May King Lam Mee @ Jalan Pudu, Kuala Lumpur

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We drive to Pudu to have our lunch at May King Lam Mee. This restaurant has been established since 1969 and of course the specialty here is their signature Lam Mee. Crowded and we are still waiting for our seats. While waiting, we quickly placed our order at the counter and they will arrange for our seats. Air conditioning place to dine in with other choices such as Ipoh Hor Fun, Curry Chicken Noodle, dry noodles and others .

Herbal tea

Better to take two plates of the chili sauce. Homemade chili sauces and I love the spices
Crispy fried dumpling

Ipoh hor fun..looks good. I try one was so sweet and tasty

Pork meatball soup

Overwhelming by this hearty bowl of Lam Mee .The lam mee taste so good with the thick gravy and generous condiments of prawns, chicken shreds, spring onions, beansprouts and cabbage. Great to have it with the hot chili together.
chicken shreds, prawns, minced meat, nga choi (bean sprouts) and chinese cabbage; drenched with thick flavourful gravy/broth - See more at:

chicken shreds, prawns, minced meat, nga choi (bean sprouts) and chinese cabbage; drenched with thick flavourful gravy/broth - See more at:

Definitely the best lam mee in town!

May King Lam Mee 
38, Jalan Yew,
Off Jalan Pudu,
Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: 03-9222 3740.

Open 9.30am-5.30pm.
Closed on Mondays.

Standup Comedian Show by Harith Iskander @ Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil

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Managed to get through on the first day to tell a joke to LITEFM DJ one monday morning which is also our 5th anniversary date and hubby birthday on 20 Oct 2014. I recall my colleague told me this funny joke " There is 10 fish in an aquarium with 80% water level. Suddenly, one fish die and the water level become full. Do you know why? Because the other 9 fishes they cry. Second day, all the 9 fishes went missing. Where they go? They went to send their member "Naik Bukit" ( In chinese they going for memorial the died fish).  I try my luck call in and I won 6 tickets to see Harith Iskander show at Bukit Jalil on 29 Oct 2014 at 8.30pm. The DJ laugh at my joke and funny enough he cannot guess what happen to the fish.

The ticket is post to my home address and reached on Monday. Very disappointing when I look at it. I have 5 seats from B1-B5 and another ticket  with C16. Different row and they put in the sellotape to make it together. So which means the 6th person need to sit separately which is very ridiculous. Can't they give us the ticket in one row??

So on 29 Oct 2014, we went out early to take the Star LRT to Bukit Jalil station from Sentul Timur. Took us almost 35 minutes ride and luckily it was not raining. We walk about 8 minutes to the Stadium Putra (our first visit here) and the whole are is crowded with stalls selling food and drinks ( overpriced), peoples are queuing up for the food. There is food truck, one side selling Burger , Espressolab and mineral water Evian selling at RM 5 for a very small bottle. There are Property booth from IJM Land, and Genting Rewards. We take our time walking around and they offer us a lucky draw when we register for Genting rewards card member. All the lucky balls are the same. Soft toys or room stay at First world genting. We both get a room stay on Saturday. That's good. 

We waited until 8.30pm. Traffic is bad outside and my Sister is still struggling to find a parking. Bigger crowds coming in and there are still people buying food at 8.30pm. I think this show is going to delay because of Malaysia style of always being late to any occasion. No choice but to wait for the show to start. This is managed by local people that's why. To compare the Disney show i went recently at KL Convention Centre who was handle by the Mat Salleh..They always ONTIME!!Sharp!. 8.30pm means exactly 8.30PM SHOW time

Upset and frustrating when the security guard checking our bag and does not allow drinking bottle. That is fine. I hope to buy the water inside. But they told me.those are not for sale and we are not allowed to purchase anything!! What?? Then why the people there are setting up stall and selling mineral water at RM 2?? Bad management and organizer. No cameras? YEAH people can just take their phone and take photos and videos.. so whats the point?

