Go Noodle House @ The School Jaya One

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Go Noodle House  is located inside The School and just beside Kechara Restaurant. This restaurant is always crowded as I noticed since my last visit to Jaya One on Oct 2014.

After the review session at Vvaffle, we went to the FOS warehouse sale but not much of great offer there. So I walk back to Go Noodle House to have our lunch there. But to our surprise there were long queue at 1.20 pm. It was a mistake to dine in at lunch hour but we thought during weekdays the crowd is lesser. So hubby said we walk around first and come back at 2pm.

When we reached here second time at 2pm, we have to take queue numbers. The queue seems never ending since 12noon. We quickly look at the menu display at the entrance and place our ordered once seated. 

Go Noodle House is specialise in Mi Xian (thick noodles) and cooked in special broth. From the menu, I noticed there are special handmade fish paste, pork balls, pork belly, Grouper fish, and frog meat. Defintely the price range will be higher for those premium menu. For a usual bowl of pan mee or pork noodle soup, the price is only from RM 8.90.

I observed there are still many people waiting for their noodles to be served. I managed to capture few photos of their decorations. Very Chinese traditional atmosphere. especially the Chinese wine. We have waited for 20 minutes for our noodle..I have lots of patience today..

So many bottles of Chinese Wine. I wonder izit only for decoration purposes?

There are still long queue and everyone waiting for their noodle to be serve. The restaurant is huge and even though there are many seats, but all are taken up. Sounds crazy

Pork Belly Soup with Mi Xian (RM 10.90) - The soups is delicious and I love the noodles. Pork belly is served with thin slices. Satisfyingly and deep comforting. 

Homemade Fish Paste (RM 9) - Fresh and solid fish paste which comes in a large size. Best to have the dish with the chili sauce.

d hence takes time for the order to arrive at the customer’s table

Nice place to dine in and the noodle is good. Will return to try other types of broth and steam bun. Need to be early for sure.

Go Noodle House

61-P1 The SCHOOL
JAYA One, Jalan Universiti
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Phone 03-7499 1126
Email gonoodlehouse@gmail.com
Facebook Link : 有間麵館 GO Noodle House

Moo Cow Frozen Yogurt @ IPC Shopping Mall

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We are here at IPC Shopping Mall, the place is too crowded. We are lucky to find place to park our car and the security guard is very kind to let us park at the side corner. Hubby nearly giving up after 10 minutes turning around in the basement parking. At 11.30 am, the parking is full and so many cars coming in. It was my request to come here to shop and bring the kids for the Christmas deco. Of course the main purpose is to join the crowd to grab shoes and shirts from the Padini warehouse sale. I was excited looking at the people, the sale is so tempting!! RM9 only!! the most expensive item is only RM 20!.

While my kids is seeing this musical display at the center court, I quickly carry my boy heading to the Padini sale. I found one black shoe for my size and while carrying him, I still managed to try few other shoes.. The two girls is back and I need to start to queue up to the payment counter. The long queue is very annoying, but still hubby queue for me and while waiting, I took the Cold Storage trolley and put my three kids inside and I continue to look around. It was fun and challenging, searching for my right shoe size and by looking at the people, you will be extremely excited to shop more. I managed to find another pair of shoe and give it to hubby. The crowd is crazy and all happily buying..I wish I could fit myself inside with the big trolley and grab some shirts..It is really cheap!

My eldest girl started to nag me " Mummy, walk please..I want to buy ice cream".. and I replied her..Please darling, let mummy see one more shoe please....I am so desperate..at last I give up and I am done with my two pairs of shoe. 

We stop by Moo Cow Frozen Yogurt which is just opposite the warehouse sale.  We ordered the yogurt with grape flavour (RM 10.90) and additional topping for strawberry chips (RM 1). Chocolate chip  and the cone selection is out of stock.  The kids are happy sitting there enjoying the smooth, chilled yogurt. The texture is creamy and a healthier way to have my cold desserts.

Slippery green flooring

RM 10 off if you purchase Moo Cow tub with Watson card

each topping can be added with additional charges range from RM 1 to RM 2. 

Soon after we finished our yogurt, we spotted My FM is here to play some games. Hubby took part and win some goodies bag. I also join in for second game where I need to say the word My FM and drag the last word until the last breath and see who get the longest time captured. It was fun and I am glad my girl volunteer herself standing on the stage with me together. Proud of her and she is not afraid of the stage and the people too. New experience to both of them.

