Nichinan Jidoriya @ Mid Valley

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Malaysia Day? Yeah! Another off day for us to bring the kids out for outing. I have decided to dine in this new eatery place called Nichinan Jidoriya located at Ground Floor, next to Beyond Veggie and same row with Starbucks cafe. Nichinan Jidoriya is the Japanese cuisine and offers variety reasonably priced bento set. The indoor place is almost full when we enter the restaurant and the outdoor space looks spacious.

The decoration is lovely with lots of teishoku displayed and that were nicely placed on the cabinet at each corner of the restaurant. 

Kids bowl is available and the staff is attentive too. My boy is playing with the large spoon hanging all over the place while I was admiring the interior which they have put in lots of effort to place the bowl into each spaces of the cabinet..The cleaning job looks hectic.

Unagi Set @ RM38.00 that comes with  Chawanmushi, a bowl of salad / vegetable, some preserve / pickles, a miso soup, rice and also the 2 x watermelon sliced for dessert.The smooth Chawanmushi is fill with mushroom and chicken meat, savoury Japanese appetizer. This is consider an expensive delicacy among all in the menu and when it was served on our table, I was shocked by the portion of the unagi.

For RM 38, I only get 6 small sizes of the unagi!! The unagi is succulent and rich in flavour, but obviously we are cheated for paying RM 38 for such small portion. I browse through from the website and saw a post from a blogger, her unagi set have 10 pieces in a row and the sizes also seems to appear bigger than my set.

The miso soup was extremely salty..I wonder why and look at my hubby asking him two times.." This is very salty" And he said yes..We just try one sip..That is enough..awful miso soup.

Hot green tea - can be refill

Teriyaki Salmon Set @ RM22.00 - Simple dish, our favourites when comes to Japanese restaurant we usually order salmon dish. Stone grilled salmon in teriyaki sauce served with egg custard (Chawanmushi) , 2 small watermelons, pickles, salad, a bowl of rice and miso soup. The salmon is fresh and drizzled with teriyaki sauce.  The Teriyaki sauce adds sweetness and flavor to the finished fillet.

The fruits is fix and cannot be change to anything else. Compared to the Japanese restaurant which I had at the Weld Shopping Mall, the staff is very kind and flexible to change the fruits to Mochi for customers. without any additional charges.

This place is ideal for bento set and dining in with nice environment. Another fun day hunting for food with my naughty kids.

*Forgotten to snap a pictures of the outdoor seats..dining in with less than 35 minutes and the kids is throwing tantrum for their milk and nappy time.

Nichinan-shi Jidoriya

Unit G(E) 010, (TLE)0902, 
Ground Floor, Mid Valley City,
Lingkaran Syed Putra
Kuala Lumpur, 59200 

*Just next to Beyong Veggie*

Tel : 60 3-2284 1311