Chili's Grill and Bar

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Chili's Grill & Bar is a leading casual dining restaurant chain that are so common and well known for their big portion of food with reasonable price. Serving Western food with a fun and energetic atmosphere where family and friends can gather together for a scrumptious  meal. Their food is indeed very good quality, with efficient service and fast.
For Starters, we will usually go for Classis Nachos. Served with melted cheese, jalapenos, beans and a hint of seasoned beef. It was served with house-,ade pico de gallo and sour cream. This starter is extremely good, appetizing especially when you pick some salsa sauces with lots of soured tomatoes. Traditional Nachos that have
layer of crispy chips, gooey cheese and all the classic nacho toppings. It was baked to perfection in a tasty appetizer guaranteed to please friends and family. I must say that single chip style nachos ensure full flavor with every single bite! So delicious! 
We tried the Cajun Club Sandwich serving of chilled smoked chicken, topped with beef bacon, cheddar and Swiss cheese, Japalapenos, lettuce and tomato. The huge serving is really enough for two person and each pieces is pack filled up with the tender meat of the chicken and condiments of the crispy French fries. I love the bite sized sandwich, soft and have a light crunch of the bread. Yummy sandwich with lots of protein source and healthy too.

One of the healthier options, I love to order the macaroni cheese for my kids. The serving is reasonable for them and it was cooked to perfection. Aromatic and cheesy flavour that opens up their appetite. 

Another favourite when it comes to the main course, I will pick up crispy honey chipotle chicken.  Strips of hand-battered chicken, breaded & fried to perfection for that extra crispy crunch then smothered with the special spicy and smoky Honey-Chipotle sauce. This big serving have condiments along with sweet and juicy corn on the cob and homestyle fries. Drooling when it was served on my table. The chicken was crispy with sticky and sweet goodness it's drenched in with the honey sauce. Finger licking good and totally irresistible!! Finished up the whole plate myself and I love the corn especially. It was a great dining experience and I truly love the ambiance here.