Auntie Anne @ Mid Valley City Mall

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[Up to 51% Off] 2 Auntie Anne’s Pretzel + 2 Jumbo Cheese Dogs. Choose Original (RM16) / Specialty (RM14) / Premium (RM13) Pretzels. Valid at 28 Outlets in Peninsular Malaysia. Halal. Limited Groupons 

In the voucher stated as selected pretzels are baked upon request. Customers may have to wait up to 30 minutes for made-to-order pretzels. BUT, The staff said only two choices of premium pretzel available! 

This deal come with 2 pieces of Auntie Anne’s hand rolled soft pretzels and 2 jumbo cheese dogs.2 premium pretzels + 2 jumbo cheese dogs for RM13 instead of RM26.80

Caramel Almond

4 choices of premium pretzels as following

  • Caramel almond
  • Cinnamon raisin
  • Plain raisin
  • Cheezzy Turkey

But only two choices available. Upset as i thought there are 4 choices to choose from.
Jumbo chicken sausage wrapped with cheddar cheese and pretzel dough.Delicious

First try on this jumbo sausage. Covered up will lots of cheese

Chezzy turkey pretzels. Waited for 10 minutes. Freshly made, taste good.

Just finish her milk, now waiting to eat pretzels

Long queue as usual


Auntie Anne Midvalley Outlet :

LG-37, Lower Ground Floor,
Mid Valley Megamall,
Lingkaran Syed Putra,
59200, Kuala Lumpur.

Tel:  03-2284 0806

Business Hour : 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM

Deal Link :

Website :

Crystal Palm Seafood Restaurant @ Jalan Ipoh

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69% Off 4 Baskets of Dim Sum @ Crystal Palm Seafood Restaurant. Only RM 9.90 instead of RM 32. Choose Any 4 Choices of Special Hong Kong Dim Sum (30 Choices Available). Non-halal. 

Located at Jalan Ipoh, nearby the very famous Sentul Curry House, Beside is the empty space used to be a petrol station. We are the first customer who dines in. As usual, for this kind of deal, we need to make 3 days advance booking , and if you did not turn up, they will just forfeit your voucher. 

This deal is really worth it. Having Dim sum in a restaurant environment with such a low price is totally great especially if you are bringing families. Clean and comfortable environment, and all those dim sum prepared fresh from the kitchen and served on your table. 

We can choose from 30 special Hong Kong dim sum dishes here. Given a list of variety of dim sum to ordered price range from RM 5 to RM 7.80.
Crystal Palm also doing promotion for 30% discount on all dim sum daily.  

Above the picture shown is  Steamed shark’s fin dumplings (worth RM 7.80)

Steamed siew mai dumpling (worth RM 7.80).Mostly, we ordered all the dim sum is good, tasty and fresh. Much more better than Dynasty Dragon in Time Square for the same deal of 4 basket for RM 10. Here they have more choices and the taste is much more delicious. Except the sauce is a little bit salty

Steamed Fish Ball RM 5. This is my girl's favorite
Hong Kong Style Cheong Fun - Left side is the prawn and right side is the vegetarian. Smooth cheong fun, prawn is fresh and the sambal sauce is good

Deep Fried Rice Cake - Will be good if they deep fried it longer till golden brown

Fried Rice Cake - Not too oily and i love the taste

Crystal Palm freshly prawn dumplings (worth RM 7.80)

Fish Porridge RM 8.50. Large portion, can be fill up to 4 small bowls. I love the porridge texture, and the fish is fresh. So we got 30% for this item

Chrysanthemum Tea RM 10.00.So for 4 person, the price still can be acceptable. The staff here is good, they will refill for us quickly.

Good place to have wedding dinner , can accommodate more than 30 tables

Ample space of  free parking here. Feeling good to have a satisfying breakfast with my loved ones.

Food : Good
Service : Excellent
Environment : Good

Lot 239, Section 81,Rw Township Batu 2, Jalan Ipoh,
Kuala Lumpur 51100 Malaysia

Customer Service Number: 6 03 40411111

Deal Link :

The Bee @ Jaya One

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Another taste voucher i redeem from JoinMe at Jaya One. Located at Block K, easily located along Starbucks row. Quite crowded and nearly fullhouse when we reach there about 8pm today. This place is really unique, They have those really traditional deco, old mirror frame, typical tradition chair, cupboard deco and old sewing machine. Friendly staff, but not too clean environment.

This taste voucher comes with 

The Bee Signature Dish X 1

Ice Tea or Lemonade X 1
Choose any  one dish from:
1. Chicken Teriyaki

2. Kitchen Sink Dog

3. Avocado chicken

4. Prawn Pomodoro

5. The Bee Burger

So i choose Pasta Prawn Pomodoro. The plate is really BIG!, But pasta is just enough for one person. So nothing much to shout about this pasta. Prawn is fresh and only have five pieces there, pasta is cooked well.

