New Baby Room @ Sunway Pyramid

Sunday, March 22, 2015 0 Comments A+ a-

New baby room at Sunway Pyramid at LG1, conveniently located nearby the lift and escalator just beside Bonita. Just press the button and the door will automatically open.  The baby room is specious, clean and comfy. The space is not really wide, but all quite new and tidy. All full equip to cater mummy and babies needs.

Wide washing area with triple mirrors!!. Water dispenser is ready to use. Clean place provided with tissues, soups and the floor is not slippery

Pleasant looking area to safely put your baby to change their diaper. I found this very special diaper bag. Mummy need this the most..Throwing the dirty diapers into the diaper bag will not stink the baby room..hygienic

For any emergency call, you can use this telephone service.

Clear direction showing the way to the new baby room.