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 I have been browsing the website for the past week to see if there is any good deal to dine in at Setiawalk. Never visited this place before and I need to do more research on how to get into this place, where is the restaurant located, how is the parking, and what the nice food to try here. My colleagues shared with me I must visit the Grand Shanghai Food Theme Park at Level 4 as this place is the most famous food street with nice vintage touch. 

I managed to find a deal from Living Social website offering Only RM12 for RM20 Cash Voucher for Food & Drinks at Nan Yang Nan Yang with more than 50 varieties like Nasi Kunyit with Chicken Rendang, Nasi Lemak, Roti Jala & etc. What attracts me the most is the entire restaurant interior instead of the food. The food slightly bad and not to my expectations. The only thing that impress me is the way they present the food in very traditional way.

As we walk along the food street, we managed to capture few nostalgic moments. This place is awesome with nice deco and the whole food street area is turns in to the old China days. Old benches, antique cars, wooden stools, arts and crafts, rustic counters, furniture, paintings, old bicycles, rickshaw all represent the classic Shanghai theme deco. Old Shanghai just like in the movies.

I love this entrance deco.

The staff is also wearing a traditional Chinese waiter attire. We also call it "Siew Yi" in Chinese. Service is slow with only one staff serving the food and he spilled the coffee  over my hubby pants and stains on my bag.."Frust!!!"

The menu is straightforward and the usual local asian food with decent price. Not much of choices.

Nan Yang Toast bread ( RM 2.80). Crispy toast bread with margarine and kaya 

Teh RM 3.80

Normal fried mee hon RM 3.50

The old tin mug and the plates is attractive! 
I tried the nasi lemak chicken rendang RM 9.90. The sambal have the fiery kick and taste good. Little protion on the anchovies and the peanuts. The chicken rendang is not flavourful and dried up.Spice was lacking.

Nanyang White Coffee Ice (RM 4.50).  is totally bland. Too milky, lots of ice cube and there is no coffee taste at all. Very disappointing.

Apart from that, we also tried the Nanyang Kopi RM 3.80. This was very good indeed.

Kopi' O RM 3.50 - My mum in law commented this is below average. Lack of coffee aroma.

Simple nasi lemak (RM 3.80)
We have a great time walking along the food street, taking pictures and admiring those classic , trendy and unique theme park. I really hope my parents in law enjoy it too. Then, we have a short tour to the Ground Floor where my kids are happily walking and running around the area surrounds with a lake . Setiawalk is a happening place to be and offer varieties of F & B that caters for families and youngsters.

Also spotted this old TV at Reminisce Cafe

*Luckily it was not raining*

Nan Yang Nan Yang

Lot 10,Grand Shanghai Food Theme Park
Level 4, Setia Walk, Puchong

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