Canton2go - Online Food Delivery for Small Gathering

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I am excited to hold a small party to celebrate April babies- myself and grandma (both of us on the nearest date) while dad and mum in law also celebrating birthday in the month of April. Canton2go is the perfect choice for ordering their food from website and they will deliver the food right to my doorsteps. I pick the Mini Buffet - Mix & Match that have up to 50 courses for selection. It is only RM 38 per pax and minimum order is 10 pax. Just Order 1 day in advance and they will FREE delivery to you. I need to choose three types of meat (chicken / pork/ fish), 2 types of seafood ( squid/ prawn), 2 types of vegetables (egg or vegetable or taufu) and 1 selection of rice or meehon.
The food is serve hot and pack in nice and neat packaging. Complete sets of cutlery (fork,spoon, paper plate and table cloth)

The sauce are separated in another small container. When you want to serve the food, just pour the sauce.
Hassle free party for us to gather around and enjoy these delicious food.
1 Set/ 10 Pax Mix & Match Buffet
- 1 x Thai Sauce Fillet
- 1 x Curry Pork With Potato ( highly recommended)
- 1 x Sweet & Sour Pork
- 1 x Butter Egg Squid
- 1 x Mayonnaise Crispy Skinless Prawn
- 1 x Egg Beancurd and Dried Beancurd
- 1 x Fried Broccoli With Mix Vege
- 1 x Fried Rice With Anchovy 
Great surprise for having the papaya and passion fruit as my desserts. Random pick of the day. So I am lucky to have passion fruit yeah!

Yummylicious food that are so convenient with just a single click. Check out their website for more choices of food.

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Penang Bird Park - Our Wonderful Family Trip

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This is our first trip to Penang and mummy is feeling excited to bring the kiddos to Penang Bird Park! We reached here early at 9.30am and the place looks quiet and all the birds are mainly inside the cage. It have many section to venture so the first stop is to see the parrots.
Penang Bird Park is The first & largest bird park of its kind in Malaysia, established since 1988, the 5-acre park on the mainland portion of Penang State, has a collection of more than 300 species of birds from all over the world, of which more than 150 species are of Malaysian Species. More than 3,000 birds in this park are carefully and scientifically housed in more than 150 cages for the breeding and conservation purpose.

Our family enjoy talking to the Parrot. He is a very smart bird. He heard us and respond to us. Bye Bye! Hello ! Hello!

While the 2 Geodesic Domes and 2 giant sized Walk-in-Aviaries, keep hundreds of tamed birds which offers priceless memory and exciting moment for visitors, after hand-feeding them, exotic birds ranging from tiny Sunbirds to huge, gigantic 8-foot tall Ostriches frolic in an environment that imitates their natural habitat. Penang Bird Park is particularly proud of its hornbills, sunbirds, and pheasants collection. Penang Bird Park is the bird-park loved by the expert ornithologists as well as for the people of all ages who love birds.


Built in a garden concept, the park boasts of its beautiful landscaping with the impressive collections of hibiscus, orchids,  bamboo, ornamental plant and palm trees. Cascading waterfalls and natural ponds flourish with colourful fishes, lotus and water lilies, creating a home for the free-roaming pelicans, flamingos, swans, egrets, storks, herons and colourful ducks. Observe from the Chinese-style wooden bridges that traverse the water or relax in the little Malay huts that dot the park to enjoy the beauty of nature at play. A cosy air-conditioned restaurant in the park serves delicious local and western food.

Penang Bird Park is also a home to several species of deers including the smallest deer in the world - Mouse-Deers. Giant Arapaima fish, pythons, giant estuarine crocodile, tortoises and other species of wildlife are also exhibited in this park.

We came to another section whereby you need to open a small door to enter this area. We can purchase the FISH food for only RM 1. My kids enjoying throwing it all over. Not only the fish are excited waiting for the food, the birds as well!

In this section, the birds are freely walking around and we get to capture the pictures with them more closely. Look Mummy! White Peacock!

Bird Show Hours:
11.00am & 3.30pm daily

Capturing the Eagle. It is waiting for the signal to fly to another side

The fun moment - We can take pictures with the Parrots after the birds show! Yeah!
Memorable time spend with my kids and they get to explore so many different types of birds. We all enjoy it so much and more glad that the weather is just nice on that day.

* Open daily : 9.00am - 7.00pm including weekends & all Public Holidays.

Entrance Fee :

AdultRM 38
Children (below 12 year-old) RM 20
School Children (with Malaysian National School Uniform) RM 10
Camera RM 1
Video Camera RM 5
My Kad Holder - RM 23
My Kid Holder - RM 13
* Physically and/or mentally handicapped & under privileged persons are allowed free entrance

Website :
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Riccarton Capsule Hotel @ Wisma Q Tititwangsa Kuala Lumpur

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I came to know about Capsule Hotel in Facebook page recently and it does make me so curious to find out more about their hotel concept. We actually passing by this place every morning on our way to work at Jalan Pahang. Wisma Q is located at Persiaran Titiwangsa, facing on the main road. Right Opposite is the Shell station and Mcdonalds.

Riccarton Capsule Hotel just opened last Saturday on 1 April 2017 and Designing capsule rooms come from its location surrounded by Malaysia's main hospital (such as IJN, HKL and Tawakal) and city centre. Riccarton Capsule Hotel also provides standard and family rooms for those family members coming from other state to visit their loved ones who have been hospitalized giving them convenience to stay nearby and also still affordable to them.

Riccarton Capsule Hotel is inspired by a minimalistic type of hotel developed in Japan, with the main purpose of giving guests an economical, simple and convenient alternative to overnight accommodation options in the city. This modern space age living concept is the first of its kind in Malaysia and aims to serve guests who need a comfortable place to stay, without the expensive additional amenities which are included in most hotel room prices.

