Jom Makan Place @ Menara Hap Seng Kuala Lumpur

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I am craving for some spicy food and suggested we try the korean food. Then, we spotted a new  eatery place at Level 1 called " Jom Makan Place" (used to be Sister's restaurant that being closed down last month). Lunch crowd at 12.30noon and the whole place is full. Lucky we are early and started to queue up and make our orders. My friend told me this place is opened by a well known DJ ' Siow Hui Mei'. 

Jom Makan Place is a simple restaurant offering many kinds of set lunch at RM 12 onwards. One main course, inclusive of drinks and fruits. I choose Ayam Masak Merah that comes with a bowl of soup or you can choose for vegetables instead of soup, herbal drinks or barley drinks and pick your own favourite fruits that are readily available at the counter. All are ordered at the counter and we need to take our queue number. The staff will then send over your order in less than 7 minutes. Fast, quick place to get lunch and most important is the taste of the food is really satisfying.

Little Wok Noodle

Herbal Chicken

Thai Style Ray Fish
Ayam Masak Merah- Aromatic with the addition of the lemongrass. Although presented as red as in very spicy, but actually tasted sweet and very pleasing in taste and texture. Delicious!

Braised chicken

Spicy Nyonya Chicken

Variety of choices in their set lunch

Breakfast set also available here as well as tea break

I find this place offers authentic Malaysian food and suites our local Asian taste bud. Combination of Chinese and Malay cooking styles.

Check out this place for the reasonable set lunch

Jom Makan Place
Level 1, Menara Hap Seng
(Halal certified)