I found my seats and the plastic chairs is really sickening. We sat there for so long to wait for the show to start and with given ticket price at RM 128, we have to sit at the lousy plastic chairs!.All the people just started to come in at 8.45 pm. And they are finding their seats and the whole stadium is almost full with 8000 people.

So the show starts at 9.15pm. The reason is because traffic is bad ( not raining at all), the godfather is not here yet..showing us some pre recorded video to entertain the crowd. The shows are late and at 9.20pm they advertise this standup comedian show is sponsored by those companies..then come Adibah Noor on the stage who is also the MC for tonight. Then she sing a song and talking for so long..only the show start to begin with comedian Dr. Jason Leong for 20 minutes and continue by Papa CJ, India's most influential comic (Honestly, I not really understand his language and he was walking here and there..hard to concentrate on his jokes).Entertain by them for like 40 minutes. At 10.05 pm, Harith Iskander is finally here and everyone is so excited!…

Laugh all night long with his simple and funny jokes. I love the Master Chef joke and our typical Malaysian cultural. That is To know Malaysia is to LAUGH MALAYSIA!” He has been talking for almost 1 1/2 hour and still continues.. I was looking at my's already 11.00 pm and I quickly check the website through my smartphone..Oppss.. the Star LRT station is going to close at 11.25pm. We better catch the last train or else we need to take other public transport. 

Very upset as we could not stay longer to wait for the show to finish and make our move for 8 minutes walking back to the station. Tiring, disappointed with this round of organizer which causes the delay. Have they think about us that we are taking public transport??

No wonder the show was late and everyone seems to be relaxing outside taking their own sweet time to go inside the stadium. They have already known and expected there are few local so called famous singers and celebrities who will be coming in late . When we are out from the stadium, I saw many nice cars parked outside with lots of bodyguards that are waiting there..

Anyway, we enjoy the show and surprisingly, there are maybe less than 10 people taking photos or videos which I can observe from my seats.

Johnny Rockets Malaysia @ Avenue K ( Birthday Treat)

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Groupon offers every customer with RM 25 to deduct from the purchase above RM 50. I look through the Groupon website and this page pops up very frequent. Johnny Rocket is offering [Up to 33% Off] Cash Voucher for Food and Drinks from RM50. RM 50 is for RM 70 cash. We can use in Avenue K which is nearer. I choose two vouchers so in total I have RM 140!! I just pay for RM 50 to get RM 140 voucher. What a great deal!! Thanks to Groupon for this special discount and I am looking forward for more promotions. 

We make early reservations and when we reached there, the place is pack as usual and the staff is very friendly greet us and taking our orders. With RM 140 cash voucher in hand, we can order lots of food! My dad try this cappuccino and I order the Milkshake..Looks good

Strawberry Soda for the kids meal

We try this awesome Strawberry Milkshake  RM 15.90 - Johnny Rocket Milkshake version with hand-dipped, & hand-spun, they’re made with the finest premium vanilla ice cream, whole milk, quality ingredients and real whipped cream.My girl love it so much

 Route 66 RM 24.90

Topped with swiss cheese,
grilled mushrooms, onions & mayonnaise.
This fan-favorite is named after the infamous
highway in USA, claiming the spot as an authentic American burger. Lots of sweet potatoes fries and the chicken patty is so juicy and tender. 

My girl finish almost all the patty and left over the soft bread for us..

Smoke House Single RM 24.90

 Huge burger served with Sharp cheddar cheese,
bacon, JR’s crispy onion rings
& “Smoke House” barbecue-ranch sauce

Chicken Philly Cheese Steak for RM 23.90

Perfectly grilled thin-slices of chicken topped with grilled onions, bell peppers & cheddar cheese. Served on hoagie roll. Delicious and flavorful
Chicken tenders meal Kids meal RM 10.90. This was finished by us instead. My girl prefer the chicken patty

Hubby complimentary desserts for his birthday.  Lovely piece

We enjoy the dinner with songs and dance by the cheerful staff. We managed to have 3 songs tonight and the staff are really energetic and smiley face all day long. The kids are happy with the balloons and the food is good. Just a little worried. The air con is too cold for all of us.