The lockers are to place your shoes when you enter this premises.  All inhouse guest will be given a pair of slippers for them during the stay.

The check in process is straight forward and quick. The friendly and helpful staff are there to guide you. Just follow this steps.-

1. Check In- Upon payment, you will receive a locker key and your capsule unit number

2. Remove your shoes and wear inhouse slippers.

3. Put your belongings in to the lockers provided.

4. Advisable to take shower before entering the capsule.

5. Keep silent inside capsule. No food is allowed.

6. Check Out - Just return the room card and TV remote to the front desk.

Upon check in, hotel guest will be given a small bag consist of towel, slippers and a remote control.

Luggage Lockers
Every guest will be provided a complimentary luggage locker to store their baggage safely without crowding their capsule room. The luggage lockers are installed with electronic security locks to keep your personal belongings safe and sound. Just use the room card to scan and open the locker. There are also CCTVs monitoring the lockers to safeguard your property.

Common washroom is separated - Male and Female. Female washroom comes with additional changing room. Feel free to use the drinking water machine

Showers and toilets are a shared facility at the capsule hotel. Comes in modern design with environmental-friendly features. All guests are provided a complimentary toiletries kit which contains a toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo and soap. **The toiletries does not apply for Capsule guest and only applicable for Deluxe room stay.

Now, Let's get ready to explore these unique Capsules
Photo credit to Riccarton Capsule Hotel FB 
This is the back angle. On the 1st and 2nd floor, there are 104 Capsules in total.(52 Capsules in each floor) You can use the small steps to climb up if you choose the upper level.

The Capsules are cozy. The room card is use to enter own Capsule,just scan and the Capsule will open. Insert card to on the lights and air conditioning. Each capsule is 4 feet wide and 8 feet long, with smooth finishing to provide guests a comfortable space to get cozy. It is made of high quality fireproof material with an aerospace design. Despite its size, the capsule is equipped with a set of mattress, pillow and blanket, and has air conditioning ventilation, a smart TV, WiFi, make up mirror, panic button, night safe, smoke detector and other electronic amenities. There is an electronic hotel card reader installed on the capsule door to ensure complete safety while you sleep. For additional security, the walkways are monitored by CCTVs.
No Smoking! That's the important house rules. Besides, you also need to be silent, No littering, No phone zone, No Food and Shower first before entering the capsules. Every Capsules will be sanitize and clean daily. Keeping the place clean and hygienic all the time.

This capsule room surely make your stay a fun and memorable one! I am excited to experience it too!

Capsule from another angle.

Just insert the room card, adjust the lights for reading / sleep mode, air cond temperature and etc. The blue lights gives me a cooling feeling inside and relaxing atmosphere.

This Capsule is pretty cool. Love the concept and just touch the function button to control the lights and air conds. Easy to use and so convenient. Relaxing Capsule with comfy pillow provided

Local channels is available and you can select the channel using the remote control given. WIFI is available all the time, so you can surf net, Facebook, view Youtube and etc.You will never get bored.

Additional door lock for your safety purpose

Next ,we check on the slightly bigger Capsule that can fit in one couples with an infant/ child. The Capsule also with same amenities ranging from lights dimmers, door lock, air conditioning adjustment buttons, a small safe box to keep your belongings and one charger port. There are also a small fire extinguisher and fire alarm installed for your safety purpose. Larger TV screen with USB port available. Perfect stay for a small family

Common Work Desk Area with WiFi. Whether you’re travelling for business or leisure, you can utilize the work desk area with complimentary WiFi connection to make the most of your time at the hotel. Complete with cozy chairs and well lit, this quiet area provides multiple universal plug and USB power points for you to charge your electronic devices while you work or surf the internet. We also offer digital printing services upon request.

Besides that, there is also iron and ironing board for guest to use.
Besides Capsules, you can also choose to stay at their different types of rooms. From Standard to Family Room, guest can book for their convenience stay here. The hotel room are located at Level 3 and 4.

This is the Spacious Suites Room with comfortable king sized bed

The Jacuzzi bathtub looks good and separated with the showers.
Impressive Family Room with Large LED TV. It gives me a cozy feel and relaxing atmosphere inside.

Standard Rooms are equipped with high quality beds, mattresses, bed sheets, and pillows to ensure you get a restful night’s sleep.The rooms facing the main road have thicker glass panels to maximize noise reduction from the outside, to ensure you get peace and quiet during your stay. All Standard Room doors are installed with exceptional lock systems for your security and to protect your privacy. Simple and yet comfortable room for a short stay. It does comes with a chiller, kettle, coffee and tea making facilities too.

There is also a function room complete with projector setup. You can make early reservation to arrange for your meeting or company function.

Free shuttle van to the three hospitals (HKL,Tawakal and IJN), KLCC and PWTC. Shuttle service can be arrange for Airport pickup too.

Definitely great to have this Capsule Hotel in Kuala Lumpur area. Riccarton Capsule Hotel is clean, pleasant and comfortable place to stay, complete with top-notch services and facilities.Come and experience it yourself with affordable accommodation rate and convenient for guest to move around.

Riccarton Capsule Hotel
No.G-1,Wisma Q Titiwangsa,Persiaran Titiwangsa 1,
Jalan Pahang
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Tel :03-4031 5000

Room Rate : From RM 75

Email :

Facebook ;
(Look for more updates here to check on their roof garden cafe and laundry area that will be up soon at the top floor which overseas KL view) and yes more upcoming Capsules hotel that will be coming soon. Stay tuned!