Chuup @ Damansara Jaya

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The moment I step into this cafe, I felt in love with the whole deco and comfy environment. It reminds me a lot of my Grandma house in Teluk Intan (My mum's place). Not to forget my Tai Po and my lovely grandma..Suddenly so emotional and touched when I see those vintage stuff inside this cafe and when sharing the moments with the owner, Karen on how she come up with this cafe by practicing her own Grandma recipe to bring this traditional Chinese cuisines to present to us today. 

We reached early at 11.20 am and the staff is kind enough to let us inside while busy preparing to open their cafe at 11.30 am. We enjoy taking photos and admiring the cosy place with old tin mug , classic sewing machine and iron, wooden tables and chairs, and village wall panels.
Drinking water is self service here

Look what have I spotted..Piggy piggy

Aha..old fashion slipper.wore it before

Bright, Cheerful ambiance with an impeccably clean area to dine in. 
All the ingredients here are prepared fresh daily and the kitchen starts to operate as early as 8am.
Eye catching at every single corner of the cafe. Different designs and colours on the table and chairs. The concept is to bring different kinds of Grandma house type that we stay before. Special isn't?

Handmade items 

Simple Asian food menu that are fairly price and the portion is worth the value

Outdoor seats available as well with wooden stools

Lemon tea (RM 4.50)

Fresh green apple juice (RM 8) as my refreshing drinks

Hot cappucino (RM 9)

Homey and warm place to enjoy a cuppa

Our first serving of the day - Yam Cake (RM 3.90)  - Yam pieces with dried shrimps and rice flour steamed and topped with dried shrimps, fried shallots, spring onions and chili. Tasty and sumptuous. The yam cake is nicely done with semi crunchy on the outside (top layer) and medium soft texture on the inside. 

Chuup Popiah (RM 3.90) - Homemade popiah stuffed with lettuce, turnips ,fried shallot, dried shrimp carrots, beansprouts, egg, homemade zhu yau char and chili sauce .Chuup's own-made popiah skin. 

Coconut Latte RM 9 (left photo) and Durian Coffee RM 8 (right photo). Both are awesome with their very own unique flavour!

My compliment to this dish - Aglio Olio with Serai and Chicken Strips (RM 14.90). First time I try this pasta flavour. Spaghetti and aragula tossed with lightly sauteed garlic and serai in garlic infused olive oil.I personally love this so much. Aromatic and each strap of the spaghetti are coated evenly with the lemongrass taste.

It was really appetizing and the chicken strips is delicious.  I love how this recipes offers a huge amount of flavour without being so saucy.

Signature dish - Grandma Pork Chuup (RM18.90). The two gigantic pork chop meat is perfectly marinated and each bites is soft, juicy and tender. Served with potatoes, carrots and spinach. Healthy meal for lunch.

Pork Meatballs Marinara (RM 17.90) - Awesome meatballs , soft and delicate (reminds me much of my parents home cooked meatballs). The whole combinations is so perfect especially the sauces.

Chuup Nasi Lemak with Pork Rendang (RM14.90)
Nasi Lemak is my all time favourite!. Chuup Nasi Lemak is served with generous portion of the fried anchovies, roasted peanuts,  blanched kangung, acar, hard-boiled eggs, pork rendang & sambal. The nasi lemak is fragrant with coconut milk and the sambal taste good. The pork rendang is delicious with thick flavour and tender meat. Must try!

Sandwich  with Grilled Pork Loin (RM 18.90) - Toasted Ciabatta bread, butterhead lettuce, caramelised onion, tomato slices served with pickled vegetables and sweet potatoes fries. The portion is large enough to be shared among two person. The pork loin is grilled to perfection, flavourful and tender. This is for sure everyone's favourite. The bread is extremely crispy and crunchy crust (better to have it immediately when served) and the sweet potatoes fries is ideal for kids too.

Chicken Chuuppies (RM 10.90) - Deep Fried bite-sized chicken pieces that is well seasoned,served with homemade creamy honey mustard sauce. Each chicken cutles is so moist and juicy.
Rum and Raisin Carrot Cake (RM 13.90) - Karen recommend us to try this carrot cake with two combinations of rum and raisin topped with cream cheese frosting. An incredibly moist and light carrot cake.

Hop on to Chuup for a nostalgic Granny moments and great food here. I must come and try the Hainan chicken rice for my next visit.

40, Jalan SS22/25, 
Damansara Jaya, 
Petaling Jaya,Selangor

Mon: 1130 am-10.30 pm. 
Wed - Sun : 11.30 am to 10.30 pm
Tel: 03-7733-6673