakfast set. My picky eaters kids love this set so much. They finished up all that makes me a happy mum and cheers up my day. 
Fried Mee Hon Set - Simple and delicious meal 

Our breakfast sets come with hot drinks - We choose red dates tea, Milo and White Coffee. Red Dates Tea is my favourite of course. Warm red dates tea that are extremely beneficial to the heart and kidneys, blood replenishing and improve skin becomes tender and smooth. 

Come and try the breakfast set if you are happen to be around in Pandan Indah area or to explore this great dining place with your friend and family members. 
I will surely recommend Mama Kim especially for those parents with small kids like mine who enjoy so much on their homemade noodles ( the sauna mee set) and the healthy menu they offered here with no MSG. Healthy eating for a Healthy weight. A balance diet to feel Awesome every day!

Mama Kim (just next to Sojourn Guesthouse)
No 1 &3, (Ground Floor),
Jalan Pandan 4/2,
Pandan Indah,
55199 Kuala Lumpur.

Contact: +603-4292 0808

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/pages/Mama-kim-sauna-mee-Pandan-indah/183639348638414?fref=ts

*Breakfast starts from 8am to 11am

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