Price and details in Restaurant Menu

Thursday, October 02, 2014 0 Comments A+ a-

I would like to share today experience when I redeem one of the online vouchers

The menu price in the online website advertise is not same as when I walk in into the restaurant menu price. Confusing and misleading. Frustrating when none of the staff know about this voucher at all and the charges. Not a pleasant dining experience anyway

In short would love to share and remind my readers here just to watch out the following:

1) Always remember the menu price advertise in the online website that you have purchased and usually this happen for cash voucher. Do check on their menu price in details. Perhaps if you can print out to bring it along when you redeem your vouchers.

2) Check on the redemption period, and if need any reservations.

3) For those 3 or 4 main course, just recall those selection that is given. Sometime those selection is sold out or not available.

4) Tips: Redeem early when you have purchase your deal!