Baiboo - My First Winning Article on BreastFeeding

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The journey to the motherhood is challenging and being a first time mum is a new experience for me. I have read a lot articles on breastfeeding before hand and I even have a dream of my new born sucking my nipple. The dream is so real that I can still recall until now.

15 May 2010, 9.30 pm, finally meet my lovely princess. I’m having difficulties to latch her on my nipple. This is totally new experience for me and my princess. I can’t produce any milk on the first two days. I have to substitute formula milk to her. I was so disappointed and sad. Try to give up on the fourth day as I can’t see any milk flowing. Have a sleepless night and worry so much.

Soon after the 5th day, we went back to the hospital for check up. The doctor told me I must give breast milk. She encourages me saying you control your mind. ‘If you think you can produce milk to your baby, you will’. I still remember this phrase. When I’m back home, miracles happen. A very tiny drop on my nipple and I feel so happy and quickly tell my hubby and ask him ‘Is this breast milk?’ Looking curiously, he said ‘I think so’ with a smiley face. It’s not easy as well. The very small drop can’t even make it to 1oz! I waited patiently each day, expressing with my hand slowly one drop by one drop. Soon after the second week, I manage to have at least 2oz.

Being positive and encouragement from husband is really important. Of course I do encounter problem with my in laws. She advises me to stop breastfeeding at the week 3 because she said baby will sleep better at night without the breast milk. Their mindset and perception towards the advantage of breast milk is really totally different from me. She will think that giving breast milk to the baby will make them hungry easily within two hours and they can’t sleep well. The breast milk also looks so watery. I just realize we really have a different way of taking care of the baby but I need to tolerate this as she is my in-laws and I need to respect her. I cry silently the moment I heard those sentence and I think at this point of time, I’m having post –natal depression. I find my self not giving enough milk to the baby and not doing a good job as a mum.

There is more difficulties as time pass by. I have encounter problem to latch my baby mouth properly and sometimes when she can’t get enough milk, she will cry. I also find that burping a baby is so challenging. I will have sleepless night if my baby doesn’t burp. Sometime she just falls asleep while still sucking my nipple. Besides this , I need to think on how to breastfeed her when I got back to work. Articles and other mothers sharing experience are really useful to me. This makes me stronger each day and I become more confident.

Of course the most funny part is whenever I breastfeed, my hubby will look at me and our princess smiling happily. Whenever I express my milk, the milk will split all over the place, around the bed and floor. My husband will tease me and also having my clothes wet soon after I wake up in the morning on the first month. Now I have no problem with it. We just need to adjust and find solutions to it.

In the end, I did not give up at the week 3.I keep on thinking positive way and I believe I can give my best to my princess. I do breastfeed until now, going into 4th months. I’m so happy that I have the chance and god bless that I can give my baby the most precious breast milk to her and see her growing happily.

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