Rapid KL Monorail Price Increase Is Really Crazy!

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When Hubby told me that the price increase for Raja Chulan station I was shocked. Increase from RM 1.60 to RM 3.10!!!!! Looks like double amount and really burn a hole in my pocket. Where to justify that amount of increase? Bukit Nanas and Raja Chulan stations increase alot as well as KL Sentral. Just because the crowd is more than other stations? Taking Advantage of working people like us who need to travel daily by public transport?? 

Today I took a ride on the long train and yet one door is not in function and the door can't be open. I told my hubby that they want to increase our price ticket, but services like this where the train is not maintain well on the technical side..What's the point?? Not secure as well because they always said they have technical problem. Train will be delay! (That's the most frustrating statement). And sometime no announcement made and leave us in clueless moments and keep guessing will the train come? Will it be function as usual if come? Or asking the people to go inside and in a second asking you to come out again and said not in function and please take another train???

All this is more than enough. I have been taking public transport for many many years and they seem never improve and yet they can give this answer in their website:-

The reliability of the LRT and Monorail services is still wanting. It is unfair for the fare to be adjusted upwards until the services improve.
While the Rapid KL LRT and Monorail services do encounter disruptions occasionally, the reliability of the services has been recorded at 99.7% annually since 2012. The reliability of Rapid KL rail services is comparable with those in major cities including Bangkok, Singapore, London, and Sydney.
Now back to the increase price fare, I have ask the counter to explain to me how the “MyRapid Smart 7 Weekly” or “MyRapid Smart 30 Monthly” works. He said depending on travel patterns, this concept is to enjoy greater savings but chargeable at a nominal premium of RM2.50 and RM10.00. So I pay RM 10 and i get to enjoy 40 cent discount. So my ride now is RM 2.70 instead of RM 3.10. More beneficial if you are daily ride from KL Sentral to Ampang as an example as this attachment. 
Took this information from RapidKL website

Do you charge a fee for “MyRapid Smart 7 Weekly” or “MyRapid Smart 30 Monthly”?
A nominal premium subscription fee of RM2.50 is charged for “MyRapid Smart 7 Weekly” which is valid for 7 consecutive days whereas a premium subscription fee of RM 10.00 is applicable for “MyRapid Smart 30 Monthly” with validity of 30 consecutive days.

The staff told me the payment of RM 10 is just one time charge and the amount inside can be carried forward to another month. Just like the usual top up money in your card
* the truth is when i read again on the pamphlet and verify it with the staff, we actually need to top up the RM 10 every month!!!! I got a wrong information from the first staff that explained to me earlier! Arghh...frustrated!. So from my calculation it is not worth it. Unless i change many stations and different train line.

Let's see how big impact is this increase fare in our monthly expenses. Everything increase. Toll price is up too..So when our salary and increment will be up in this uncertain economy situation (where our salary adjustment only happen once a year for those lucky one, for some maybe they don't even have it)????


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Jessie Koo
December 3, 2015 at 5:46 AM delete

Very agree. Just when we want to use the new lrt .. not so encouragement at all