Gogoprint -Biggest Online Printing company in Southeast-Asia

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 As the biggest Online Printing company in Southeast-Asia,Gogoprint is proud to offer top quality digital and offset printing products, best customer support and affordable prices. Using the services means easily configuring and printing business cards (name cards), brochures, flyers, leaflets, many other products, purchasing them online and getting fast & free delivery all over the country. As of now, Gogoprint is active in Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore, with more countries to come!

From classy business cards (name cards) to high quality business stationeries or fancy promotional print products, we offer a broad range of high quality products to promote your business of project. Displaying information on paper works best: recent studies have shown that print products by far outperform digitally displayed information when it comes to readers' involvement. So you have to make sure that you print your business card, brochures, flyers, of leaflets with the highest attention to quality.

Gogo Print is afforable, reliable and speed delivery. Provide the best service and  flexibility in payment  terms. The products are business cards, digital booklets, flyers, stickers, leaflets, gift vouchers and many more!

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Website : https://www.gogoprint.com.my/


Rapid Dark Spot Correcting Serum + @ Murad

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I have pigmentation issue especially after giving birth . It is very challenging to get rid of the pigmentation on my face area. Recently, I tried the product from Murad - Rapid Dark Spot Correcting Serum + and there is some improvement that makes me feel more confident and helps to lighten my pigmentation.

In 1989, dermatologist and pharmacist Dr. Howard Murad founded Murad, Inc., the first modern doctor brand of clinical skincare products, setting a new standard for high performance skincare.

As the clinical authority in brightening for over 30 years, Dr.Murad has developed a next-generation dark spot solution that leverages patented technology to effectively minimize the look of the dark spots you see and prevent the look of dark spots you don’t see yet—on wide range of skin types and tones. Murad has been committed to developing clinically proven, cruelty-free products that meet the meticulous standards for safety, efficacy and care you’d expect from a doctor.

Rapid Dark Spot Correcting Serum is the ultimate solution to pigmentation and dark spot correcting.  Rapidly reduce the look of dark spots without a doctor's visit. This intensive serum promotes surface cell turnover forbrighter, more even skin. Dr. Murad’s next generation of powerhouse brightening ingredients take on the most stubborn dark spots while treating your skin with the same care that a dermatologist would. It is Suitable for a wide range of skin tones; targets the dark spots you see and prevents the look of the ones you can’t see yet.

        Which Skin Type is Good For?  Normal, oily, dry, combination

                How to use: AM and PM

                -  Step 1: Cleanse with Essential-C Cleanser. Pat dry.

                -  Step 2: Apply 1-2 pumps evenly over face, neck and


                -  Step 3: Follow with a moisturizer. Reccomended to use

                a Murad sunscreen during the day.


                84% showed a reduction in the look of dark spots and other

                hyperpigmentation in 14 days*

                *Clinically proven results via instrumental measurement of

                areas with dark spots. With Murad regimen.

Test panelists agree in just 14 days†:

    91% saw brighter skin,   94% noticed smoother skin, 89% reported a more radiant glow †With Murad regimen.

City Skin Age Defense Broad Spectrum SPF50 PA++++ Indoor/Outdoor Light Defense with a Naturally Radiant Finish.

UV light isn’t the only light that causes skin damage and visible signs of aging. Blue light from excessive screen time can also take its toll. This product Shields your skin against multiple types of light damage (blue light from screens or outdoor UVA and UVB). Also Helps color correct & even tone with no ashy residue Lightweight, 100% mineral SPF for all skin types, even sensitive finish on the skin. Safe for sensitive skin, fragrance-free, and delivers 100% mineral protection—no chemical sunscreens.

How to use: AM and PM

After cleansing and toning, massage evenly over face, neck, and



City Skin SPF 50 shields skin from 96% of pollution* and 89% of

blue light from screens.†

Rapid Dark Spot Correcting Serum + @ Murad helps to lighten my pigmentation and skin more moisture. Prevention is better than cure, therefore the importance of using sunscreen to protect the skin from sun damage.Thus, we need to always take good care of our skin.

Shop at www.murad.com.my

Or at any of the Exclusive Facial stores

Shopee introduces 3.15 Consumer Day, the first mega sale of the year

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Shopee, the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan, has launched 3.15 Consumer Day, the first mega sale of the year. 3.15 Consumer Day is happening now till 15 March and will bring the excitement of Shopee’s year-end festivals to all users, giving them more reasons to celebrate and reward themselves as they gear up for the year ahead.