Avenue K Outlet:

Lot G-8A, Ground Floor, Avenue K, 

156 Jalan Ampang (opposite KLCC), Kuala Lumpur

Reservations: 03-2181 5466

Facebook :

Menu Link :

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Heli Lounge Bar @ Menara KH, Sultan Ismail Kuala Lumpur

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I want to give my hubby an early surprise to celebrate his birthday and also our anniversary days. Have planned three weeks ahead on what to do , where to eat and check out any near place to hang out. After our office hours, we went for a quick dinner and it was raining again. The rains stops after half an hour and we move on to Menara KH, Just located beside Raja Chulan Monorail Station (which we always pass by everyday). 

This place is really cool. We can see the whole KL view at the top floor at level 34. Hubby was joking with me..We are going into INTI University building at this hour?? I said you will be surprised later on. Greeted with welcome by the staff, Heli Lounge Bar served cocktail and beer at only RM 25 nett price for drinks ordered between 6pm to 9pm. There are dress code of smart casual after 9pm onwards. Crowded as usual and everyone is waiting to go up to see the view.

The club is decorated with air craft and the whole bar is covered by curtain and black white interior.
The drinks have to ordered here and pay immediately. Then, we can bring along our drinks to the rooftop later on. We have waited for 20 minutes and the staff said there are still chances of thunderstorm and will be dangerous for customers. So we have to wait longer for their green light. Some customers starts to leave this place and I still praying and looking to the sky from the window. Hoping it will not rain again and please please I really wanna go to the rooftop level to have my first experience of seeing the night view on the helicopter landing pad of Menara KH.

After another 15 minutes, I see the customers starts to move to another side and all of them gone. I ask the staff where they went? Then, only the staff told me that we can now go two steps up to the rooftop to enjoy the view. I was so angry because, I was expecting the staff to come and tell me, they are ready now and we can move up. Bad service all I can say. I was sitting there and I have ask them few times , and they just said still need to wait, might not able to go up, another staff said they are cleaning the place. At least they told me politely or have the courtesy to inform me,,Madam, now we have clean up the place and the rooftop is safe to go up now.
Very near distance looking at KL Tower and KLCC View. No windows and we can see very clearly

Happy face of me..can view 360 degree of the city view.
Nice view after the rain

Love this photo

Seated at a very nice place. Beautiful view of the KL Tower just infront of me

Enjoyable night with hubby. Memorable quiet moments just the two of us.

Heli Lounge Bar

34th Floor Menara KH
Jalan Sultan Ismail
Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03 2110 5034

Facebook Link :

Village Park Nasi lemak @ Damansara Uptown

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Finally, dropping by this area to have the famous Nasi Lemak as claimed by OpenRice as top 10 place to dine in Damansara Uptown and many review on this place. Village Park Nasi Lemak is located at the corner end and the whole place is crowded. Managed to find the indoor seats with air conditioning and quickly place our order. Standard order by the crowds and some can choose from the variety of mixed rice dish at the counter..Looking at other tables all order the nasi lemak ayam goreng. Price at RM 9 for the big portion of the chicken is worth the value.

The hot rice infused with coconut milk is incredibly fragrant, with crispy anchovies and I love the spicy sambal. My thumbs up for the  Ayam Goreng! Served hot, fresh and such a big portion. The chicken meat is well seasoned and fried to perfection
 .Each bite is very crunchy & cripsy tongue . 

The demand keep coming in and the fresh chicken drumstick finished within few seconds. 

Must agree that the Ayam Goreng is DELICIOUS!

