Dim Sum Buffet at Opium KL @ Changkat Bukit Bintang (Second Visit)

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Opium Facebook page introduce this valuable Lunch Buffet spread at only RM25 nett! I tag my colleague and they also leave a comment there we should come here to try it out. The buffet is FREE FLOW of dim sums, noodles and drinks. Only available for lunch from Monday-Friday, from 12noon to 2.30 pm at Opium KL. 

Opium KL is located at Changkat Bukit Bintang opposite Movida. .We try to call Opium to make reservation and to ask if we need to print out the leaflet from the website to redeem the ice cream for each of us , but sadly no one pick up the call at 12noon.So, we just walk in there early hoping to get a table for 8 person. When we reached Opium, we are greeted by the petite lady wearing the traditional Chinese attire with Chinese feather hand fans. They arrange us to be seated at the large long table custom-made from tree. We are excited for the dim sum buffet session. Today we also celebrating our fellow colleagues farewell.

From the menu, there are 20 varieties to choose from. Straightforward and simple. Easy to understand with clear pictures of the food to order. The staff brief us that we can order two basket of dim sum first and continue our order later to avoid wastage of food. 8 of us..so we just order 16 different dim sum basket and 4 types of noodle for the first round.

Pork Free Restaurant. We have this perception..Pork free dim sum? Will that be good enough? Let's try them out.
Love this rosey room 

Although I am here for second visit, I still enjoying taking the pictures of this restaurant that is full of vintage interior.

Traditional soft rice cake 

Walkway to the private room and toilets 

There is also black and white movie display

Each of us can choose our preferred drinks - Orange Juice

Cranberry Juice . All drinks are refilliable

Complimentary fish porridge as well. The porridge texture is very smooth, enough for our liking

Here comes the 16 baskets of dim sum..everyone is taking pictures first..The food are all prepared fresh upon ordering and after few minutes of  taking photos, the dim sum is still hot in serving. We try this Salted Egg Cream Bun. All finished up  the bun and I have to wait for second round. My colleague ordered another two basket..Must be good huh??..

When I have my first bite, the salted egg is oozing out (hot and creamy), just melted slowly inside my mouth. This was the best salted egg cream bun I have tasted!! Rich and flavourful filling encased in a soft bun. Highly recommended from the whole list of menu. 

Chicken Cha Siew Pau

Crystal Dumpling

Phoenix Dumpling and Coriander Dumpling. Must have these dim sum with the special chili sauce. Yummy

Prawn Dumpling and Lo Mai Kai

For the dumpling, the prawn filling is big, but the taste is just average. I do agree with My colleague that the dumpling skin should have a better presentation on way they wrap the dumpling.

My top favourite - Vegetable roll and Lemon grass stick.

Money bag and Hatari Prawn Roll. Both are equally delicious!

Generous portion on the prawn mee. Real prawn broth and aromatic. Taste good.  

We enjoy the dim sum spread..Delighted to see the food

Curry Spaghetti - Thick curry broth with tau fu pok, brinjal, long beans, half boiled egg, chicken slices and spring onion .Throughtly blended and each strand of spaghetti is coated evenly with the curry taste. Fragrant and savory pasta

Crispy duck noodles

Opium Wanton Noodles with special deep fried spinach and minced chicken

Opium Signature Loh Su Fan - You gonna love this as well especially on the crispy and huge dried shrimp.  

Overall, we are satisfied with the buffet dim sum. Value for money with the good quality of food, excellent service and of course dining in the comfy environment. Relaxing Wednesday with a bunch of crazy colleagues

"Opium Special Tagline: Eat. Drink. Man. Woman."

Opium KL
50 Changkat Bukit Bintang,
50200 Kuala Lumpur,

Tel: 03 2142 5670

Opening hours: (Now open at 12noon FOR LUNCH BUFFET)
Sundays – Thursdays : 4pm – 1am
Fridays – Saturdays : 4pm – 2am

Facebook Link  : https://www.facebook.com/opiumkl

Website : http://opiumkl.com/

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Real value for money... Must check out this place after reading your post

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yeah give it a try..i missing the taste of the salted egg bun already