Brussels Beer Cafe @ Jalan Mengkudu Ampang KL

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Brussels Beer Café is a nice place to hang out with modern inspired interior and is an elegant place to meet up. Wonderful platter of food especially the buffet spread they offer during lunch hour where they have salad and soup free flow.

The decoration in Brussels Beer Café are carefully selecting providing comfort ranging from the wooden barstools and the ornate light fittings to the blonde wood panelling. Popular spot for customers after working hours. Brussels Beer Café is one of the few places that serve European draft beers like Hoegaarden, Leffe, Belle-Vue Kriek and Stella Artois straight from the tap. A relaxation place to be with cozy environment.

For the starters, I have the mushroom soup and salad. The soups is served hot and together with crunchy bread crumbs pieces on top of it. Creamy and full of flavour. Tummy warming with a bowl of hot soup before going for the main course. 

Next, I move on to the salad. The salad is filled up with fresh lettuce, green vegetables, fruits, corn, beans, and etc. Fresh and truly appetizing with the added homemade sauce and thousand island sauce. 
For  the main course, I have chosen Grilled Lamb Chop. It tasted like it had been marinated for days before being grilled and served on the table Needless to say it was really tasty and palatable to my taste bud. The lamb chop came with a generous serving of the lamb meat and fries to fill you up further. Grilling lamb is all about maintaining a balance between the natural gamey, grassy flavour of the meat and the smoky, charred flavours of grilling. Satisfying meal after all.
I also ordered the Dory fillet. The Dory fillet portion is pretty satisfying and tastes like butter, as it simply melts in the mouth.  The Dory fillets are delicate, firm and have a distinctly sweet taste. The dish is served with sauces and condiments of fried sweet potatoes make it a pleasant dining experience for me.

Brussels Beer Cafe

4 & 6, Jalan 1/67B, 
Off Jalan Mengkudu, Ampang 
Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03-4251 2888

Website :