Top Hat Restaurant @ Jalan Stonor, Kuala Lumpur

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It's weekends again and its time to go to another new place. My two girls is excited for each outing and my second daughter will quickly grab her shoe and also her water bottle. I wanted to try this Top Hat Restaurant so much but when looking at expensive price i would just have to wait for the deals to come. And yeah finally, they are doing some great cash voucher deal from Living Social, which i can instant redeem it as soon as the payment is done. As usual i make early booking at 11.30am  to dine in and i only spend RM49 for RM100 Cash Voucher for food from the ala carte menu. But this voucher does not include the desserts. 

Let's get to know some fact on the famous place 'Top Hat Restaurant'.It is Malaysian Tatler's Best Restaurant Award for 10 consecutive years (2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 & 2012) by the Malaysian Tatler and also i watched the tv show 'Ho Chiak' they featured this restaurant introduced the signature food of the nasi tomato which price at RM 49. Apparently, this restaurant also been featured on KL Lifestyle, The Edge Financial Daily, The Edge Malaysia and The Star.

Top Hat Restaurant is located at Jalan Stonor and just nearby KLCC. Parking is easy to find if you are early. This bungalow house is a nice place to dine in with family with cozy ambiance and homey environment.

The bungalows restaurant nestled in the heart of the city, with a delightful garden and a pond. My girls keep on walking in and out pulling my hand, they just love the outdoor space here, running around and spotted koi fish inside the pond. Both excited and we need to take turns to bring them out. It is getting tougher and challenging bringing my girls for dining now. They can only behave less then 20 minutes and the tantrum begins.Sigh!

Admiring the whole restaurant setting with dim lights, elegant and classic place to be and the place is quiet . The place look luxurious, with closed in glass wall with display of the wines and some seating area have curtains too.Relaxing and pleasant moment here.

The menu includes classic dishes with Asian flavours such as the famous local Malaysian and Nyonya delectables of Top Hats, Nyonya Laksa and Seafood Noodles. Western cuisine lovers can opt for Chargrilled Ribeye, Rack of Lamb, Pan-fried Salmon Fillet, Signature Chicken and Mushroom Pie, Signature Oxtail Stew and other selections. Mrs.Maria Danker, is the founder of Top Hat, has assembled an excellent team of chefs,that creates the delightful meal that comprises of the Malaysia and Nyonya cuisines.

Homely dining experience with some corner of privacy. There are many seats available, but the staff said it will be pack during weekends and better to make early reservation.

Comfortable dining area with great service here

Top Hat do organize events and special functions. It also does outside catering.

Signature Top Hats (half dozen) - (RM12) . Also known as (Nyonya Kuih Pie Tee). Served with homemade sweet & sour sauce, shredded sengkuang, and shredded carrots. This signature dish is actually also represent the restaurant name and it's a must try item when you visit here. This mixture of the fresh vegetables is really suitable for vegetarian and very crispy when i taste it, great snacks to start with.

Pie Tee is beautifully plated, creative creation of this flavourful snacks. I just put in the whole top hat into my mouth and enjoy the crispness!

 Garlic Bread (French loaf) (3 pcs) - RM9. Crunchy and fresh from oven

Seafood Noodles - RM25 . A clear-based soup with a choice of yellow noodles, meehoon or brown noodles served with fresh prawn, squid, fish, bean sprouts & seaweed. Fresh and premium seafood obviously shown in the picture and this darkly colored seaweed flavour the noodles dishes.  I love this healthy and nourishing meal and the soup is aromatic. Awesome!

Grilled Lemongrass Chicken price at RM48. Served with nyonya fried rice, pickled vegetable & mango sauce. I will highly recommend this. The combination is pretty blends well and the mango sauce is flavourful thus enhance the chicken taste. Perfectly grilled chicken with appetizing pickle vegetables on the side of the plate. Added on top of the rice with the crispy smaller size of the anchovies which i love so much.
What is more interesting about this place is all the menu changes every 3 months.You also must indulge yourself with their home made delights desserts such as ice creams, puddings and crumbles. There are also variety of cakes choices here

This deal is truly satisfying - with affable waiters providing excellent service and the quality of the food is value for money.

