Asian Delights at Hens.Lah

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Weekend food hunt at Hens Lah serving local delights in a relaxing dining atmosphere. Love the interior setup, presentable classic enamel plates and cups for serving food makes me feel nostalgic.

Variety Asian favourites to choose that comes in a set meal with rice and drinks.

Some of the highlights:-
Pak choy with oyster sauce

Kampung fried rice

Cantonese Kuey Teow

Tomyam fried Mee hon

Sweet and sour fish

Wanton noodle soup

Choices of drinks:-
Herbal tea/ Kopi O ice/ chrysanthemum tea / teh o ice  /sirap ice /water.

Reasonable price and generous portion of food. 

Donkai Malaysia at Bukit Bintang

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Indulge in the rich, juicy goodness Japanese Hamburg at Donkai Bukit Bintang.  There are choices of Angus Beef, Australian Wagyu Beef, Japanese Wagyu Beef and Chicken Hamburg pairing with 5 types of sauces - Original, Truffle sauce, tartar sauce, Japanese curry and black sauce.

I opt for tender and juicy chicken Hamburg with Tartar sauce & Japanese Wagyu Beef Hamburg and add on Australian Wagyu Hamburg with Truffle sauce.

It comes with unlimited refill for Japanese rice, miso soup and vegetable. πŸ˜ƒ

πŸ˜‹The fun moment is the egg-citing Egg Yolk Challenge! Build a tower the delicious Japanese Hamburg rice and top it off with a perfect egg yolk. I did it! 

We also add on sides of Tempura and A5 Wagyu Skewers.

Great experience and delicious Hamburg meal to try on.








Taiwanese Restaurant at Si Si Nan Chun Starhill KL

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Valuable set lunch choices at Si Si Nan Cun located at Starhill KL, a Taiwanese restaurant with cuisines introduced from the military village called “Si Si Nan Cun". 

Choices of rice and noodle set. We tried the 

Black King Braised Pork Rice. Melt in the mouth pork pieces perfectly braised in a sweet and savoury sauce. Served on steaming fragrant hot rice. 

And Dried Braised Pork Noodle with Pork Chop. These are dry knife shaved noodles with thicker and wider than other types of noodles, wonderfully chewy texture. I love the Authentic Taiwanese Pork Chop that is bursting with flavor, tender meat and awesome crunch.

Also ordered the signature Xiao Long Bao. Thin skin, rich flavored broth and tender pork fillings. So satisfying!

Adding on refreshing drinks :-

Brown sugar original milk tea

Winter melon tea

Ultimate comfort food that reminds you of home.


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FREE Birthday Meal at Ole Ole Bali KL East Mall

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First time redeem Birthday Meal at 

Big Serving of Nasi Campur. Beautiful place to dine in.

I ordered a cup of lemongrass.

*Go on actual birthday date to redeem. They also very kind to allow sharing.

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