English 1-1 online learning from 51 Talk Malaysia

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Online classes becomes the latest trend ever since the pandemic time happens and we begin to explore more educational classes for our children. Sometime we just don't have the time to teach them and guide them the correct way. Thus, it is important to enrol a good online learning centre that can offer one to on learning for my kids to focus on their studies.

English seems to be common and easy to learn. Daily communiction in English does not mean you know the proper meaning, the grammar and how the language can be so unique.  I have tried to enrol trial class for my kids at their school for British Council English courses, but somehow the fees is expensive and time consuming because it take longs hours and I need to arrange transportation  and the waiting time to fetch them. 

 I wanted to find the online learning education that can guide my kids especially in English language and at the same time can be more convenient. Glad that I came across 51Talk Malaysia. It is Top 3 English Learning platform in Malaysia. It adopts the 1v1 online teaching mode of real foreign teachers, offering service to young users aged 4-15 around the world, and meeting the needs of users to take lessons anytime, anywhere. They have more than 20000 high-quality foreign teachers from USA, CAN, PHL and other countries.


Talk 51 use a different method in bringing English a fun language to our children. Good coaching from a selection of experience teachers, children had fun while studying and create an English conversation, They have more than 20000 high-quality foreign teachers from USA, CAN, PHL and other countries.


51Talk is a local entity with international standard approved syllabus- CEFR. With local entity that exist long in the market,rest assured the stability and continuation of the centre. Having a package in a reputable centre gives us a comfort of long term learning, no worry of closure. Listed in the US On June 10, 2016, it was officially listed on the New York Stock Exchange, becoming the first online English education company in the industry to go public in the United States. 


Founded in 2011, 51Talk Group is the world's largest online Kids English education brand. The selection of teachers at Talk 51 is well done and quality assured as they go through a screening.


Children can starts as young as 3 years old. There are a trial class if anyone would like to try. An assessment will be done before the teacher determine the level of the students.

The teaching method is Gamified, interactive & fun. Children can learn, practice and they have exam and assessment.

This course system is an English course system developed by 51Talk based on CEFR (Common European Language Reference Standard) for overseas youth majors. It is in line with international examinations such as Cambridge Children's English and Cambridge General English, providing clear and measurable growth for each student's English learning Progress plan.The design of learning materials and practice question bank for young children is vivid and attractive, which is in line with children's figurative visual cognition habits and makes children fall in love with English.

Online learning is the most effective way to learn English nowadays. From 51 Talk, kids can learn and improve their english conversation, english language and thus helps them in public speaking with confidence as well. 



We had did a trial class and it was a good experience. Do check out the below link for more information.

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FB : https://www.facebook.com/51TalkMsia



Free Class Registration Link :


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Petrol heads spend online- Auto Mall, a one-stop centre on Shopee

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Most of us are aware of the expansion that the local e-commerce landscape has been going through of late. For example, the number of Malaysian rural and community businesses participating as Shopee Marketplace sellers has increased 7.5-fold since January 2020 till March 2022.

Meanwhile, more and more Malaysian shoppers are purchasing items online for products that they would usually look for in a physical shop. This includes, among other things, car and motorcycle parts and accessories.

So, what exactly do petrol heads mostly spend online?

Here’s a glimpse into the top selling items from January 2022 till April 2022 on Auto Mall, a one-stop centre on Shopee for automotive products, knowledge, deals and more.

Auto Mall product

No. of units sold from Jan 2022 - Apr 2022

Car tissue box holder


Car and motor engine oil




Motorcycle tyres





Car tissue box holder - Sales recorded increased by over 3 times in April 2022 compared to when Auto Mall was introduced in November 2021

Spills on the seat or breadcrumbs on the car mat can sometimes happen if you’re not too careful. It is no surprise then that tissue boxes are a common sight in our cars.

For practicality, many drivers have been purchasing car tissue box holders on Shopee. These holders make car interiors look neater and more organised. Over 79,000 units of the product have been sold on Auto Mall from January 2022 to April 2022.

Engine Oil -
More than 69,000 units sold on Auto Mall from January 2022 to April 2022

An essential part in keeping an engine running at peak performance is a high-quality engine oil that has good cleaning power. Riders and drivers have been turning to Shopee for their engine protection needs, with a wide variety of engine oil brands and types available on offer.

Batteries - Over 26,000 units of batteries were sold on Auto Mall from January till April this year

Not many things are more frustrating than failing to start your car or motorcycle due to a flat battery when you’re rushing off for work. Shopee users are doing their best to not be caught in that situation by purchasing premium, long lasting batteries on the platform.

Motorcycle tyres - Over 19,000 motorcycle tyres sold on Auto Mall from January till April this year

Something rather big and bulky such as tyres have usually been bought at physical tyre shops. However, the increased popularity of e-commerce has shifted consumer preferences, leading many Malaysians to prefer the convenience and ease of purchasing motorcycle tyres via the click of a few buttons.

Maxxis and Corsa are examples of popular brands, with silicone wax also highly sought by those particularly keen on keeping their tyres and rims shiny on the road.

Motorcycles - Sales recorded increased by more than double in April 2022 compared to November 2021

Beyond just parts and accessories, motorcycles have also been frequently purchased. Having a motorcycle is handy when it comes to making those short trips nearby and navigating tight city streets. More than 900 units of motorcycles were sold on Auto Mall in the first four months of 2022.