You might also want to check out their latest Xmas promotion early bird booking for 20% before 10 December 2013


No.3, Jalan Stonor,
Kuala Lumpur, 50450

Contacts : 603-2142 8611 / 603-2144 1863

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Website :

1 Utama Wonder Food Adventure @ 1 Utama's Food Street

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We are going to hunt for great food at 1 Utama's Food Street starting from 11am to 4 pm and here have everything under one roof and it's really all in one. Penang , Melaka and other Asian food is all available here and no hassle to drive all the way to Penang to have my O' Chien.

Wonder Food is starting from 4 - 24 Nov, 2013, aims to promote variety of food delicacies and also 1Utama ONECARD which offer so many privileges. 

I am so ready for this gastronomic journey with my map ready, passport in hand and my photographer (aka hubby). Cameras on!

My first choice is the  Ko Hyang Korean Country Delights. Choose the Korean Pan Mee noodle to warm up my stomach and to kick start my engine to fill up my food later on the next station. This restaurant looks familiar and they actually having another outlet in Mid Valley.

Personally, I do like the taste, clear soup with healthy mixture of vegetables. Not to forget the spicy Kimchi is the great appetizer to start off my meal.
Served hot with the smooth pan mee and lots of fresh seafood. I love this meal. More then 19 dishes to try on here.

I walk opposite way to Eat & Happy Yong Tau Foo, with wide variety of the fresh yong tau foo, picking up any pieces and can choose to be served with the soup or with noodles.

Prefer the crispy 'fu chook' and fried wan tan.
Fresh fish paste and the smooth and firm taufu

Seaweed and crab meat rolled with the fu chok . Yummy!

Looking up for some desserts and I move on to try Mr.Cendol. Yeah everything is all about cendol and most famous choices is the cendol mangkuk, But, I am craving for ice cream so this will be my better choice. What a great combination. 
Adding gula melaka syrup as much as you need (self service as provided on the table). I will go just one circle, not too sweet just taste good!!

Mr .Cendol also offered some local Asian food which most of the menu is spicy. Yes. We all love spicy food of course. Will come back for their nasi lemak and mee rebus. Looks so tempting in the menu with reasonable price from RM 8 onwards.

Then, I hop on to this cozy placed called the Seaweed Club.The seats arrangement and the interior impress me the most. Greeted by the petite lady owner, she introduce the chicken floss seaweed popiah that comes with four flavour to choose from. Original, Spicy, Tuna and also Wasabi. I prefer the original and the spicy chicken floss.

Nice food presentation and I really enjoy myself here.
Every piece of the seaweed popiah is filled up and stuffed with the chicken floss.Refreshingly crispy popiah!

I am enjoying every sip of this tea mixture of longan, and kei chi (wofberry), also we called it 'Liong Sui' (Herbal Tea) which i think is far more healthy, promote blood circulation  and energy boost drink, and I am ready to continue to my next station.

Seaweed Club is having on going promotion which I think is very worth the value

Moving on with fast speed to another station which is the signature food O'Chien at Oyster King. Open concept kitchen and clean environment.

Look what I have spot inside my O Chien!, My first bite on the gigantic oyster. Fat, Juicy and most important is FRESH.  The best serving  for me. Delicious!!

Friendly staff at Oyster King and pleasure moment here
Valuable combo meal to try on

Some other menu that looks interesting

Digestion in the progress and I think i need a break. Heading over to the activities counter and I found 4 coupons in my goodies bag. Excited and I am going for my first ever nail art. OMG!!. I have not done any nail art before not even on my wedding day. I wonder why.HAHA. 

This is really fun. I got to choose the design and the nail polish colour and no long queue. Just opt for the simple pinky colour and some butterflies on it.Surprisingly, this counter is occupied by the kids rather then the adults.

My wonderful nail art and i hope it can last until one week times. I just hope the butterflies won't fall into my babies bottles while i am preparing the milk for them. Hehe.
Choosing the best body part for Minions tattoos for my two naughty girls to admire

Posing with my tattoos

Hop on to Bisou and found this lovely place with creative interior and display counter for all the cupcakes. I spotted few lovely cupcakes with beautiful frosting, and so many designs to choose from
Delectable fresh baked cupcakes that is rich in chocolate

Creamy moist chocolate cupcake- One of my favorite as I am truly chocolate lover!

Colour cupcakes.Can I have a bite for each please??

