Muugu Garden Bistro, Bar & Grill @ Off Jalan Bukit Bintang Kuala Lumpur

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I have done few research on the website and found this deal offering 45% Off from Muugu Garden Bistro, Bar & Grill, Cash Voucher from RM30 onwards. I read good review about this place and wanted to give it a surprised to my hubby to bring him and my family and the kids of course to dine in here to celebrate his birthday. I bought two vouchers RM 30 for RM 50 Cash voucher+ RM 55 for RM 100 Cash voucher.So in total I have RM 85 cash voucher in hand. Should be enough because from the website the menu link shown fair price and still affordable for western cuisines. I make early booking and the staff is kind enough joking with me, they will provide complimentary birthday cake for the birthday boy and will even sing or play music for him. 

 We reached at 7.30pm, but it was raining cats and dogs. The road signage is not clear and the dark sky making us so confuse looking for this restaurant. We make few wrong turns and still looking for Jalan Jati.  After few turns, the rains stops and just the right timing to bring the kids inside and found our nearest parking to the entrance. Greeted with welcome by the friendly staff, she introduce their menu and from the voucher, I can choose all the ala carte menu and the drinks.

Special bar counter serving all types of cocktails and other alcoholic drinks.

Comfortable place to dine in and we are seated at the long tables. The staff provide us complimentary water and the quiet ambiance is definitely an ideal place to dine in for romantic couples. But to us, no longer romantic moments, but to cheer up the whole restaurant with noise, laughter's and oppss..this thing always happen (cutlery falling down and this round with my boy accidentally pouring part of the cup of his sister beloved milkshake..Sigh..Always struggling but I enjoy every moments with my naughty kids.

Just to mention this, when we steps in looking for the toilet, the floor is slippery and not clean..Will be dangerous for the elderly and kids as well. 

Nestled off the hustle and bustle city of Jalan Bukit Bintang, this bungalow style restaurant is really a nice place to be..

Strawberry Milkshake RM 11.95 - My girl's favourite. But the portion is just too small

Lemon Tea RM 8.95

Fillet of Salmon RM 33.95  - Pan seared freshwater salmon Served with delicate wasabi and potatoes. Appropriate portion with delicious and fresh salmon.The texture is just nice, with crispy brown sides and not overdone.

Soup of the day - RM 9.95. Healthy vegetable soups

Honey Glazed Chicken Wings (RM16.95) - Three pieces of chicken wing that are marinated with honey and the chicken meat is tender and juicy. Served with home-made chilli sauce and green salad

Chargrilled spring Chicken RM 29.95  - Best choice! Aromatic, Big serving and delicious chicken meat.The chicken thigh is marinated in golden honey glaze and slowly roasted to perfection. Served with mashed potatoes and broccoli.

Fish and Chips RM 25.95 - My dad in law is satisfied with this dish. The fish is fresh, fried to crispy golden brown and well cooked . Served with generous portion on the fries, salad and tartar sauce.

We actually waited for 25 minutes for this complimentary desserts - Chocolate lava cake that is worth RM 14.95!. Presentable and the staff said they need longer preparation time. We have the patience to wait because we have no choice but to stay longer in Muugu because it rains AGAIN!. So heavy rain for third round. Such a cooling night.. No birthday song or music ..just us to sing a " Happy Birthday" song for my beloved hubby..and the kids?? They are aiming at the creamy molten chocolate lava and of course the chilled ice cream..Yummy!!
Overall, This place offer good quality of food with affordable price. Relaxing dining environment and spacious too.

32 Jalan Jati 
(Off Jalan Bukit Bintang) Kuala Lumpur 
55100 KL
nearby(Shell Bukit Bintang and the Jade Museum)

Tel : 03 2110 3603 

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