Dim Sum Buffet @ Ah Yat Abalone Forum Restaurant, Life Centre Kuala Lumpur (Second visit)

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Seems not getting enough of the dim sum the other visit, we decided to purchase another 4 vouchers from Groupon offering 68% Off] Dim Sum Buffet + Double-Boiled Whole Abalone at Ah Yat Abalone Forum Restaurant (only RM 57 per person). This time we tag along my parents in law and my elder daughter. Hoping they will not charge her price per head. RM 60 for additional person in the buffet. 

Actually, I find it not reasonable to charge a 3 years old and above kids for dining in at price of RM 60. Same with adult price. What you expect a small kids can eat? Most of the time they might take a bite of the crispy stuff or the soft egg tart and they are done with it. Don't you agree? I keep argue with the staff. How can your management set this rule of charging same price with the adults price for kids aged 3? Before this, I do call and ask another lady and she told me a different story. She said as long as the kids can fit in into the baby chair, she is not chargeable and free dining.. So no fix rules on that ..and I don't bother ..just dine in and let's see.  

We reached early at 11.30am and this round we get a private room with only 4 tables inside the room .Spacious and fully air conditioning. Comfortable as the space is big enough for the kids.Tick our orders and they change their sauces as well. No longer have the usual dim sum brown sauce. Only have chili and sambal. Service is bad and very slow. They didn't even come to refill our tea and not changing our plates. The restaurant is crowded ( I guess mostly all are dining in with the vouchers which is going to expire in a weeks time). So my advise..always dine in asap when you purchase online vouchers). The staff have no time to entertain us, rushing here and there, not responsive at all.

This round my hubby took everything out from the soup bowl and take picture how big is the abalone is..Is also difference from the Groupon website. Smaller in portion

Our brunch for Saturday noon. Satisfaction to the max. Really full!! My girl love their Cha Siew ( BBQ Pork) . She finish almost two plates! Haha..she also wanted to join her siblings with the baby chairs..so save my money( you know what I meant). But I saw the staff keep watching our tables and yeah they look suspicious at my little girl.

Crispy fried mushroom

Plain fried kuey teow - Too oily and we could not finish it all.

Vegetables with soy sauce

Another great weekend with family and kids. Laughters from the kids makes every dining moments feeling so wonderful. Blessed..

Ah Yat Abalone Forum Restaurant

2nd Floor, Life Centre, No. 20,  Jalan Sultan Ismail, 
50250 Kuala Lumpur.