Popular motorcycle brands on Shopee include Yamaha, Modenas, Honda and Vespa. Users have the option of buying motorcycles in cash or by paying the booking fee, then paying the rest of the amount via a loan.

On Auto Mall, on top of products from trusted car and motorcycle brands and exclusive deals and vouchers, Shopee users can find various resourceful information such as tips on tyre care, latest fuel prices and blog articles on automotive topics.

Speaking on how Auto Mall has propelled their business, BateriHub stated, “Previously, we were more focused on offline retail outlets before the Covid-19 outbreak. When we started out on Shopee in late 2020, we had achieved over RM1 million sales in one year. Recently, after joining Auto Mall, our exposure improved greatly. The number of visitors to our store has increased by 25 percent in a month. Being in Auto Mall, we get to feature our products to more specific groups of potential buyers that share a similar interest in automotive goods.”

Guan Hoe Penang, who operates the Yamaha Official Store on Shopee, was able to diversify their business channels through the platform. “In the first year, we were able to hit above the RM500,000 mark, selling motorcycles, motor oils, spare parts and riding gear. Since the start of 2022, we joined Auto Mall, which helped boost our monthly sales by 30 percent. On top of assisting us in achieving higher store traffic, Auto Mall also enables us to have a dedicated site to showcase our best deals,” it said.

SWAN School Bag Techno Lite Spinal Protection Back Support

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When school reopens, my girl school bag is extremely heavy with text book, work book and etc. I try to get a light weight bag where I found my desired choice from Swan Brand-Technolite Trolley Bag  

It is One of the most spacious school bags around, the SWAN Technolite Trolley Bag in Grey! There are many compartments it has and There is even a transparent slot to insert the school’s timetable for easy reference. Surely this will help when organising the books and required materials to bring for the next school day!

Apart from rolling this bag along, the SWAN Technolite bag is designed with U-Shaped shoulder straps for better weight distribution for those who still want to carry the bag around.
These are the awesome features of this bag:-

3D Back Padding; Cool Ventilation & provide straight backbone support.
- U-Shaped shoulder straps; Makes weight distribution lighter on the backbone.

- Ergonomic Design; Keeps the body in an upright position. Your cheerful child feels more relaxed and comfortable carrying it too.
- Function allows pulling / going up the stairs easily.

- Detachable Trolley Function. - High quality material & stitching

She love it very much. Stylish, comfort and most important is the good support and high quality.

Get yours at

Shopee -Join the Order and Win Contest

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This June, ShopeeFood invites everyone to join the Order & Win Contest and stand a chance to win prizes worth up to RM10,000.

With an array of exciting prizes ranging from MMX Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, MMX Rotisserie Oven, MMX Hand Blender & Food Processor, and ShopeeFood vouchers to be won, you can also double your chances of winning by ordering from any Super Deals restaurants. 

Unlocking e-commerce success with Shopee Seller Summit

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Unlocking e-commerce success with Shopee Seller Summit

Attendees will have the chance to gain early access to Shopee’s Year-end Mega Campaign packages and special attendee-only deals


Returning as a hybrid event, Shopee will hold its annual seller summit on 16th June 2022 at Sunway Resort, Petaling Jaya, sharing key insights on how sellers can sustain their business growth online. The theme Level Up: Driving Growth Together, features a series of talks and panel discussions from industry leaders and distinguished experts. Shopee will also highlight support initiatives that will empower sellers to unlock new milestones.

Tips and tricks from industry experts

Participants can look forward to gaining insights on boosting sales by tapping into Shopee’s ecosystem to understand new consumer behaviour. This includes leveraging the in-app engagement features such as Shopee Live and Shopee Feed to connect sellers with consumers, forging a personalised, engaging and social shopping experience.

With the economy transitioning into the new norm, it is important to identify new consumer behaviours to adapt one’s e-commerce strategy accordingly. Through such guidance from real-life Shopee sellers, participants will be able to fully prepare themselves while seeking to expand their businesses in the long run.

Learning useful knowledge to grow and scale online

Leon Wong who has been attending the Shopee Seller Summit since the year 2020 said the event is very insightful and helpful to sellers. “I will definitely recommend every seller to join the upcoming Shopee Seller Summit to be one step ahead.”

Sehrish Kamran who planned to participate in the event again this year, emphasised her main takeaway from the previous event was hearing experiences from other sellers such as ShopeeXperts. “Hearing them talk about how they went from a one-man show to full-time business was something that really motivated and inspired me. I will definitely be joining again this year especially since we will be seeing it in real life.”

Exclusive benefits for participants

The summit is open to all business owners including MSMEs, part-time sellers and more. Attendees will have the chance to gain early access to Shopee’s Year-end Mega Campaign packages and special attendee-only deals. All participants will also receive a digital certificate of attendance after the event.

Tickets for the online session are still available at RM25 each. Existing Shopee sellers are eligible for RM50 in paid advertising credits for each ticket purchase and up to RM100 to be claimed for the purchase of more than one ticket (terms and conditions apply). 

Grab this chance to level up with Shopee!

Echoing Shopee’s mission of benefiting local communities through technology, Shopee Seller Summit 2022 is here to forge new opportunities and create values for the e-commerce community. The ticket sale ends on 3rd June 2022. Visit the Shopee Seller Summit’s page for more information.