Sunday outing with kids @ The School Jaya One

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Found this new outing place for my kids..excited and I actually promised them since for the past few weeks to drop by here. Jaya One has changed a lot and now with the new floor of the "School "building, this place is interesting with their "Sunday ’ indoor cycling for free, only on every Sunday from 10am until 3pm. I love the whole concept of this place. Family and kids get together and the shops are focusing on kids such as toys, clothes, activities and etc..We go to level 1 and register ourselves at the customer service counter, but only left with one bike. Upset and I ask the staff how many bikes did you all offer here? She said only 15 per advisable to bring your own bicycles or tricycles.

 Different types of bikes to choose from and we waited there for another two.  While waiting, I spotted this nice open art clay activities and the friendly staff told me the kids can sit there and make their own clay of their choices

We rented three types different bikes and we are also busy queue up for the balloons.. only happen after 11am and there for one hour I think..luckily managed to catch the clown.

Colourful girls loves it and my two year old girl mix it all..sigh..and finally she can make the Lollipop..

My eldest girl found her favourite Angry Bird Space and she said she is going to make the angry bird clay on her own.. With the help of the 'kakak',both angry bird and lollipop key chain is ready to bring home..happy and curious looking kids. For only RM 10, still reasonable to pay for that '

Wide space to cycle in a safe environment and my kids enjoy it very much. Both me and hubby have a little back pain, bending down too much..need my yoga practice back soon..
Planning to visit the new restaurant " Old School", yet to open but saw the nice decoration inside with classroom setting.

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