Village Park Nasi Lemak (Halal)
5, Jalan SS21/37,
Damansara Utama,
47400 Petaling Jaya,

Contact : 03-7710-7860

Business Hours: 7am – 8pm (Mon-Sat), 7am – 6pm (Sunday)

Ecole P @ Damansara Uptown

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It was a beautiful Monday (hubby birthday and our 5th anniversary)..I have planned for a half day tour hunting for food at Damansara Uptown. I have not been here for the past years and many cafes and restaurant is quite new there. Drop by Ecole P (which I wanted to come here since early this year) and once we going up the staircase to Level 1, they have this motivated quote along the way. Nice interior and this cafe is warm and quiet place to have a quick lunch.

With their very own theme,Ecole P " Stands for Primay School", the whole place is designed  as a classrooms settings with another section having the snacks as the cafeteria/ stalls, canteens with a display board of our Rukun Negara, and childhood display on the sports trophies, books, stationary, badges and lots more to discover here...

The main entrance. I miss the "Sifir board" which I used to memorize it all and can read it out all in front of my teacher..I miss those moments. Every morning while waiting for my aunty van to fetch me to school, I will hold on the small paper and start to remember each numbers.

Truth wordings that we used to say in the classroom

Look at those cute biscuits..both are my favourites especially the three to put it all in a hot cup of milo

Unique and creative way in presenting their menu in a student handbook. Ecole P offers set lunch that comes with drinks and ala carte menu. The description is quite interesting on the food menu

Guess what's inside this cutie schoolbag?

My happiest memory joining Koperasi during my secondary school influence by my elder sister. Touched moments when I saw this section- it reminds me how I enjoy so much being a KO-OP girl with a bunch of great buddies, we laugh, have fun and working hard throwing our effort in making a good business and to provide great service to the students. Money can't buy experience.

Our favourite " Tikam Tikam" is also here..Childhood playtime that we used to hang out at the market stall just to get those numbers right and aiming for the highest amount of the prizes..Fun way of gamble trained since small..

From the main entrance, we spotted this mini space with lots of sweets, chocolates, keropok, chewing gum, biscuits and etc display on top of the traditional wooden stool.

Small place to hang out at Ecole P, but each tables and chairs will flash back our memories as if we are in the classrooms with wooden furnitures and blackboards, steel mug, and when we open the school bag, it was actually a pencil box with cutlery inside. Surprise!!!

We ordered set C comes with mushroom soup, garlic bread, orange juice and grilled chicken pasta .

Thumbs up for the mushroom soup and pasta is just average (too plain and the pasta taste too bland). I love how the food is presented in the older days two ties food containers and the packet or orange drinks is put inside the stainless steel mug

The words that I always complain to my teacher and classmates..and also my mum" Cikgu, tak nampak la" . I have this eye sight problem since Standard 1 and my teachers always change our seats and sometime I get the back seats because I am tall. My mum will start to nag the teacher and I was given the front seats..!!..hehe..those are the times

Cikgu, lapar nak rehat. Let's makan first!

"Yer, teacher! She bites finger nails".. Haha..this is what I always do during my free time or when I was thinking, reading and dreaming.Even now my girl have my bad habits

I'm sure my girl gonna love this baby chair

Nice pose

Perhaps, I should make this quote placed on my working desk

Nasi Lemak Creme Brulee -  Strong aroma from the nasi lemak condiments of anchovies, peanuts, cucumber and the sweet spicy sambal. The desserts have the perfect balance of flavour and the creme brulee texture is smooth.You must try this. 

After having our meal, we find out other quote and this was the interesting quote " Gila Ke".??

Outdoor classrooms with huge blackboard, chalks, feather duster,school bag, and rattan chair.

Nostalgic memories leaving this cafe with a smile. Satisfy with the food, environment and service.

Ecole P

19m Jalan SS21/37, 
Damansara Utama
47400 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Tel : 03-7732 9711

Business Hours:
Weekdays : 11am to 3 pm, 6pm to 10pm
Weekends : 11am to 10 pm
(Closed on Thursday)