Ecole P @ Damansara Uptown

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It was a beautiful Monday (hubby birthday and our 5th anniversary)..I have planned for a half day tour hunting for food at Damansara Uptown. I have not been here for the past years and many cafes and restaurant is quite new there. Drop by Ecole P (which I wanted to come here since early this year) and once we going up the staircase to Level 1, they have this motivated quote along the way. Nice interior and this cafe is warm and quiet place to have a quick lunch.

With their very own theme,Ecole P " Stands for Primay School", the whole place is designed  as a classrooms settings with another section having the snacks as the cafeteria/ stalls, canteens with a display board of our Rukun Negara, and childhood display on the sports trophies, books, stationary, badges and lots more to discover here...

The main entrance. I miss the "Sifir board" which I used to memorize it all and can read it out all in front of my teacher..I miss those moments. Every morning while waiting for my aunty van to fetch me to school, I will hold on the small paper and start to remember each numbers.

Truth wordings that we used to say in the classroom

Look at those cute biscuits..both are my favourites especially the three to put it all in a hot cup of milo

Unique and creative way in presenting their menu in a student handbook. Ecole P offers set lunch that comes with drinks and ala carte menu. The description is quite interesting on the food menu

Guess what's inside this cutie schoolbag?

My happiest memory joining Koperasi during my secondary school influence by my elder sister. Touched moments when I saw this section- it reminds me how I enjoy so much being a KO-OP girl with a bunch of great buddies, we laugh, have fun and working hard throwing our effort in making a good business and to provide great service to the students. Money can't buy experience.

Our favourite " Tikam Tikam" is also here..Childhood playtime that we used to hang out at the market stall just to get those numbers right and aiming for the highest amount of the prizes..Fun way of gamble trained since small..

From the main entrance, we spotted this mini space with lots of sweets, chocolates, keropok, chewing gum, biscuits and etc display on top of the traditional wooden stool.

Small place to hang out at Ecole P, but each tables and chairs will flash back our memories as if we are in the classrooms with wooden furnitures and blackboards, steel mug, and when we open the school bag, it was actually a pencil box with cutlery inside. Surprise!!!

We ordered set C comes with mushroom soup, garlic bread, orange juice and grilled chicken pasta .

Thumbs up for the mushroom soup and pasta is just average (too plain and the pasta taste too bland). I love how the food is presented in the older days two ties food containers and the packet or orange drinks is put inside the stainless steel mug

The words that I always complain to my teacher and classmates..and also my mum" Cikgu, tak nampak la" . I have this eye sight problem since Standard 1 and my teachers always change our seats and sometime I get the back seats because I am tall. My mum will start to nag the teacher and I was given the front seats..!!..hehe..those are the times

Cikgu, lapar nak rehat. Let's makan first!

"Yer, teacher! She bites finger nails".. Haha..this is what I always do during my free time or when I was thinking, reading and dreaming.Even now my girl have my bad habits

I'm sure my girl gonna love this baby chair

Nice pose

Perhaps, I should make this quote placed on my working desk

Nasi Lemak Creme Brulee -  Strong aroma from the nasi lemak condiments of anchovies, peanuts, cucumber and the sweet spicy sambal. The desserts have the perfect balance of flavour and the creme brulee texture is smooth.You must try this. 

After having our meal, we find out other quote and this was the interesting quote " Gila Ke".??

Outdoor classrooms with huge blackboard, chalks, feather duster,school bag, and rattan chair.

Nostalgic memories leaving this cafe with a smile. Satisfy with the food, environment and service.

Ecole P

19m Jalan SS21/37, 
Damansara Utama
47400 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Tel : 03-7732 9711

Business Hours:
Weekdays : 11am to 3 pm, 6pm to 10pm
Weekends : 11am to 10 pm
(Closed on Thursday)