My First Visit to KKIA Pasar Moden Gombak

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Would like to share my first experience going to check up at KKIA (Gombak branch) after knowing we can get free treatment of check up for pregnancy and also they give vitamins as supplement. It has been there for so long that I did not realize and honestly I did not put much trust on government services especially the nurse. I always thought they like to scold people and not friendly. Few of my friends actually went to KKIA for their pregnancy check up and also for their kids immunization quite frequent and they assure me that their service is good and they provide more than I can imagine off.

So I put my confidence and walk up to KKIA for the first time, reaching there at 6.50am hoping to be the first in the line. The nurse are inside preparing as early as 6.40am. The Clinic is open from 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday. So better be early to get everything done rather than reaching there at 9am. When it reached almost 7.15am, many people coming and they start to queue. There are few benches for us to sit down and wait while some carrying small baby they will wait in the car. Luckily it is located inside the pasar medan Gombak where we can have ample of parking space inside. 

I am getting ready with my identification card for registration. I am nervous and curious on how the procedure. I ask the lady sitting beside me izzit we need to put the card inside and come outside to sit and wait? She smile and said no. Inside have plenty of chair for you to sit to wait for your number and name to be called. At 7.30am sharp, the clinic open the lights inside and I saw all the people stood up and getting ready to go inside. The nurse just waived to us from inside asking us to go in. I was the first to go inside asking the nurse I am first time here and show her my IC. She ask me to fill up the Red Book (Buku Merah), with my name, address, and hp number. Then, she ask me to sit down and wait til they call my name for the numbering. When the door is open, all people rushing inside to put their buku merah in the different types of basket. There are 5 basket all together at the registration counter. With doctor appointment, blood test, 8am, 9am and another one is those Puasa that’s what I heard off. I am abit confused. My friend just ask me put on the 8am basket the next time I come for visit. So as for my case, a new mummy coming for registration for the first time, just go to the nurse and they will guide you. 

The nurse called my name and given me the queue number. I am at No.4 and she said my room no is no.4 (they follow the address you are staying to determine the room no) and she said I need to go to the corner end pink room to take the urine test at 8am. It is called MAKMAL. I sit down and wait for 15 minutes but hubby said hey! Look at those mummy, They are standing there and start queueing already. We shall go right now? But I told him the clock just 7.45am. The nurse told me I need to go there at 8am. So with curiosity and blur case, I walk over and looking around. Those mummy already taken their urine, put their small bottle with urine on the Makmal table and stand there waiting for the nurse to check. I ask the lady infront of me, shall I wait until 8am to take the urine? She smile and said no. You can take now. Inside the toilet, they have empty bottles. When I steps inside, the small containers are finished!. Sigh. No wonder the lady here all come here quickly soon after they register. They already taken their urine and stand there waiting. So everyone have their first time rite? So we waited until the nurse come at 8am sharp. The nurse just dip the tiny paper and asking them to clean the urine and now I can get empty containers. There are only two toilets inside. So you need to take turns to queue. The sink water is too slow. Washing takes time too.

So once the nurse check the urine and given me the small paper, I saw the screen they start calling my number. Just in time! Hubby is seated outside. I go inside the Room 4 and the friendly nurse taking my details and register my buku merah. Inside here there are few nurses. Three to four tables, thus there are almost 3 or 4 patients inside. There are a lot of details need to be filled inside the book. Your past pregnancy details, any complications, your kids details, blood test, checking on hubby blood too for the HIV test, taking my height and weight, husband details, discussing on what to take during pregnancy. When is the last period and expected due date, and after filling up all the details, the nurse check on my breast and she also teach me how to check and symptoms to look for. She also press on my tummy to check on the condition. After that, she check on my blood pressure on both hands. She provides me with Obimin vitamins as I need to boost up my iron supplement. 

Once all done within one hour, she ask me to wait outside to go into the doctor room. They will call the same number, just wait outside. After waiting for 10 minutes, the screen appear my number and we go into room 2. Inside there are at least 3 doctors on the same long table. The doctor checking again the details written clearly in the buku merah and have a short chat with me. She also explain on the family planning method. For the first time, we get to see the doctor and they will do ultra sound scanning. I was nervous again. 
After the past four years, I never thought I have to go through this experience again and the emotional feeling begins when I saw the baby scan print out. Happy, excited, worry and all sorts of emotional feeling. This unexpected gift is really mysterious but I know it is a blessing that I should treasure. Everything happen for a reason. That’s for sure! Taking each steps with positive mind and with parents, family supports I hope I can bravely walking along this journey and enjoy the moment of pregnancy. The recent quote I saw in my sampling packaging ‘ Pregnancy is a beautiful thing’. Yeah it is!

Doctor said now is 12 weeks and 3 days. I need to take more iron supplement and take enough rest. She will be checking me again on the 28 weeks and 36 weeks. She have to record down all the details in the buku merah. The nurse and doctor need to record twice. One copy is for me and one copy if for their keeping. So it takes times too to record all the details.

So I have to wait again for my number to be called to do the blood test at Room 1. And finally this is the last steps. After 3 hours, all done and I can go to work…tiring? Yes..but thinking it cost only RM 1 to get my check up done. Free consultation, free scanning with doc advise, free blood test, free vitamin supplement given. Within the waiting time, The queue never ending and almost all the chairs are full! Children and pregnant lady all there waiting for their turns.

I will said there are quite consistent in attending to our queue and calling our numbers. The nurse are experience, friendly and helpful. The doctors are pleasant looking, soft spoken and nice.

They will set the next appointment date and will call to remind you as well. My friend also told me they will come to home visit once you deliver your baby to check. They also provide free pap smear for mummy. Besides that, the nurse told me we get the chance to check on our teeth if the dentist is there. Sometimes, there are seminars on pregnancy, breastfeeding or how to balance your meal in the clinic that opens to public to attend.

The clinic provides time off for working parents too. Overall, I am glad I have a good treatment here and looking forward for the next visit.

*remember to bring your surat kahwin (original and photocopy) for first time registration