Shopee is pioneering 3.15 Consumer Day to bring more value and joy to all shoppers, who are now using e-commerce to fulfil their needs all year round. Everyone can be a part of 3.15 Consumer Day which features the widest variety of products, made better with 95% off deals, free shipping with no minimum spend and the chance to Spin & Win a Nissan Almera.

Adding to the 3.15 celebrations, Shopee welcomes Dato Pandelela Rinong and Datuk Abdul Latif Romly as its 3.15 brand ambassadors in Malaysia. Both athletes have an incredible track record of overcoming tough odds and dedicating their lives towards putting Malaysia on the world map, serving as an inspiration in the way they accomplish great things by prioritising well-being and celebrating achievements no matter how small. Dato Pandelela has won two Olympic medals and five World Championships medals while Datuk Latif has won two gold medals in the Paralympic Games. He holds the world record for Long Jump T20 until now.

Kenneth Soh, Head of Marketing Campaigns at Shopee Malaysia said, “This Shopee 3.15 Consumer Day, we want to celebrate you. Be kind to yourself. Go at your own pace, celebrate

the small wins and reward yourself. To better serve our consumers, we first have to understand what Malaysians have been buying since 2019.”

“At Shopee, we always put consumers at the heart of what we do, so we consistently innovate new initiatives and campaigns such as the 3.15 Consumer Day to better fulfil their needs” he added.


Understanding Malaysian shopping trends

As more people are accustomed to staying at home, Shopee noticed that many are looking to improve and prioritise themselves in terms of health, well-being and to destress. As such, there was 6 times increase in demand for Self-Care Products on the platform in 2021, compared to 2019, before the pandemic.

Physical wellness, environmental self-care, and social well-being were seen to be the top three self-care trends, as Shopee witnessed an impressive 10 times growth of demand related to better home and living.

As Malaysians paid more attention to their physical wellness, Shopee noted that 42% of self-care items sold last year pertained to personal grooming, supplements, exercise equipment, cooking and baking supplies, sleepwear, and bath and spa.

Due to Malaysians spending more time home with families, Shopee observed a 12 times uplift for snacks and 13 times increase in cooking and baking supplies in 2021 as compared to 2019.

Malaysians were also more and more into environmental self-care, to create a healthier living environment at home. They started new DIY projects, put some new wallpapers on, and grew indoor plants among other activities. This is mirrored by the 12 times increase in demand for home improvement items over 2 years.

Looking at social well-being, more Malaysians are open to the idea of having a furry companion at home as the demand for pet supplies grew 13 times in the space of two years from 2019 to 2021, as owners treat their pets with grooming, homes, pet food and treats and even fashion and accessories.

Taking a deeper dive into keyword searches data in self-care trends, Shopee noted that ‘keropok’ was searched nearly 7 times more in 2020 and over 25 times more in 2021, both as compared to 2019.

‘Kids books’ has also been one of the more popular keyword searches with over 11 times increase in 2020 compared to 2019, as moms and dads turned to Shopee to inculcate reading at a young age,

Additionally, since the launch of ShopeeFood in September 2021, the ‘bubble tea’ keyword search grew by more than 7 times by December last year, signalling a growing trend among Malaysians to reward themselves with some sweet treats through food delivery.

As part of the Shopee 3.15 Consumer Day, Shopee will also launch its #ShopeeCelebratesYou activation to bring more cheer to users across the 3.15 period.

Happening daily on Shopee Live till 15 March, users also get to play a game that will keep them on the edge of their seats, called Sampul Misteri. Lucky Callers will be required to answer a Question of the Day to unlock an envelope and stand a chance to walk away with grand cash prizes. Viewers can guess which envelope contains the grand cash prize before the show and stand a chance to win Shopee Coins with the correct guess.


Origin Mattress Review -Superior Coolmax Latex Pillow

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Working long hours in office makes me feel tired and lack of sleep. Problems such as neck pain, shoulder pain and backache always makes me moody. Sleep is really important to give me a good rest time and I always look for a better option of pillow to adjust my sleeping position and also to keep my upper body in alignment during sleep. We need 6-8 hours of sleep to have that feeling of relaxation.

Glad that I found Origin Superior Coolmax Latex Pillow. 

Designed in Germany ,This plush and luxurious pillow is made of highly supportive latex and comes with a removable Tencel™ fabric pillow cover. 

I Love the comfort of the pillow the moment I received the shipment right to my doorsteps.

