Friso Kids Discover Contest 2015

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RM 100,000 worth of prizes could be yours!*
Explore and enjoy the great outdoor starts today! Its about capturing the joyous moments of your kid's growing up journey. So, get creative and stand a chance to win RM 100,000 worth of prizes when you send us the photos!

Interesting isn't?? Yeah that is what I thought when I first click on the email that Friso sent to me and I join for the first challenge where they required pictures with animal kingdom. I search all my girls photos and start to submit it the first day when the contest started and the second day as well to complete 10 photos for the first challenge. There are not many prizes to redeem and is very limited. The first prize is to Hong Kong trip but only two passes available. The rest are the Jusco vouchers ( which i have redeem ), Friso milk powder, Furla Bag, Tickets to Aquaria, Legoland,Sunway Lagoon and spa vouchers..all looking attractive..but not easy as well. 

We have to submit 10 photos and each photos have 5 points each. In total we only have the Max 50 points for each challenge. The top 3 creative caption will get extra 50 points. The prizes are first come first serve. In total they have 3 weeks of different challenges.

I am waiting patiently for the 2nd challenge which is the theme for Arts and Crafts. I get ready the pictures in my PC and wanted to submit the pictures into Friso website sharp at 10am. Prepared everything and start to click the photo all 5 photo together in one screen. Never did I know that the term have change and Friso have changed the THEME to outdoors picture.!!! I thought i have seen it correctly this morning at 9am that the theme is still Art and crafts!

I was so angry and frustrated!!! Why they change is so sudden and this is so unfair to us! I have click on the submission and they reject my photo. Call to customer service, they said due to overwhelming response from the customer and respondents, their prizes is very limited and thus, they decided to change the terms..What is this?? Then you should accommodate more prizes confused and disappointed with their sudden changes and in the end all the prizes is all taken up.

Some comments in Facebook page that they have submitted the pictures as early as 10am but was not approved yet, but some submit the picture at 11.30 am, and their pictures already approved and can start to redeem the prizes. I also saw one comment that she also submit the photos under the theme art and crafts, was rejected too..i wonder did we submit at the same time ..and if the terms have changed exactly at 10am itself?? misleading, confusing and of course bad management of organizing such contest!!!


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