Dim Sum Buffet @ Golden Sun Seafood Restaurant

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Dim Sum again? I told hubby we should bring his parents to try out Dim Sum Buffet @ Golden Sun Seafood Restaurant because as far as I remember, the taste of the dim sum is really good with nice environment. Without hesitation, I bought three vouchers and print out the menu and starting to pick the choices and make early reservation.

Groupon is offering RM 35 for RM 50 cash voucher. I can order from their given menu list. Price range is decent. This promotion is only applicable during weekday and Saturday. The offer is only giving up to 38% discount but I don't mind as it does save a little. 

We reached early and the staff greet us and I show her my dim sum choices. The place is crowded at 10.30am and seems like everyone is enjoying their weekend dim sum brunch here.  I forgotten to bring my own tea bag, and now they are charging me RM 2.30 per person and in total we have 4 adults and 3 kids. They charge us 5 heads for the tea, additional of RM 10++.(Advisable to bring your own tea). I expect the food to be served exactly from the menu sheet that I have pass to the manager on duty there. But it was very annoying and frustrated when I started to realised the staff do not understand our request nor the manager instructions and everything is a mess!! 

The lady manager on duty said she has put the order to the kitchen and remind her staff to put what ever they have there on my table. They actually have this few dim sum basket on the side and if you are lucky there are few waiting for you. Bad management on how they serve the dim sum buffet..I have to call her so many time to check my order and it was unpleasant dining experience!!!

Here comes our first Steamed Crystal Prawn Dumpling. Next, we have the following
Baked Egg Tart, Deep Fried Yam Dumplings, Deep Fried Prawn Dumplings. Pan fried radish cake, and pork rib.

My favourite stuffed fried brinjal

Sauces that can be refill ourselves

Steamed BBQ Pork Rice Roll & Steamed Prawn Rice Roll 

Daily Special Porridge - We have crab meat with chicken meat porridge

Stir-Fried Radish Cake-Too oily and taste just average

We have to order this two desserts choices only. The mango is out of stock (I wonder why). The lady said is not available. Then, how come it was stated in the menu when they sell the vouchers?? I always encounter this issue and yes the merchant will always said this no more/no stock/ NOT AVAILABLE!.

Very plain looking Crystal water chestnut desserts

Honeydew sago-Regretted order this

The interior is really nice and spacious for functions and events. The dining tables and chairs are impressive, make it looks organized .The air-conditioning restaurant definitely provides a better dining experience especially family like us. But, when I peep on the floor, the place is not so clean and on my way to the ladies, the place is not maintain well.

After chasing my order, here comes the Fragrant and crispy prawn roll

Finally we have Steamed Phoenix Claw with Black Bean, Pumpkin bun and Steamed Fried Fish Ball. I have to remind them three times for my remaining order. Tiring!!

Disappointed with the steamed Phoenix Claw.The texture is hard.

Shanghai "Xiao Long Bao"

Overall, I am not satisfied with their services. I expect them to serve my order correctly and not wasting my time there waiting and reminding them so many time! The food quality also drop..hmm..Will I visit again? not for the dim sum definitely.

Golden Sun Seafood Restaurant 
Golden Sun Club Lot 35604,
Jalan Kuchai Lama,
58200 Kuala Lumpur.

Business Hours: 9am – 3pm Daily
Tel: 03-7982 6155

Deal Link  : http://www.groupon.my/deals/klang-valley-kuala-lumpur/golden-sun-seafood-restaurant-6/719088729

Menu Link : http://gm-img.s3.amazonaws.com/2013/07-2013/26-07-2013/Golden%20Sun%20Seafood%20Restaurant/Dim%20Sum%20Menu.jpg