Ice tea

Menu presentation is so special. Here is famous of the Bee Burger and Avocado Burger. But for me mostly are beef and i can't take beef. So i prefer pasta then those burgers and fries

The little oldies mug attracts me the most. When i steps into this restaurant, it reminds me alot about my grandma.

The deco specially design at the counter, this place have the concept like getting back to those old days, just like Reminisce Cafe in Midvalley and Otak Otak Place in One Utama

 Food : Good
Service : Good
Environment : Good

The Bee @ Jaya One
K-2A-G, Block K. Jaya One, No. 72A, Jalan Universiti, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Chulo Restaurant & Bar @ Jaya One

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Just back from Jaya One for dinner at Chulo Restaurant and Bar using my free taste voucher that is worth RM 29.80. Luckily we manage to find parking just nearby this place which is located at Block L Level 1. We are the first who dine in and this place looks nice, comfortable and they are more to bar concept rather than a restaurant.

Tastins Platter - Bread and Dips, mushroom brushetta, chicken wings, calamari, tiger prawns and grilled octopus (subject to availabilities). This is such a huge portion of food that is for 2-3 person. 

The garlic bread aroma smells good, the sauce on top of the chicken wing tastes like sweet and sour and little spicy. Tiger prawn is fresh, calamari blends well with the basil leaves, and the most interesting about this platter is the whole bunch of tiny little crabs..So delicious. And not to forget few pieces of spicy little baby octopus on the side of the salad.
I have no idea how is the dips taste like. It supposed to be spread on the bread, but instead i request for tomato sauce. 

This free taste voucher from JoinMe have 8 choices for us to choose. Choose any  one dish from:
1. Mushroom Cappuccino
2. Calamari Scented with Basil
3. Tastins Platter
4. Spagetti in Aisan Pesto with Calamari
5. Seadfood Risotto
6. Duck Breast Sauerkraut
7. Chicken Schnitzel
8. Chulo's Wings ( Half doz )

Quiet, peaceful dining experience

Comfortable seating area

Food : Excellent
Service : Good
Environment : Excellent

Chulo Restaurant & Bar

L-20-1, Jaya One, Section 13/6, No. 72A, Jalan Universiti, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Cafe Taka @ Pavilion, Tokyo Street

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[Up to 63% Off] Japanese Fusion Pizza and Pasta + Drinks + Sundae at Cafe Taka, Pavilion KL for 2 (RM28) / 4 (RM48) People. From RM12 per person. Pork-free. Limited Groupons

This voucher is Meal for 2 people for RM28 instead of RM64.35 (only RM14 per person). Again, my hubby have RM 20 credit in Groupon, so this deal only cost us RM 8! For RM 8 we have can this wonderful lunch in a great environment. 


Cafe Taka is located at Level 6, Tokyo Street in Pavilion. Easy to locate as i only taking up the escalator and direct me to level 6, and Cafe Take is just on my left side. There are quite number of customer who dine in even during weekdays in the afternoon. Some i saw they are also here to redeem the Groupon voucher.


  This deal have few choices to choose as following :

  • Pizza dishes: Spicy tuna, beef bolog, or vegie lover.
  • Spaghetti dishes: Kinoko carbonara or Neapolitan pasta.
  • Includes winter orange soda and ice cream sundae.
Winter orange soda worth RM 9.80. The taste is like Mirinda Orange. Nothing special.

    Neapolitan Spaghetti worth RM 18.90. Few tiny pieces of chicken sausage, tomatoes and green  pepper. Portion is just nice for one person, spaghetti perfectly cook and the sauce is nice. But for the price of RM 18.90, i won't choose for this menu.

    This is the Japanese Thin Crust Pizza - We have choose spicy tuna pizza, the original price is RM 19.90. The thin pizza is delicious, love the thin layer pizza, freshly bake, lots of tuna in the middle of each slices, and the creativity of the chef to include Japanese pickles on top of the tuna. The cheese is spread evenly and i really miss the taste now..:)

    But this choice of pizza was not in their menu. So maybe only for this deal they prepare for those who purchase Groupon vouchers only i guess so.

    Sundae of the day worth RM 8.90. Vanilla ice cream with some mango topping and two chocolate stick biscuit. Seeing my girl scooping the ice cream non stop and ask for more. Surprisingly, on the bottom part, there is few pieces of Honey Star and she is getting more excited.

    The unique utensils especially the spoons

    Love the deco here, with Japanese theme and they have a very good combination of Japanese, Italian and Western cuisines.They are very creative in designing and create interesting menu with this three combination of dishes.

    Well organized and nice design of this Cafe. Clean environment and most important the staff is friendly and good service. They also dressed up in Japanese attire.

    The Unagi Burger menu attracts both of us, with good quality of Japanese eel ingredient there. Looks good.

    Una set lunch looks tempting and i will drop by very soon. Reasonable price range and love the ambiance here

    Another good deal for lunch today.

    Food : Excellent

    Service : Good

    Environment : Good

    Cafe Taka

    Level 6, No.6.24.1B, Pavilion, No. 168, Jalan Bukit Bintang
    Kuala Lumpur 55100

    Deal Link :

    Website :