Mun Kee Steam Fish Head @ Jinjang Utara

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I knew Mun Kee new branch opening at Kepong but not sure on the actual location. I got the phone number from Imbi Branch, I called but no one pick up. So I try asking my friend who are staying in Jalan Ipoh and she told me Mun Kee Restaurant is at Jinjang Utara. I search the google website and found the location, facing the roadside and hubby is very familiar to that area. Told my parents about it and we are heading to a new eatery place.  I have tried numerous time dining in at Imbi Outlet and the food is absolutely great and cheap!

It was raining season and of course I am worried to get a parking and to get the kids down especially. When we reached there, the rain stops and the weather is cooling and we managed to get the side parking, very near to the restaurant. Mun Kee Restaurant is open from 10.30 am to 10pm.  I guess no resting hours. Located at the road side once you turn into Jinjang Utara junction and opposite is the Chinese temple. Clear yellow signage and you won't miss out to notice this restaurant. 

Previously, my hubby said this place is the steamboat restaurant. At 6pm, the place is full of customers and each table order their specialties " Steam Fish". Simple ordinary restaurant without any fancy deco..Actually, it is just like a whole row of food court with other stalls also nearby. No walls, just the high roofs, ample of seats but mostly all taken up . We are talking about the food quality here..I won't mind if no air conditioning, worth visiting for the tasty food. 

Many fan is placed around the area but lack of baby chair. Only 3-4 baby chairs available and all fully occupied. My baby have to sit on my hubby's lap (quite inconvenient) and I hope they can provide more baby chair for family diners like us.

Homemade Tofu with Minced Meat RM 13

My girl finished almost all and left half pieces for me. So you can imagine how good is the taufu is?? I think my parents had one piece of it each before she eat it all..haha..I felt blessed and happy when my girl have the good appetite. Light and soft taufu topped with minced meat.

Steamed "soong yu"with ginger i
Steam Fish (Soong Yu) RM 24

There are few types of steam to choose from - Nyonya Steam, Assam Steam, Minced Ginger Steam, Black Bean Steam and Original Steam. I have tried most of the sauces at Imbi Branch, but I still prefer the ginger steam. The flesh is fresh, steam to perfection and layered with lots of smooth blended ginger. Highly recommended!

Claypot fried eggplant served with salted fish , minced pork and small shrimp RM 20. Aromatic and the eggplant is soft . Perfect blends that makes this dish taste so good.

"Yuk Peng " (Steamed Minched Meat) RM 15.  The yuk peng is mixed with dried cuttlefish. Homemade taste which is my favourite.

Kangkung belacan RM 12

This simple but tasty dish hits all the right notes. Crunchy kangkung with added sambal belacan..I love this

Overall, all dish is delicious that goes well with a bowl of rice. Affordable and family dining place to be.

Huge crowd after 7pm and when we back from our shopping at Jusco, we passed by this area, still many people. So better be early.

Mun Kee Steam Fish Head

Jinjang Utara

Tel : 0122177786