HotPot Kitchen @1Utama Shopping Centre

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 We discover a new trendy restaurant serving 'Ma La' Hotpot Cuisine which is located at Ground Floor One Utama Shopping Centre. If you are a spicy lover, the burning sensation of hot and spicy food can make you feel excited. At a glance, I thought it is a steamboat hot pot Si Chuan Cuisines. Here is actually serving something different that I never try before - The Spicy Fried Hot Pot!. This hot pot place will take you on a delicious Si Chuan culinary journey.

Let's check them out and how this self service restaurant works.

Step 1 : Choose you vegetables/ meat.

Step 2: Choose your favourite flavour to suite your taste bud.

1) Unique Platter (Without spices)
2) Spicy Fragrant

3) Spicy Dynamic

4) Spicy Xtreme

Step 3 : Pay and take your food.

Ample of seats available

Pleasant and comfy dining environment
So we begin our First Step- Choose our favorite dish with meat and vegetables. There are more than 40 ingredients daily and they also will display the food item randomly! You might spot your favourite ingredients from time to time. There are fresh chicken meat, beef, smoked meat, shoulder loin, pork,pork belly ,seafood, etc! Variety of fresh vegetables serving as well for you to choose.

These ingredients are proven healthy and best in quality, thru high-tech sterilization. No preservatives, Safe to consume and clean.

Just put all the ingredients together in a large bowl and the staff will weight the ingredients based on the following:

Vegetables RM 3.99/100 g
Meat RM 5.99/100 g

Fresh choices of meat.

Our choices of food.

The staff will separate out the vegetables and meat. The weight will determine the price of the food.

Just wait for your food to be served. Once this pager vibrate / sound, your food is ready and you can collect your food at the counter.

Spicy Dynamic (medium spice). I am Loving the most - pork belly and luncheon meat. It could numb your lips with this level of spice, but I do enjoy it because of the excitement and feeling great with the Ma La sauce. The sauce is not oily and perfect balance on the taste.
Spicy Fragrant (little spice) - The mild spicy flavour gives diners a good kick.  Savoury meal combination of fresh vegetables and meat really makes us addictive and cravings to add more rice. Oh ya! you can also add noodles to stir fried it together.

Unique Platter (non spicy) - I love the strong aroma from the garlic (you can request to add more if you want to). This simple and healthy dish is delicious!

You can always choose for all vegetables which is perfect choice for ladies who want to go for light meal and also suitable for vegetarian.
Succulent lala with mild spice
Wonderful meal and best pairing with a bowl of rice
Free flow of hot coffee for all walk in customers. You can cool down the spiciness with a cup of hot coffee

This is the first restaurant you can taste the refreshing herbal drink which are directly imported from Hong Kong. There are almost 7 choices of cooling drinks.

HotPot Kitchen
G355, 1 Utama Shopping Centre (New Wing),
No.1, Lebuh Bandar Utama,
Bandar Utama,
47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Business Hour : 10am to 10 pm
Facebook :

Haru Tei @ PV128 Setapak - New Udon Menu

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Haru Tei Japanese Restaurant is located at PV128 Setapak

The Tapping Tapir Premium Sodas  - Grapefruit and Chamomile & Lemonade and Lengkuas. Refreshing!
Taking a small sip of the sake while waiting for our delectable main course.
Dry Udon RM 13.90Best to mix it all over with the onsen egg that are perfectly cooked. The udon has the silky texture and this simple ingredients makes a  delicious bowl of udon!

Kare Udon come with choices of Tonkatsu (RM16.90) or Torikatsu (RM 15.90). The moment when the curry udon is served, we are feeling more hungry with the aroma from the curry udon. Savoury and Chewy noodle with serving of tender meat. The curry taste is not too spicy and I do enjoy the thick curry gravy. I can’t wait to try the other udon choices.

My all time favourite grilled squid RM 23.90. Delicious jumbo squid with smoky flavour. Must Try!
Kamameshi Claypot Rice RM 16.90 - Rice cooked in low fire with chicken and vegetables garnished with spring onions and bonito flakes. The whole pot of ingredients is  flavored with dashi instead of using soya sauce.

Kamameshi also known as "kettle rice" which is a  traditional Japanese rice dish served. A satisfying one bowl meal that are pack of flavour!
Watching them closely how to make a perfect skewers

Serving of my favourite combination of Chicken Wing, Pork Belly and Chicken Thigh. These skewers are perfectly grilled and the chicken meat is so tender and moist. Tasty and savoury pork belly.
Enoki Maki (Enoki Mushrooms wrapped in a slice of pork) and Tomato Maki. 

Beautiful Tsukune (meatball) with egg Yolk sauce RM 5.90 - Mouth watering Japanese meatball in Yakitori style. Best enjoyed with a drink in hand.
Okonomiyaki (10.90) is often know as Japanese Pancake / Japanese Pizza.I love the sweetness and fluffiness of the pancakes topped with crispy bonito fish flakes.

Reasonable place to have a bowl of hearty udon noodle that can satisfy your taste bud. Enjoy!

Haru Tei

G-M 27, PV128, 
Jalan Genting Kelang
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Contact : 03-41313088 / 016-7199773

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