Malaysian Favourites @ Urban Ground Malaysia

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Walk over to KL Convention Centre food court to enjoy Malaysian favourites food at Urban Ground Express, a combination of multiple brands and cuisines under one roof, from fried chicken to nasi lemak to halal dim sum to cafe . A place to gather to enjoy these delicacies.

- Belacan-Laa Authentic Malaysian Food

- One Bite Dim Sum 

- Gratzi Coffee

😍My favourite are ⁠Nasi Lemak Ayam Berempah and Asam Laksa. 

There are option for BL Rice bowl with Chic Ole fried chicken. We can customize the rice bowl adding 5 condiments such as corns, coleslaw, vege, potatoes, cucumber and etc. 

Refreshing drinks from Gratzi Coffee:-

•⁠  ⁠⁠Iced Latte

•⁠  ⁠⁠Chocolate Frappe

•⁠  ⁠⁠Fizzy Berry

•⁠  ⁠⁠White Coffee Iced

😋Adding on some small bites such as Cheese Tofu, Fish Beancurd, Lobster Ball and some Dim sum.

Good place to have lunch at reasonable price and generous portion of the food.🤩

✨Urban Ground Express KL Convention Centre Food Court


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