Camp Forest at Kepong

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We dine at Camp Forest a restaurant/cafe located in the hidden neighbourhood in Kepong area. Nice outdoor seating with surrounding koi pond and have indoor seats as well. Camp Forest serves Vegan/ Vegetarian/ Plant-based menu. ✨A healthier choice of food and a family friendly place.

👏Spoilt by choices from their extensive menu.

Claypot Rice chicken

Stir Fry Yee Mee 

Fried enoki

Spinach Superior Soup

Crispy Abalone Mushroom

Ginger Cod Fish

Honey Marmite Prawns

Crispy Wantan

Tea time set for only RM 38. We get 2 choices of drink and 2 appetizers.

Orange juice

Belgium Chocolate Ice drink

Chocolate Walnut Brownie

Tofu cheesecake

Delectable food and enjoy the quiet tranquil moment.

Camp Forest

51, Jalan 53, Pekan Kepong,

52100 Kuala Lumpur.

Phone: 016-229 6949

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The Butterfly Cake Explosion Gift Box from Cake Rush

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Ready for surprises?

Loving this mesmerizing Butterfly Cake Explosion Gift Box from Cake Rush. My little girl is excited to open the gift box and have fun experience the magical burst of butterflies, delicious treats, and personalized touches.

Forget the basic old birthday cake and go the extra mile - embrace the extraordinary and flutter into every celebration with a wonderfully sweet & whimsical bang!

Step 1: Select Your Base Product

Start by choosing your desired Base Product for the Butterfly Cake Explosion Gift Box. Indulge in the rich flavors of the three tempting options: Rainbow Cake, Chocolate Fudge, or Ferrero. Let this delectable centerpiece set the stage for the ultimate surprise!

Step 2: Choose Your Add-Ons

Enhance the drama and wonder of the explosion by selecting from the range of exciting Add-Ons. Customize the experience with 4x extra butterflies for a mesmerizing display, personalized pictures to add a heartfelt touch, extra flowers for a charming flourish, and extra sweets to satisfy every sweet tooth. Mix and match to create a truly unforgettable gift!

Step 3: Choose Your Delivery Window

Select your preferred delivery window to ensure your Butterfly Cake Explosion Gift Box arrives precisely when you want to surprise your loved ones. There are flexible delivery options, so you can plan the perfect moment for the grand reveal!

Step 4: Delight and Surprise Your Friends

With everything perfectly chosen and arranged, it's time to delight your friends and family with the mesmerizing Butterfly Cake Explosion Gift Box. 

A great moment to create cherished memories together and make every celebration unforgettable!

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WalkPot at TRX Mall

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😍Lunch time cravings for Hotpot?

We had a quick lunch at Walkpot located at TRX Mall where we can customised our own hotpot.

Walkpot is now offering 🎉 50% OFF on a second combo set! This promo is until 31 Jan 2024. 👍Each set consists of 1 soup base, 1 main course, and 1 drink of the day. Such a good deal! 

Must try the side order -Mala-Tup Fried Chicken and Fried rice cake with Osmanthus syrup. Not to forget the Osmanthus Shave Ice for dessert.

We choose for 6 toppings Combo set that comes with drinks of the day too.

How to order?👏

1. choose your soup (tomyam/tomato/sour radish/spicy mala soup)

2. choose your toppings🦐🐙

There are more than 40 fresh hotpot ingredients to choose from such as Prawn, squid, cheese tofu, premium Dory slice, fish luncheon meat, beancurd roll, quail egg, Aust Lamb slice, cuttlefish ball, vegetables and many more!

3. choose your main course (pearl white rice, rice noodle or Korean Ramen) & drinks of the day.

There are many choices of toppings and can upgrade to premium ingredients with additional charges. Fresh ingredients and good choice of hotpot selections.

Tomato Soup is my favourite. Delightful soup taste with the right balance of sweet and sour taste.

Warming and Satisfying meal at WalkPot.

Address: C11-12 TRX MALL (Beside of foodcourt exchange)

**Pork free


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Halal Fine Dining at Rafw Restaurant Kota Damansara

Tuesday, January 23, 2024 0 Comments A+ a- Dinner with family at RAFW Restaurant located at Kota Damansara. Halal fine dining restaurant, farm to table concept and using fresh quality ingredients. 

Beautiful ambiance, comfortable and pleasant dining experience.

Refreshing drinks - Ice lemon tea, Iced lemon mint, Ice Bandung soda. And adding on Hot Latte.

Here are some of the good choices:-

Fries & Parmesan

Mushroom soup with Multigrain bread

Mesclun Garden Salad

Aglio Olio

Fish and Chips

Roasted Spring Chicken with Black pepper sauce.

Rafw Restaurant,


Kota Damansara, 

47810 Petaling Jaya, 


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Home Cooked Food Taste at Triple Happiness Jalan Pudu

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 Explore a variety of mouth watering menu at Triple Happiness located at Jalan Pudu. We had a delightful day having the Home - Cooked Food here with over 50 years Kampung taste recipe passed down from Grandma especially for curry noodle, prawn noodles and herbal soup.

Dig into some of the favourite Chinese comfort dishes :-

A classic Nostalgic taste of the Sweet and Sour Pork. Tender chunks of pork. Appetizing dish because of the flavoursome sweet and sour sauce.

Butter Milk Prawn (Dry) -Creamy, buttery, crunchy prawns. Perfect match of flavours and the egg floss flavoured is really addictive. 

Signature Claypot Salted Pork Belly - Aromatic and smoky salty flavour that makes you want to finish up that whole bowl of rice. Adding on light and fresh Stir Fry Kailan.

Besides that, Triple Happiness also have breakfast menu such as Half boiled egg and toast bread with Kaya and butter.

Affordable lunch choices of Hokkien Mee Signature Prawn Noodle, Tiger Prawn Fried Rice and Nasi Lemak Sambal Udang + Add on Dry Curry Chicken.

Love the restaurant vintage and Nostalgia deco that brings you back to 70's where we can spot some unique collectibles, wall deco and paper cuts reminds us of the old days.

Deliciously Simple and a good hearty meal with my family. Relaxing dining experience in a nice ambiance. Will surely come back to try other menu.

Restaurant Triple Happiness (三喜茶室)

16, Jalan Brunei, Jln Pudu, 

55100 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel : 012-4998321

Mil Toast House at TRX Mall

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Finally get the chance to try the Popular Korean Dessert cafe - Mil Toast House located at Level 2 The Exchange TRX. Mil Toast House Serving Fluffy Steamed Bread & Soufflé French Toast.

I love the Strawberry Souffle French Toast. Delicious in every bite.

Must try the Fluffy Steamed bread rolls served in bamboo baskets and quaintly wrapped in cloth. Served piping hot and very soft texture.

We can choose 2️⃣ flavours between plain, corn, chestnut, sweet potato, chocolate, and pandan. I opt for chestnut and chocolate flavour.

Drink choices including drip coffee, drip cream coffee, tea, shabet, and marmalade.💕We ordered the refreshing drinks of Grapefruit Shabet & Lemon Muscat Shabet, and Drip Cold Latte.

Relaxing ambiance and cozy place to have a short break and enjoy the delicious treats.

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