Moo Cow Frozen Yogurt
Ground Floor , IPC Shopping Mall

Website : http://moocow.my/

Ooh My Gas (OMG) @ The Gardens Mall

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We bought this deal offering RM 10 for RM 20 cash voucher for Liquid Nitrogen made ice cream. The pictures in the website look nice and the price is reasonable. Since I have not try this brand before, I decide to purchase it. My hubby wrongly click on it and we bought 2 vouchers instead of 1. It was so difficult to find this place, hidden beside Samsung store. No customer when we steps inside. The muffins and desserts looks just too simple and not promising, But we have no choice. We need to used all RM 40 amount to redeem the voucher. We ordered two ice creams ( strawberry cheesecakes and mint chocolates), muffins and chocolate cake.

The machines to mix the ingredients

My girl just finished up the M & M sweets,,while my hubby and I struggling finishing up the desserts.. Cooling and the muffin cream toppings is too sweet. The chocolate cake texture is hard and disappointing.

Overall, the taste is just average, nothing special. In fact I read articles and review about it, the liquid nitrogen is actually harmful..scary eh?? http://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-19870668

Ooh My Gas

Lot T-202A, 3rd Floor,
The Garden's Mall,
The Garden South Tower,
Midvalley City
Kuala Lumpur

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/OohMyGas

Groupon Link : http://www.groupon.my/deals/klang-valley-kuala-lumpur/ooh-my-gas-2/718438605
Website : http://oohmygas.com/

Ichiriki Japanese Restaurant @ The Gardens Mall

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We bought this deal from Groupon offering 50% of all menu in Ichiriki Japanese Restaurant @ The Gardens Mall. We can choose from the following offer:-

  • RM30 for RM60 weekday cash voucher (Mon – Fri)
  • RM35 for RM60 weekend cash voucher (Sat – Sun)
We choose the first choice and with RM 60, we can order two set from the ala carte menu. We have browse through the long list of the menu advertised in Groupon website and remember the set menu that we have chosen before visiting the restaurant. No prior booking is needed for weekdays. They have sold up to 2000 vouchers.

When we reached there today, we are greeted with welcome by the friendly waiter and waitress. The manager is polite and showing us where to sit. The restaurant is crowded and almost full. We are lucky to have our seats ready for us and we quickly search from the menu the choices that I have made earlier in the website. But to my disappointment, I could not find the set offering RM 45 for both tonkotsu and unagi set. Hubby also flip through few times and the set is not there. We match against the menu from Groupon website and ask the manager to clarify where is the menu stated?? He explained that there are mistakes done by Groupon website whereby they actually putting in their new menu in the website and did not match the current menu in the restaurant. Many customers have come across of this issue as well.

The manager said the new menu is not firm yet and we can only have those new menu probably next year. I went back and think about this explanation and wondering shouldn't the restaurant itself need to provide the correct menu to be advertised in the website?? and how Groupon have the rights to get their new menu information without seeking permission from the merchant? Please judge it yourself then.

Hot green tea

Bamboo is the main element for decoration in Ichiriki. 

Buta karaage Udon (Rm 16)
 Smooth udon with thick pork slices and The pork slices were tender and juicy. The broth have the natural sweetness and not too salty.

We choose the premium set - Sushi, Soba and KuroButa set RM 43.00 - Large serving of KuroButa cutlet, miso soup, chawanmushi, sushi, fresh fruits and soba.

KuroButa cutlets were crispy and juicy. I enjoy these delectable Kurobuta pork from the black pig. Hubby do mentioned this is the premium meat and I do agree with him. Highly recommended.

Fresh Assorted sushi that is included in this wonderful set. Served with ginger and wasabi

The dipping sauce is so unique - combination with lots of sesame and Japanese soy sauce. The waiter will assist to mix it all together.

Cold soba mixture with the soy sauce broth - a stint of saltiness and I love the Soba ; slippery and smooth.

Affordable set menu and full of pork menu choices.  Do expect to wait for the serving of food. We waited quite long for the KuroButa set, but worth waiting for the quality of the food here. Dining environment is cozy and comfortable with good service.

We are satisfied with this deal and hoping they will offer this great vouchers again next year! For sure I will grab more than one voucher.

Ichiriki Japanese Restaurant,
F237B, 1st Floor, Isetan Wing,
The Gardens, Mid Valley City, Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: 03-2284-0688