SS2 Goreng Pisang is my next pitstop and I manage to take away  the famous goreng pisang and the traditional chinese 'nin kou'. They have lots of choices range from the sweet potato, fried yam and the cucur udang.

Crispy and moist when i taste it. Great to have this for light snacks
I love Yoo is my next stall. You Tiao, hot selling item. Of course i need to have this and my red bean sesame ball (my all time favourite).

Cravings for other traditional chinese dough such as Butterfly Bun, Fried Bun, Sesame Ball and Mix Bun. The bos is very kind and generous, i can choose what ever food in the display counter.

Here also have Tau Fu Fa, Soya Drinks, Liong Fun, Hainan Coffee and White Coffee.I need some cold drinks. White coffee is a better selection for now.

Thumbs up!

Hop over to Ninja Joe and was given the Hikkori Ninja the signature food here.

Pork burger with juicy pork meat. Tasty and flavourful!

Now its time to head over to LG Highstreet and i have my meal here at Lammeeya. Homey and comfy environment with the taste of the home cooked food.
Fulfilled my craving for lam mee. My first try in this restaurant. The yee mee is still crunchy with the thick gravy. Spice up with the hot blend chili.

Walking back towards to the BBQ Chicken.  Mainly this area is covered by huge restaurant and offered more heavier food. The large serving by BBQ Chicken which include the grilled BBQ Chicken and the deep fried crispy chicken with fries and coleslaw. When I use my hand to peel off the chicken skin, it was really hot and crispy. Succulent meat ever.

Healthy meal with 100% usage of the olive oil. Great place to dine in

Surprised given a RM 10 voucher, can be used at KL Festival Mall. Thanks to Josephine, have a nice chat with her

Oh so nice. Not oily at all and so crunchy!

After that I went to Molten Lava. This small place do served variety of food such as the Funnel Cake Strawberry Chocolate with Ice Cream (looks yummy on the menu).
Wow. So many choices and I am getting excited looking at this colourful swiss roll and macaroons.

Churros is the best seller item here.  The flavor sugar spread on top of the churros enhance the taste of churros. Need to have this while served hot. 
Food Box is just locates side by side to Lava.  Mouth watering menu and they are promoting their signature food - Hakka Braised Pork.

Looking delicious.My favorite rice bowl is there display at the main counter. I wish I can finish up three pieces.

Food Box offered non halal food and good to hang out here if you looking for some traditional chinese food such as the sweet and sour pork and the butter chicken. Valuable set with good quality of the food there.

I love this rice bowl. Thumbs up for the spicy dry prawns sambal. I just love the taste so much and I am craving for more.Deliriously happy when i spotted this place.
Kuih Ko Se filled up with pandan flavour and just nice for tea break
Next,  heading over to Vivo American Pizza and Panini which is just opposite BBQ Chicken. Was greeted with warm welcome by the staff and Cecelia ( the owner) gives me three options - Smoked Chicken BBQ Pizza, Baked Chicken Chop and their best selling desserts that you must indulge in ( Volcanic Chocolate and Ice Cream Dessert ).

It was indeed a satisfying meal as the pizza dough is very crispy and delicious with generous portion of the ingredients. I love the BBQ Sauce, and extra layer of cheese. Worth waiting for the pizza (about 10 minutes) and have chit chat with Cecelia, she really wish I can try the desserts , which i love to, but I am pretty full and need to rush to the last station.

Delightful meal  and full of excitement

Rush hour. I need to walk back to the LG Promenade to get my bak kut teh and i have only 7 minutes to reach there by 4 pm . Speed up and i nearly shouted please don;t block my way to the crowd while i was walking. I need to get to Pao Xiang Bak Kut Teh asap to get my passport stamped. I am so desperate and yet i could not locate it. Opss!. Then I try one more round and ya. It was down the lane just beside the Effective Herbs. 

Meet the humble owner and here is a franchise restaurant. Some might get different quality of the bak kut teh depends on the outlet you dine in.
The tender and lean pork rib. The pork meat is Half lean and half fat.  The mixture of meat and skin melted slowly in my mouth, Strong herbs i can smell off and aromatic. I love the thick soup. Simply Irresistible. I like the taste and yeah, end my meal here with total satisfaction.
There are more choices in the menu