Jalan Jalan Japan - Awesome Shopping Day @ 1Shamelin Mall

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Great news to all! Jalan Jalan Japan is opening soon at 1 Shamelin Mall on 30th Sept 2017 (Saturday), located at the 3rd floor.  Why Jalan Jalan Japan?Jalan Jalan is a popular Malay term for 'going for a walk' to no particular destination. The name Jalan Jalan Japan invites people to come to the store for a walk and for a look-see experience. 

 Jalan Jalan Japan offers
*Quality *Variety * Hargagiler

 Jalan Jalan Japan in Malaysia offers pre-loved items that are still in very good condition. There are more than 20 categories of item in the store and the price is so crazy that you can get a blouse for only RM 5! Items range from branded clothing, luggage bag,accessories, kitchenware, winter clothings, children clothings and shoes, baby items, toys, sports equipments, collectible items, household products and many more!

In Japan, they practice on recycle behaviour. They will sell off their pre-loved items which have been used to give space of their home.
Who doesn't love shopping moment? Even my 3 kiddos are over excited getting ready with their shopping basket leading me to the toys section to kick start our hunting session.

My girls found their Pikachu and Charizard. Some small soft toys for only  RM 3
Prices starts from RM1 for many items ! All the pre-loved items from Japan tend to be in good conditions and  if you are lucky you might get unused items as well, still in their original packaging.
We begin exploring the toys section first. So many toys here! All are well pack and in good condition. Legos, trains, cars, miniature, collection toys and many more
Kids can spend lots of time choosing their favourite items here.

We can really get the real deals with low price

Kids shoe which you can get at lowest price of RM 5 per pair

Just grab any tops from RM 5 onwards. There is even a fitting room for you to try on
Ladies section with attractive tops, dress, pants, skirts and winter clothing plus lovely bags.
Baby Products Section with strollers, car seats, booster seat and etc.
For sports lovers, you can check out this section with golf equipment, roller blades, surfboard, tennis racquets and other sports items at affordable price.
There are lots of chocies for Household items too

Luggage bag
My girls helping me to draw the beautiful notes on the wall.. A memorable moment for sure
My kiddos are happily carrying each shopping bag themselves with these toys they grab today.
Cheh cheh have her lego set, pencils,Charizard.
Mei Mei have Pikachu, lego set, trolley, pencils and a beautiful dress.
Didi found his favourite Toy Story Shooting gun, Lightning McQueen car, lego sets and pencils.
Papa have Gundam cutie toy
Mummy have a piggy toy
All these for RM 110..What a bargain and so satisfying shopping day for all of us!

Hubby is over excited to found his Gundam cute toys for RM 3 each. Adding in more to his personal collection.
My son found his little treasure of Toy Story Shooting Gun with lights and sound for only RM 10!! Happy faces and keep showing his grandparents when he reached home.
** Remember to check with the friendly staff on all battery-operated toys to test if the item is working before purchase ya!

So mark your calendar this coming 30 Sept 2017 and be the 1st 100 customer to get extra 10% discount and mention my name Koo Pooi Yee, blogger from Weekend Treat to get additional 5% off for all the items on that opening day. All the products are in good quality and variety of stuff you can find here as low as RM 1!!

We have a fun family shopping day and spending a good quality time with my kids to choose their favourite items. Treasure hunting shopping experience with great bargain and lots of savings!! Can't wait to visit again to get more ladies clothing, bags and household items on my second visit soon. 

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