These are the reasons I love my new Origin Superior Coolmax Latex Pillow:-

1.Ultimate support . It is Made of Natural Latex that gives me the right level of sleep support. Support my neck level and feeling comfortable.

2. Soft, lightweight feel which is cooling on the skin - Cover layer is made from Origin Tencel™, feels super soft and cooling.

3. Filled with unique cooling-gel infused formula

 -  Suitable for hot and humid climate, cradle your neck and head, giving you a cooling, and comfortable massage when lying on the pillow

4. Easy to clean - Come with machine-washable removable cover which is really convenient.

5. Hypoallergenic, suitable for people with allergies and anti-microbial (eliminates bacteria, fungi, viruses).

I am happy to finally found the pillow type that suites me. Feeling good and gives me that extra comfort and deep sleep throughout the night.

Check out more at :-

Website : https://originmattress.com.my/

I recommend also checking out Origin's award-winning mattress, you can read more reviews about the mattress at:



My Experience Using Enzy D'tox

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I always have headache especially during month end because of work stress and sometime leads to Migraine. It also occurs before and after my menstrual as well. Besides that, I experience back pain, neck pain and muscle aches due to lack of exercise as well and poor diet. All these sometime makes me feel tired and moody. Recently, I was introduced to this product  Enzy D'tox from N'Care International and it is a complete detox and fasting detox product which already in market for 10 years, and have KKM, SGS and GMP certs are all well prepared.

I love the overall product packaging, the design is convenient and can be fold to put in the products in proper way to follow the preparation time. There are total 5 products: Enzy® Golden Oil, Enzy® SOD, Enzy® DNP II, Enzy® Happytide and Enzy® MPII in the Enzy D'tox Series Special Pack. 

Enzy® Golden Oil is the Primary Inflammation fighter (Activate, regulate and balance immune cells)

Enzy® SOD - Free radical scavenger (Cleanse blood and boost ciruclation)

Enzy® DNP IIThe intestine’s scrub brush  (Eliminate toxins and unwanted material)

Enzy® Happytide - Repair rescue (Restore cell renegeration potential)

 Enzy® MPII - Metabolism Booster (Speed up metabolism)

The 5 products have their own independent packaging. All of the independent packaging have been specially designed and can be torn for easier preparation.

This is a whole day complete detox and fasting detox program. I have to only consume this Enzy D'tox product for the whole day as per below schedule. (Recommend to start it during weekend). Detox should be done in  complete manner, which include blood detox, liver detox and intestine detox.

How to Consume:-

Suggested Detox Schedule:-

8am : 2 sachets of Enzy® SOD + 1 sachet of Enzy® DNP II

10am :  5 sachets of Enzy® Golden Oil + 1 sachet of Enzy® Happytide

12pm : 2 sachets of Enzy® SOD + 1 sachet of Enzy® DNP II

2pm : 1 sachet of Enzy® MPII 

4pm : 5 sachets of Enzy® Golden Oil + 1 sachet of Enzy® Happytide

6pm : 2 sachets of Enzy® SOD + 1 sachet of Enzy® DNP II

8pm : 1 sachet of Enzy® MPII

Drinking direction : 

1. Enzy® SOD + Enzy® DNP II

Firstly , mix 2 sachets of Enzy® SOD into 250ml room temperature water. Then add 1 sachet Enzy® DNP II into the drink mixture and stir well.

2. Enzy® Golden Oil + 1 sachet of Enzy® Happytide

Firstly , mix 1 sachet of Enzy® Happytide into 100ml room temperature water. Then add 5 sachets Enzy® Golden Oil into the drink mixture and stir well. Avoid using iron spoon when stirring.

3. Enzy® MPII

Mix 1 sachet Enzy® MPII into 200ml hot water.

In my opinion, detoxification is very important especially for our blood, liver, kidney and intestines. Sometime we rely on supplementary dietary to support our health. But actually our body need a detox process to allow the body to have a rest time without eating and focus more on detoxification, repair, and self-healing, giving the body appropriate rest time can help to improve healing, thus match the detox with fasting so that the body repairs faster!.

After the detox session for a day, I feel good. My body more energetic, focus and not easily tired. My tongue sensitivity towards food that with light taste too. I hope this product will benefit me and leads me to a healthier lifestyle.

Product unboxing review : 

Testimonial : 

Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy!

Store purchase: https://www.2by2shop.com/shop/goods/info/id/260.html

Official FB customer service: https://www.facebook.com/ncareint/