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Canton-I have lots of varieties and almost all the food are good quality with fresh ingredients and served fresh from the kitchen. Personally I love their congee . There are more than 8 choices of congee. I ordered the Pork congee which all served with this crispy yau cha kueh that are cut into smaller pieces. Each pieces of the yau cha kueh is very crispy, not oily though and just nice to have this to put on top of my congee. 

The congee texture is very smooth and thick spread with spring onions and the pork is tender. The mixture of pork meat inside consists of the pork liver, pork meat, pork fish ball, and pork stomach. Generous portion on the portion that is good enough to be shared among two person. I will usually put the soy sauce on top of the porridge to balance up the flavour. 

Canton-I  is a very nice place to dine with comfortable seats and friendly service. The most signature food is the pork meat and noodle of Hong Kong style. When I visit this restaurant, usually I will try the pork rice roasted pork. It was delicious and tender on each pieces of the pork meat. Thumbs up for the texture of the meat. Well marinated and juicy when I have my first bite. Flavoursome and succulent meat. Best to pair it with a bowl of rice and a hot soup.

As for the desserts and side dish, I will prefer Canton-I egg tarts. It was made fresh and very crispy for each bite. Warm and smooth texture of the egg custard makes this meal so satisfied and enjoyable.