De Pastry Cafe @ PV128 Setapak

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De Pastry café is located at PV128 Jalan Genting Klang at first floor. This is the place for you to enjoy your favorite breakfast; lunch; Hi-Tea; dinner and supper. Operating from morning 8 am till 1230 am daily and the price offered is cheap and affordable especially for the students. All cakes are freshly made and no preservative I used. Varieties of food available from local to western food such as pasta, baked rice, noodles, chicken chop and desserts.

Lemon Grass Honey Tea..That's how the simple tea..teabag?? unbelievable

 I choose their all time set dinner which comes with soup, main course and desserts. There are more than 60 choices of food cater for breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper. They open until 12 am and thus most of the crowds are students. The price is very reasonable here. The wild mushroom soup is surprisingly wonderful with creamy and thick layer of the soup. This pleasantly aromatic fleshy wild mushroom soup tastes incredibly good. I felt in love from my first creamy sip of the soup. The mixture was done so well which I hope they can give me some refill for appetizing soup.

Next, came along the main course. Maryland chicken chop with French fries. I have no problem for the food to be served here. The service is very efficient and fast enough. My main course was served immediately and although the food does not look appealing in terms of the food presentation, but I can rest assured you that the food quality is great. The chicken chop was perfect flavoured and are richly seasoned, well marinated, and fried to perfection.  The chicken chop meat was moist and tender, with the sweet BBQ sauce. Served together with crispy French fries that makes this dish a real value for money.

We also tried their cheesy fish fillet with spaghetti. The portion is just nice for one person serving. The spaghetti is somehow different from the usual pasta that I had. Trust me, the noodle is really tasty and every strand is coated so well with the cheese. The cheese sauce suites my taste bud and rich in flavour. The fish filet breading was moist, juicy and flavoursome. Perfect choice for dinner.

We also served with two types of fruits tarts - Kiwi and peach cheese tarts. The mini tarts are filled with a delicious cream filling made with cream cheese. They look so pretty when studded with fresh fruit and taste so delicious. Simple dessert with colourful fruit combinations such as strawberries, grapes,  sliced kiwifruit and blackberries and etc.

Assorted cakes available

De Pastry Cafe

1-7, Pv128, 128 Jalan Genting Kelang
 Kuala Lumpur

Tel : 03-4141 8826