10 Breathtaking Event Spaces in Malaysia

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Looking for the perfect event space to make your events a lifetime memory? Well, we’ve got the perfect event venue for you. From weddings and birthdays to product launches and dinner parties, these are the perfect places to modify to your liking. 

1. G Glasshouse 


A breathtaking glasshouse set on top of a rooftop in Klang, G Glasshouse event space  is an excellent place for an elegant and intimate event. It features indoor and outdoor event spaces, so you can have your wedding within the glasshouse with the reception outdoors and vice versa. 

The event space is well-equipped with audio and visual equipment and everything you need for a successful event, from furnishings to decorations. Guests can enjoy a cooling night amongst the stars and dance the night away amongst the fairy lights and open bar. Furthermore, they offer event planning and decoration services too, just contact them for their packages!


2. LiLLA Rainforest Retreat 


LiLLA Rainforest Retreat is a secluded resort located in nature and has ample event spaces to host a variety of indoor and outdoor events. This resort has a spacious open-air event hall and outdoor garden space for nature-themed events or team buildings.

It is the perfect spot for a nature-themed event or celebration among the great outdoors. The resort is fully equipped with all sorts of facilities to make your event dreams a reality. They offer free parking on-site and free WiFi as well. Guests can even check in and stay in their spacious rooms to fully experience it all.


3. Brickhouse: Lounge and Bar 


An earth-toned event venue that features exposed bricks and a versatile space for all your intimate gatherings and events. Dressed with hanging lights resembling teardrops and mood lighting, this event space in KL brings a clean yet bohemian aesthetic to your events.

Brickhouse even has an in-house culinary team which can help you curate an impressive and innovative menu for your event. Their team members are experienced in hosting weddings and events so they will have great advice to make your event a memorable one. Brickhouse is their house brand, and they do have several other locations if you don’t fancy this one!


4. Rumah Tangsi 


Rumah Tangsi is one of the more popular hotspots for cultural and artsy events, especially among small businesses. They have event pop-ups and themed celebrations nearly every month, with hundreds of people flocking to the old home.

Rumah Tangsi is formerly known as the Loke Chow Kit Mansion and is a restored heritage building that now acts as a cultural hub for music performances and art shows among others. It’s a great place to get cultured and expose culture for everyone to experience.




Located in Seksyen 16 Shah Alam, RUANG is a versatile event space that is great for all sorts of gatherings and celebrations. With its spacious location, all sorts of events can be hosted, from weddings and birthday parties to media conferences and product launches. They do have different locations across KL as well.

It is a modernised space that can be decorated according to your preferences, which makes it highly versatile. Additionally, it is spacious and can accommodate hundreds of guests easily. The place is air-conditioned and well-lit too! RUANG gives you the space to bring whatever you want to life.

6. K’Seena House

A 100-year-old heritage home with a modern twist, the K’Seena House is a beautiful and spacious event space. The place comes with a bedroom and guest room along with its own private bathrooms as well as a kitchen and garden space for you to utilize during your events.

K’Seena House is perfect for an intimate event set within the lushness of nature, especially garden-themed weddings. The overall environment invokes a fairytale-like feeling for everyone involved. It’s simply magical!


7. Bayswater @ KLCC


If you’re looking for an event space in the bustling heart of Kuala Lumpur, you could give Bayswater @ KLCC a try! They are well known for their impeccable customer service and event planning services too.

Their indoor event space is spacious and can be customized according to your events. They have everything available from furniture to audio and visual equipment for you to utilize and make your event a success.


8. The Majestic Hotel 


Another spot with a vintage and historical vibe to it, The Majestic is a National Heritage Site located in Kuala Lumpur. The hotel has several different event spaces that could be utilised depending on the type of event you’re planning to host. They have the Orchid Conservatory, Majestic Ballroom, Roof Garden and Canopy.

Each spot has its unique feature and capacity so you’re sure to find a spot perfect for your event. Plus, since this is a hotel, there are room packages typically tied into the event space rentals.


9. LiLLA Summer Retreat 


LiLLA Summer Retreat, formerly known as Karak Orchard Resort is a secluded property in the center of nature with an urban twist. It is similar to the LiLLA Rainforest Retreat but offers more when it comes to recreational activities.

This resort has a huge wealth of outdoor facilities which is amazing for team building, events and bonding like a hiking trail, flying fox, swimming pools and a sprawling orchard. Their indoor event spaces can accommodate up to 200 participants and come fully equipped with audio-visual equipment, bathrooms, prayer rooms and shower rooms.


10. The Estate on Federal Hill 

For those who love a good view to complement their events, The Estate on Federal Hill is a great choice. It is secluded and surrounded by tropical forests, but the view of the Kuala Lumpur skyline from above is to die for.

The white house and outdoor garden provide a lush and elegant event space in KL for all your sophisticated product launches and company events. Be it indoors or outdoors, there’s a lot of space to utilize and bring to life an event that would blow everyone’s minds away.